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Places to visit in Bali

Places to visit in Bali: A First-Timer’s Guide

The best places to visit in Bali? Bali, also known as “Paradise Island” and “The Island of the Gods”, certainly is a magical place bursting with beauty and mysticism. The culture is totally enchanting with street offerings and temples at…

things to do in Bali

21 Activities You Have to Do in Bali 2022 Edition

Bali is an Indonesian island that everyone should visit at least once in their lives!  The island is full of surprises, from its vast fauna to its prominent temples, delicious food, to friendly locals that will satisfy all of your…

How to plan your villa wedding in Bali. Credit: The Seven Agency

How to plan your Bali wedding in a villa

There are many reasons why people fly over to the island of Bali and one of them is… to get married. Yes, Bali is not only the #1 destination for honeymooners and lovers ready to pop the big question, the…