Best villas for hosting Yoga retreats in Bali

Ahh Bali… ‘the island of the Gods´ or ‘the island of a thousand temples´. What could be a better place to connect with body, mind and soul, practising yoga and meditation while nurturing the body with healthy juices and raw food? Bali’s pristine beaches, holy mountains, jungle-fringed river valleys and endless rolling rice paddies set the perfect practice conditions. Here are the best private villas to organise your dream Bali yoga retreat!

Hosting yoga retreats in a private Bali villa

Yoga retreat Bali

Bali has attracted many searchers, artists and wanderers from all over the planet, seeking inspiration, beauty, tranquillity. The island has become a popular destination for people wanting to practice yoga and meditation. As a result, many spiritual retreat centres have opened in Bali. Additionally, you can also host intimate, custom designed yoga retreats in a private luxury villa. It truly is something different and it makes a great alternative to large scale – and often very expensive – retreat centres.

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By renting a private luxury villa, you can create a unique retreat experience. You can customise the program to perfectly align with the needs and wishes of students. Also, it is quite easy and profitable to organise all this, without having to find a large company. Bali has some amazing luxury villas with outstanding yoga practice pavilions on-site. Check them out below!

Best villas for Bali yoga retreat

We have selected four superb luxury villas that make idyllic venues for holding exclusive yoga retreats on Bali island. All of the villas feature expansive tropical gardens with large private swimming pools, numerous communal living and dining spaces and last but surely not least, spacious garden pavilions designed especially for yoga practices.

Villa Galante – Umalas

Villa Galante - Best Bali villa for yoga

Villa Galante's yoga pavilion

Villa Galante is a traditional 6-bedroom villa found in the emerald rice paddies of Umalas. It is not too far from the happening centre of Seminyak and also near to the beaches of Canggu. A sunset Yoga class on the beach of Batu Belig might be just that perfect add on to the retreat program!

Villa Galante features a huge tropical garden that blends in seamlessly with the rice paddies surrounding the estate. The ambience is utterly peaceful and tropical, perfect for outdoor yoga and meditation practices. Villa Galante also features an air-conditioned yoga pavilion at the entrance of the property. With a gorgeous timber floor, full-length glass sliding doors and high vaulted ceiling, the light-filled pavilion offers a sense of openness and tranquillity for yoga practices.

A majestic traditional Joglo makes the communal heart and hub of villa Galante, together with the garden and pool area where students can relax in between the yoga classes. The Joglo is split into three levels, offering students plenty of spaces to spend time together, chatting and dining. Yet, there are also lots of cosy corners to find solitude and peace of mind.

Villa Yoga – Seminyak

Villa Yoga Seminyak - bali yoga retreat

yoga bale at Villa Yoga Seminyak

Villa Yoga Seminyak is a private paradise right in the centre of Bali´s most fashionable town. This 7-bedroom yoga villa is surely unlike any other villas in Seminyak!

Villa Yoga Seminyak sits on 1900 m2 of tropical land, fringed by lush tropical plants and trees. In the heart of the estate sparkles a long 25-meter swimming pool. More importantly, by the pool-side, stands a handsome and spacious open-plan yoga pavilion with a beautiful teak wood floor and a traditional high soaring thatched roof.

This is the perfect yoga retreat venue if you want to enjoy easy access to the shops, cafe’s, restaurants and beaches beside the yoga retreat program. A yoga retreat at this villa offers students a perfect balance between happening beach scenes and inner peace.

Villa Yoga houses a total of 7 bedrooms, making it possible to host a yoga event for up to 14 students. There is a large communal living space for students to enjoy some good food and drinks in between the practices.

Villa Yoga – Uluwatu

Villa Yoga Uluwatu

Yoga pavilion at Villa Yoga Uluwatu

Villa Yoga Uluwatu is in the southern tip of Bali, near to the beautiful beach of Bingin. This upcoming yet relatively untouched part of Bali is home to the islands most beautiful white-sand beaches.

The estate of Villa Yoga Uluwatu comprises a 3-bedroom villa and a 5-bedroom villa, together making one grand yoga retreat haven. It can accommodate up to 20 people. The estate features lots of communal hubs, two swimming pools and as the jewel of the crown, an open-concept yoga studio. The pavilion has a gorgeous hardwood floor and a high vaulted ceiling.

Villa Yoga Uluwatu features an expansive tropical garden, a traditional open-plan living space filled with teak furniture and tribal artwork and the villa also features an air-conditioned media room where students can watch inspiring movies or documentaries matching the retreat program.

Villa Nag Shampa – Ubud

Villa Nag Shampa

Villa Nag Shampa

Hidden away in the lush tropical jungle that surrounds Ubud, in the heart of Bali Island, sits this grand 8-bedroom yoga paradise. Villa Nag Shampa is tucked in a traditional Balinese village called Taro. It is away from all the noise and the crowds, making the perfect venue for yoga events and retreats. The estate is huge, like a traditional little yoga village itself, featuring 8 authentic Javanese all-wooden pavilions scattered across the 10000m2 sprawling garden that blends in seamlessly with its tropical surroundings.

Villa Nag Shampa features no less than 3 swimming pools glistening brightly in the warming tropical sun of Bali island. The jewel in the crown is the 42×38-meter lagoon-like swimming pool that encompasses the spacious open-air yoga pavilionwhere the back-bending yoga retreat sessions are held. It is an amazing place that exudes a natural serenity, perfect for relaxing the body, mind and soul.

There are multiple living and dining spaces for your group to hang out together or enjoy some tranquility to the sounds of nature. Villa Nag Shampa can comfortably accommodate a yoga retreat for up to 16 people. There is an on-site spa room as well, making it the ultimate getaway haven to rejuvenate and restore. If this isn’t a yoga paradise retreat, I don’t know what is!

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