How to Spend Nyepi Day in Bali: 2024 Guide

Nyepi Day Bali 2024

Ever wanted to experience absolute silence in a bustling tourist destination? Nyepi Day in Bali is your chance. Occurring once a year, Nyepi is a Balinese ‘Day of Silence’ where the entire island shuts down for 24 hours. No lights, no internet, no leaving your accommodation – just you, your thoughts, and the refreshing sounds of nature. For many, it’s a special opportunity to reset and reflect. But for first-timers, it can also be daunting.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make the most of your Nyepi Day on the Island of the Gods in 2024. From cultural dos and don’ts to the best places to spend your day of solitude, we’ve got you covered. By the end, you’ll be fully prepared to experience Bali like never before.

Nyepi Day Bali 2024
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What Is Nyepi Day in Bali?

Nyepi Day, also known as the Day of Silence, is one of the most important religious holidays in Bali. Celebrated every Isakawarsa (210 days) according to the Balinese calendar, Nyepi commemorates the Balinese New Year. On this day, the whole island comes to a standstill. This year, it starts on March 11 (Monday) at 6 AM and lasts until 6 AM the next day, March 12 (Tuesday).

No Activity

The main aim of Nyepi is for self-reflection and meditation. All activity comes to a halt – no work, no entertainment, no travelling. Streets are deserted, and shops are closed. Even the Ngurah Rai International Airport is shut for the day. The only sounds you’ll hear are animals and nature. Staying silent and still, fasting and praying are meant to cleanse your mind and body.

The Folklore Behind Nyepi

Evil spirits are supposed to be coming to Earth on Nyepi day. Balinese believe that by being silent during that time, the spirits will think the Earth is empty and will leave for another place where there are people for them to torment.

The Ogoh-ogoh ceremony is linked to this: the day before, as spirits are approaching the Earth, they will see the large monster effigies already roaming the streets and be afraid to come. Villagers build the Ogoh-ogoh effigies, which are meant to represent evil spirits and demons.

On Pengerupukan Day, the Ogoh-ogoh effigies are paraded through villages and neighborhoods before being burned in a public ritual. By symbolically destroying the Ogoh-ogoh effigies, villagers hope to ward off any evil spirits that may be planning to enter Bali on Nyepi Day.

The combination of complete silence from villagers and the sight of Ogoh-ogoh monsters roaming the island is meant to trick evil spirits into thinking Bali is already inhabited by spiritual entities more powerful than themselves, encouraging the spirits to leave the island alone on Nyepi Day.

Do’s and Don’ts During Nyepi in Bali

Do embrace the silence

Nyepi day is all about silence and reflection. Keep lights, sounds, technology and appliances to an absolute minimum. Turn off all lights except for a single candle to provide enough illumination. Refrain from using electronics like phones, TVs and radios. Don’t use anything that makes noise, including air conditioners and fans. The goal is to achieve total silence.

Don’t leave your hotel or villa

You’re required to stay in your hotel or villa for the duration of Nyepi, preferably with the curtains drawn and lights off. All movement and activity outside should have ceased by 6 a.m. on Nyepi Day. Don’t leave your accommodation for any reason – doing so would be considered disrespectful. Make sure you have everything you need before Nyepi begins. Consider it a day of house arrest or an extreme staycation. But if you’re staying in a gorgeous villa with top-notch amenities, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Do dress appropriately

If you do need to venture outside for an emergency, dress in plain, muted clothing. Bright colours and flashy outfits are discouraged. The idea is to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Don’t cook or prepare food with fire

Do not cook or prepare food using the stove, microwave or any appliances that may make noise. No lighting fires for cooking or other purposes is allowed on Nyepi. Everything must remain dark to symbolise tranquillity. Prepare cold meals ahead of time or opt for snacks you don’t need to heat up.

Meditation Nyepi Day
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Do reflect and meditate

Use the time to meditate, pray and practice yoga if you wish. This is the perfect day for introspection and spiritual renewal. Reflect on your life, goals and purpose. Don’t focus your thoughts on work, social media or anything from the outside world – turn your attention inward instead. Meditating in nature can be especially rejuvenating on Nyepi Day.

Don’t drink alcohol or eat meat

On Nyepi Day, Balinese Hindus observe the strictest of fasts, avoiding all meat, dairy, eggs, and alcohol. Even those who don’t usually abstain from these foods will follow a vegan diet for the day, in keeping with the spirit of self-discipline and purification. While you don’t have to follow the full fast, avoiding alcohol will help keep noise and activity to a minimum. And if you can, stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet consisting of fruits and simple snacks.

Top Things to Do on Nyepi Day in Bali

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Watch the Pengerupukan Ceremony

The day before Nyepi is a vibrant celebration called Pengerupukan, where the Balinese Hindus perform purification rituals at the temples. Witness an authentic Balinese Hindu ceremony at Uluwatu temple or Tanah Lot temple. You’ll see traditional Balinese dancing, colourful ceremonies and fireworks. The temples will be crowded, so go early and dress conservatively. This is a perfect opportunity to experience the unique Balinese Hindu culture.

