The most Instagramable spots in Bali: feeds to blow your mind

And the winner is…. nahhh, there are just too many amazing spots on the island of Bali. It is simply impossible to choose just 1 place as the best Instagram spot in Bali or even to give you a top 3, we would need a top 50! Don’t worry, I’m not going to list all of them in this blog, we got to keep it short and sweet! So, this is not the ultimate guide to Instagram spots in Bali but these are some highlights you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Pura Lempuyan: Bali’s Gateway to Heaven


Bali’s one and only Gateway to Heaven. Photo credit: ashleymateo on Instagram

Ok, let’s start with the most famous one: Pura Lempuyan, also known as Bali’s ‘Gateway to Heaven’. It is just that photo that everyone wants to take! When you see pics like the one here above on your Instafeed, they look unreal and almost too amazing. But, believe me, no edits are needed to make a killer shot at Pura Lempuyan! It’s not the biggest temple on the island but it is the oldest one sitting at the top of Bisbis Hill. There are 1,700 steps to climb to get up to this heavenly gate but once you’ve put in the efforts and you are standing there in the door opening, the view of holy Mount Agung will blow you away! Stay focussed, boys and girl now is the time to take that amazing photo! So epic and so dramatic – off the bucket list with that one!

Note: There’s usually a long queue to take photos with the temple.

2. Tegal Wangi Beach: Natural jacuzzi

Instagrammable spots in Bali

Natural jacuzzi in Bali. Photo credit: ericover on Instagram

Are you a fan of jacuzzis? You are going to love Tegal Wangi Beach! Not only is it a stunning beach, very Instagram-worthy with limestone rocks, caves and a white sandy beach, but during low tide, you can soak in a natural jacuzzi with ocean views right at this very beach in the south of Bali. Find yourself a comfy natural pool to relax in and wait for the waves to come and roll over the rocks, filling your natural jacuzzi tub with water. It’s a unique experience and it looks very cool on the photo!

3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall: nature spectacle in a cave


Cave of light. Photo credit: bali.lifee.x on Instagram

Yes, Bali is home to plenty of beautiful waterfalls and all of them have their own Insta charm but Tukad Cepung is unique and a very special one! Still very much of a hidden gem and yet, it is such as spectacle of nature! You have to walk down a cliff top get inside the cave and from there, you can look up at the waterfall and the sky above. The sun beats its light on the cascading water and into the cave, causing reflections of light, mirrors and rainbows. This is a magical place! Bring your bathers for you might want to take a swim in these clean and clear spring waters.

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4. Instagrammable Seminyak Cafes: Tropical chic & trendy


Trendy Seminyak is home to the most Instagrammable cafes. Photo credit: gracebulson on Instagram

Bright colours, mural paintings, tropical plants, great coffee and good-looking smoothie bowls, Seminyak is bursting with trendy cafes designed to make you want to fly over to Bali straight away for a tropical breakfast and an enviable Instagram photo. Kynd Community, Shelter Cafe, Revolver Espresso, Nalu Bowls, SeaCirus, the list of cool places with tropical chic interiors goes on and on and on. Having said that, Canggu has also got plenty of highly Instagrammable cafes to get your caffeine shot and breakfast in the morning.

Want to know more about these cute cafes in Seminyak? check out this article: 8 Cutest cafes in Seminyak for your Instagram posts.

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Bali Swing: not for the faint-hearted!

Instagrammable Bali

Bali swing in Ubud. Photo credit: gundajt on Instagram

Do you dare? The ultimate swing – the ultimate views – the ultimate photo… the Bali Swing has grown into a hype, and you just gotta nail it and take that photo! There are quite some Bali swings around but the original one is in Ubud where you’ll be swinging above a rainforest river valley. Another great one is located more up north at Tamblingan Lake in Munduk. In fact, they built a whole platform with Instagram props to take unique photos. Worth checking out but do note that they charge fees to access these Instagram spots in Bali.

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Omnia Beach Club

Bali Omnia

Spectacular Cliff Top in Bali – Omnia Dayclub. Photo credit: omniabali on Instagram

In the south of Bali, there are plenty of iconic beach clubs all worthy of your visit and some photo-taking but Omnia Dayclub is the new kid on the block, located in the southern tip of the island. More than a beach club, this is a ‘rock club’, built on and over the edge of a 100-meter ocean cliff. You can imagine the spectacular ocean views from up there! Dine and drink at this amazing cliff bar, do some awe-inspiring sunset gazing and dance. Their line-up includes internationally famous DJs and more. Omnia Day Club has got a gorgeous cliff-edge infinity pool, too, so do bring your swimwear and stylish sunglasses!

Tegalalang Rice Paddies

The most amazing Instagram spots in Bali

Stunning rice paddy sceneries in Bali – Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Photo credit: nataliestale on Instagram

Bali is famous for its amazing rice paddy sceneries. Tegalalang is the most famous and stunning place, near to the centre of Ubud. Take photos from the main road or go down there and walk through the rice terraces, it is like a rice paddy wonderland! Tegalalang Rice Terraces is located 600 meters above sea level and the air is fresh and cool. Around this area, there are lots of artists and craftsmen working in their art studios. A great place to shop for some authentic island souvenirs! Check out: Weekend Wanderlust: Cycling through the Ubud rice paddies

I do realize that this list of amazing Instagram spots in Bali is far from complete. These really are only some of the highlights that Bali Island has to offer and it doesn’t even mention Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, because the Instagram spots on those islands are just numerous – they need their own blogs! Want more inspiration for your next Bali Holiday? Check out the following blogs:

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