29 Best Restaurants in Canggu You Can’t Miss!

30 best restaurants in Canggu

Updated: March 2024

Canggu is the most popular destination for surfers and digital nomads and is considered one of the most exciting new places to visit in Bali, especially for foodies. It has everything you need for an amazing holiday, relaxing beaches, trendy boutiques, a plethora of lodging options, and tons of chic restaurants and hip cafes. It doesn’t matter if you’re up for Indonesian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or Vegan menu, this small paradise is teeming with restaurants, cafés, and street food vendors that can satisfy worldwide travelers.

With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, it can be a pain to choose where to nom at. Continue reading to learn about our pick of the best restaurants in Canggu and add them to your Bali bucket list for your next visit!

1. Santorini

Santorini vibe restaurant in Bali
Credit: santorinigreekrestaurantbali on Instagram

In the heart of Canggu, a piece of the unique and beautiful island of Santorini! The ubiquitous blue and white décor of Greece is eye-catching and will transport you to Santorini. Furthermore, the fact that it is run by a Greek family ensures authentic products of exceptional quality.

Take a seat and pretend you’re in Greece… The murals add to the ambiance by depicting the iconic white houses with blue doors and windows. Let’s not even get started on the menu! Every day, the chef prepares a degustation of selected Greek dishes that are rich in wonderful Greek flavors and are based solely on traditional recipes that will impress anyone.

The mixed grill plates at an affordable price served in generous portions to share with all your wonderful companions are a favorite here because Mediterranean cuisine is meant to be a social experience. Other popular Greek dishes include souvlaki (small pieces of meat or vegetables grilled on a skewer), moussaka (eggplant or potato-based dish made of milk-based sauce thickened with béchamel sauce), and pita bread (a wrap for souvlaki or gyros usually filled with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions, and French Fries).

Don’t forget to take a dip in the sea after the banquet!

2. The Shady Shack

Vegan cafe in Canggu
Credit: theshadyshack on Instagram

The Shady Shack is one of our best restaurants in Canggu, thanks to its organic atmosphere and delicious vegan/vegetarian dishes. Try the Shack Attack Burger or the Bees Knees Nachos!

3. Wasabi

Japanese restaurant with a tropical vibe
Credit: wasabisushi_ on Instagram

You’ll be surprised to learn that this treasured Japanese restaurant is housed within the modern hotel that bears its name.

Rainbow Rolls (a type of uramaki sushi roll filled with cucumber, avocado, and crab stick), Prawn Tempura Rolls (filled with tempura prawn, avocado, and cucumber), and Crunchy Chicken Katsu (a Japanese dish of fried chicken made with bread crumbs) are undoubtedly be the most popular dishes here. Wasabi also serves a wide variety of dishes and Asian cuisine, so you can order a Nasi Goreng or an incredible Korean Barbeque too.

4. Warung Bu Mi

Clean healthy Indonesian food in Canggu
Credit: warungbumicanggu on Instagram

Warung Bu Mi is one of the best restaurants in Canggu to eat Indonesian food, with fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and plenty of vegan options served buffet-style. A full plate (no meat or fish) will set you back around 25.000 IDR. 

5. Crate Cafe

Best breakfast deals in canggu
Credit: cratecafe on Instagram

Crate Cafe has the best breakfast deals. A wide variety of western breakfast options, all with large portions and priced at 55000 IDR. (3.70 US dollars)

Best thing is, this cafe opens at 6 a.m. Ideal for surfers and early risers.

6. Luma

Luma Bali
Credit: luma.bali on Instagram

If you want to have a fancy date night with your partner, head to Luma and feast on their delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Undoubtedly one of Canggu’s most visually striking restaurants, the continually evolving menu here is equally impressive. Opt for options such as duck confit paired with beetroot and orange, or tiger prawns alongside cauliflower and kenari nuts.

7. Da Romeo

Fresh Italian food in Canggu
Credit: daromeo on Instagram

One of the best Italian restaurants in Canggu is Da Romeo. Fresh pizzas, delicious pasta, and some of the best lasagnas we’ve ever had. It’s a little more expensive than other Italian restaurants, but that’s totally understandable.

