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A little bit of extra planning is required for a holiday with kids. Afterall, happy kids equal to a happy holiday! Find out all about the best family-friendly villas, island activities and the best restaurants to go to with kids. Bali is awesome for families with children, all you need to know is where to go!

10 things not to miss in Bali

10 things not to miss in Bali

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Updated on 11/09/2018 Bali has been named ‘The Island of the Gods’ or ‘Paradise Island’ and I know why! This tiny Hindu island, one of the 17,508 islands in Indonesia, is home to an amazingly rich culture, endless rice paddies,…

Christmas in Bali

How to plan for a family Christmas in Bali

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Family Christmas in Bali! What a great alternative to celebrating these special days in the freezing cold back home! Here in Bali, the sweet tropical island life, sandy beaches, sea and sun, along with seasonal Christmas activities await. What to do?…

Beach running in South Bali

Running on the beach in south Bali

What is nicer than starting your day fit and fresh with a run on the beach on The Island Of The Gods? You will be breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the wonderful tropical surroundings of Bali island while keeping your…

Little Bali Love Top 5 Picks: Family Dining

Little Bali Love is an online guide where you will find the BEST places to eat, play, shop and stay when holidaying in Bali with your little ones, we asked creator and good friend Jemma to share with us her top…

celebrating mother's day

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Bali

It’s the hardest job in the world, so give Mom a treat on this special day. If you’ve whisked her off to Bali (well done!), you may want some ideas on how you can celebrate and spend time with Mom on…

Family Fun in Canggu

Let’s be honest, a vacation with the kids doesn’t always equal a vacation for the parents. In fact, the constant running around and worrying about carefree children is most likely to be more stressful whether you are staying in a…

ubud one day itinerary

Yoga, Cafes and More: A One Day Itinerary for Ubud

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7:30 A.M.: It goes without saying that a day in Ubud must start on a salubrious note. That means giving your body a good workout, while simultaneously stilling your mind through a yoga class. Ubud has no lack of yoga studios, so you’ll have…