8. Secret Spot

Healthy cafe that suits everyone
Credit: secretspotbali on Instagram

You can’t go wrong with Secret Spot cafe, whether you’re a vegan or not. Its cute interior, delicious food, and yoghurt ice cream earn it a well-deserved spot on our best restaurants in the Canggu list.

9. Copenhagen

Danish food in Canggu
Credit: copenhagencanggu on Instagram

Authentic Danish fare such as rye and sourdough bread or delectable cinnamon rolls. The ideal location for a coffee and a snack.

10. RiZe Cafe

Traditional Indian restaurant surrounded by greenery view.
Credit: rizecafebali on Instagram

RiZe Café is one you must visit if you’re a fan of Indian food. RiZe Café is a traditional Indian restaurant that carefully selects rich spices to provide an authentic taste of the region while creating an atmosphere of Indian culture. The Indian eggs and dosa (a thin pancake made from a fermented batter primarily made of lentils and rice) are delicious! As a side dish, you can choose from three chutneys (spicy or savory condiments made from fruits, vegetables, or herbs with vinegar, sugar, and spices). 

11. Times Beach Warung

Grilled fish from Times Beach Warung
Credit: timesbeachwarung on Instagram

Times Beach Warung offers the perfect beach escape along Canggu’s shoreline. During the day, start your visit with a delicious breakfast or brunch whilst taking in views of the ocean. As the sun starts to set, unwind over a few cocktails and shareable snacks. It’s no surprise that golden hour is a particularly lively and fun time to stop by this charming beachfront restaurant and bar.

12. Hungry Bird

Best place for coffee and breakfast
Credit: hungrybirdcoffee on Instagram

Begin your day right with a cup of coffee from Hungry Bird. These guys have the best coffee in Canggu and it also serves a tasty and reasonably priced breakfast and lunch.

13. Ji Restaurant

Beachfront Japanese restaurant in Canggu
Credit: jirestaurantbali on Instagram

Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine while admiring the view of Batu Bolong Beach. Ji Sushi, a rooftop restaurant, is a popular place to watch the sunset. If you want to sit in a good seat, make a reservation.

14. Good Mantra

Credit: goodmantrabali on Instagram

For the vegans out there, you’re gonna love Good Mantra. Their wholesome plant-based creations are made fresh every day from ingredients that come from local farms. Everything is made in-house, from their nut milks to vegan cheeses, and bread. Try the fluffy Matahari Pancakes with whipped coconut cream or the avocado and herbed hummus on sourdough for a delicious after-surf brekkie.

15. Dua Tiga

Restaurant with a rice field view
Credit: duatigacafe on Instagram

Dua Tiga is a large two-story restaurant in Canggu with a garden area adjacent to a rice field. Their Thai cuisine comes highly recommended.

16. Pels Supershop

Well decorated vegan restaurant in Canggu
Credit: pelssupershop on Instagram

This isn’t your average vegan meal! Pels Supershop is a well-decorated vegan restaurant in Canggu on a mission to change people’s perceptions of veganism. Dishes like the ‘Tricken Parmi’ are difficult to tell apart from meat. You’ll have a delicious meal with their snacks and drinks.

17. Arte Canggu

A restaurant to enjoy pizza by the sea in Canggu
Credit: artecanggu on Instagram

What about pizza by the sea? Please, yes! This Italian restaurant with a beautiful and airy ambiance is a firm favorite among Canggu’s visitors and residents.

Arte, as the name suggests, features some one-of-a-kind and artistic furnishings. Arte Canggu allows anyone to decorate the walls with their own artwork. You don’t have to be Bansky to make something worthy of hanging on the wall of this restaurant!

This philosophy is combined with authentic Italian wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta, as well as tantalizing flavors of various flavored ice creams and the unmistakable sweet-bitter taste of Aperol Spritz. It all adds up to a lovely atmosphere.

We also recommend having a drink here while watching the sunset on Pererenan Beach!

18. Yuki

Credit: yukibali_ on Instagram

Situated directly beside the shoreline, Yuki is Canggu’s modern Japanese izakaya serving up some of the best Japanese cuisine the island’s ever seen. Yuki’s boundary-pushing menu like tuna truffle sushi, nori ahi tacos and even vegan yakitori is something you definitely want to try.

19. I am Vegan Babe

Fresh and healthy vegan restaurant in Canggu
Credit: iamveganbabe on Instagram

Fresh, healthy, and delectable. And, yes, everything is vegan, babe! I Am Vegan Babe puts a lot of love into everything she makes, from furniture to meals and cakes.

20. Give Cafe

Plant based restaurant in Canggu
Credit: givecafe on Instagram

Give Cafe in Canggu is the sister restaurant to the wildly popular Kynd Cafe in Seminyak. In Canggu, this is an entirely plant-based restaurant. The name ‘Give’ refers to their mission of giving back to the community.

You will be given wooden coins that function as credits that you can donate to a cause such as education, animals, or the community. 

21. La Baracca

Cozy Italian restaurant in the heart of Canggu
Credit: labaraccabali on Instagram

La Baracca is a cozy Italian restaurant run by three Italians in Canggu. It serves a wide range of pasta and pizzas and is an excellent choice for a dinner with a couple of friends. 

22. Warung Gouthe

French restaurant that serves traditional French breakfast
Credit: warunggouthe on Instagram

Warung Goûthé isn’t your average Warung. This French restaurant serves a traditional French breakfast complete with freshly baked pastries and homemade jams. The decor of Warung Goûthé is reminiscent of a French living room.

23. Mason

Credit: mason.bali on Instagram

Mason places top priority on high quality meats, cheeses, artisan dips and fresh vegetables – all homemade and simply prepared to allow the flavours to truly shine through. Graze on the sharing starters to sample a bit of everything – the house-made hummus, baba ganoush and smoked tuna dip are exceptionally divine! Pair it with one of their superb cocktails, and you’ll have one happy tummy.

24. Ruko Cafe

Colorful cafe serving the best breakfast in Canggu
Credit: rukocafe on Instagram

This appealing Canggu cafe serves a delectable breakfast and lunch menu. It is a small area that is almost always occupied. Based on the price and options, we believe they provide one of the best breakfast in Canggu. It is near Finns Beach Club, near the intersection with Bali Bowls.

25. Milk and Madu

Credit: milkandmadu on Instagram

This charming café is truly a crowd favourite, now with two locations in Canggu (one in Berawa and one in Batu Bolong) – and rightfully so. With their incredible all-day breakfast selection, sumptuous lunches and delectable dinners, Milk & Madu is renowned for its warm atmosphere and superb quality cuisine. Be sure to sample the pancakes or poached eggs, perfectly paired with a smoothie or quality cup of joe thanks to the experts at Beans by The Brotherhood. You’ll also find a bowls counter for those seeking a fruity start to their day, and a lovely outdoor play area for the kiddos.

26. Cinta Cafe

Best spot in Canggu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Credit: cafecinta on Instagram

Cinta Cafe is the ideal spot for a relaxing breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a view of Berawa’s lush green rice fields. The cafe serves a variety of local and western dishes. Their Falafel Bowl is often sold out!

27. Honey

A restaurant that is as sweet as it's name, honey
Credit: honeykitchenbali on Instagram

Honey is sweet, natural, tasty, and one-of-a-kind! Dishes that will delight any palate can be found here. It’s nice to treat yourself to a few moments of sweetness every now and then, whether you’re having lunch or dinner with family or friends.

The Banana Bread Sandwich is simply divine, as is the toast with peach, ricotta cheese, and honey. The beauty of this place is that, while it serves innovative dishes, it also serves great classic Mediterranean fare like toasts with hummus, feta, shallots, fresh herbs, olive oil, and lime… simply delicious!

28. Manggis in Canggu

Favotire well decorated dinner spot in Canggu
Credit: manggisincanggu on Instagram

Manggis is a favourite dinner spot for many travellers. This well-decorated oasis in Berawa serves delicious Spaghetti Meatballs, Nasi Campur (rice with fish/meat, veggies, and other side dishes), Chicken Satay, and Chicken Nugget Salad. And here’s the surprising part: it’s all vegan. After trying the spaghetti here, you’ll probably prefer Manggis to any other restaurant, vegan or not.

29. Baked

Best place for pastries and breakfast in Canggu
Credit: baked.indonesia on Instagram

Baked, located in the heart of Canggu, is the place to go for brunch. Their favorite dish is the creamy scrambled egg, make sure you don’t miss this one. If you’re thinking of taking away some pastries, their choices of croissant and pain au chocolate are definitely worth to get!

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