Villa Wolfe Seminyak
Bedroom in Villa Wolfe, Seminyak

Stay Indoors

All shops, streets and facilities remain closed in compliance with Nyepi traditions. The airport is also closed for 24 hours. It’s best to buy essential supplies like food and water before Nyepi day and stay in your villa. Some accommodations provide special Nyepi day meals and activities to keep guests occupied. Take advantage of the enforced downtime to relax, de-stress and recharge yourself.

Ogoh Ogoh Parade
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See the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade

On the eve of Nyepi Day, you can witness the spectacular Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Ogoh-Ogoh are huge monsters made of papier-mâché and styrofoam, each representing evil spirits. The local youth groups parade the Ogoh-Ogoh through the streets, eventually burning them to symbolise the purification of evil. Find a spot along the parade route in Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud to see this dramatic cultural performance. The parade usually starts around sunset, so arrive early to get a good view.

Best Places to Stay in Bali During Nyepi


Ubud is a perfect base during Nyepi Day. Nestled in central Bali, the town is surrounded by lush rice fields and jungle. On Nyepi Eve, you can watch locals carry life-sized statues and participate in religious ceremonies at the main Ubud temple. The next day, wander through the empty streets and paths. Some hotels or villas offer special Nyepi day experiences like yoga, meditation or movie screenings.

Here are some beautiful villas in Ubud you can stay in during Nyepi:

The Joglo at Umah Sunset Drone shot

The Joglo at Umah Sunset

The Joglo at Umah Sunset is one of the most pristine accommodations you will find in the tropical setting of Ubud. This is a 2-bedroom private villa with an outdoor swimming pool and a view of natural landscapes of expansive rice fields. This peaceful getaway makes it easy to get into a state of reflection during Nyepi day.

Haigha House Ubud

Haigha House

Haigha House is a modern, loft-style designer villa between a tropical jungle, palm trees, and Balinese rice fields. It is in the small Banjar Tunon village of Ubud. The villa will give you an insight into the traditional life of the locals. Your stay is going to be serene and tranquil in this wonderful residence. Wake up to the call of the native birds. Spend lazy days in the pool, sunbathing on the wooden deck, and enjoying the luxuries of the house.

Villa Milliways Ubud

Villa Milliways

This playful boutique villa is located on the edge of a lush tropical gorge and is surrounded by lush greenery. It feels like a forest, a place away from everything and the hustle and bustle of busy tourist places. And yet, the villa is an easy drive from many of Ubud’s top tourist attractions. Monkey Forest is an easy walk from this home. When you are here, you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty of the neighbourhood. There is a yoga deck, a treetop swimming pool, and many other unique features that make Milliways one of the best places to stay during Nyepi (or any other day for that matter).


Just north of Seminyak, Canggu offers a more relaxed vibe with hip cafes, luxury villas and a popular surf spot. Although not traditionally a religious centre, Canggu’s beachside hotels and villas may offer extra amenities to enjoy your Nyepi downtime. You might do sunrise yoga by the rice fields, get a Balinese massage or lounge by the pool with a fresh coconut. Some villas can also arrange for a chef to cook your meals so you don’t have to venture out.

Here are some stunning villas in Canggu you can stay in during Nyepi:

Villa Imagine Berawa Pool

Villa Imagine Berawa

A quintessential island home that ticks all the boxes for a tropical getaway, Villa Imagine could be straight out of your imagination, or even better. This 4-bedroom home comes with a pool, a rooftop entertainment terrace and incredible views of the lush rice paddies. 10 minutes from the popular beaches and Seminyak, you can stay around and explore the best on your visit here. 

Villa Inti Pool

Villa Inti

Villa Inti has been designed by a renowned London-based designed and owner. The villa features intricate décor and interiors marked by a wealth of history with a hint of tradition as well as culture. It hosts five, well-furnished bedrooms that are an eclectic mix of the old and new with Balinese woodwork taking centre stage. The location of the villa itself is idyllic as it is found amidst the emerald of Canggu, only minutes away from the famous Echo beach and Batu Bolong beach road.

Villa La Paz Living Room

Villa La Paz

Villa La Paz is a top choice in Canggu. Designed with the latest in ultra-modern features, guests who stay here are sure to have a luxurious holiday, even during Nyepi. The house is thoroughly modern from the outside. However, its interior displays many traditional Balinese designs. Natural materials have been blended into the contemporary and sophisticated living space. Its countryside location ensures privacy and peace, perfect for meditation and yoga.

Gili Islands

Nyepi is a wonderful festival but if you only have a short seven day holiday, staying inside your room all day may not be the best use of your precious time. Many visitors decide to spend Nyepi Day of Silence on the Gili Islands or in Lombok instead of being cooped up in their hotel room.

Booking a fast boat ticket to the Gili Islands allows you to enjoy the beautiful beaches while sipping a cocktail. The Gilis are just a 30-40 minute boat ride from Bali but have a much more relaxed atmosphere on Nyepi day since they are not majority Hindu. You’ll still notice some locals observing the day in a quieter fashion and some businesses closing for the holiday, but most resorts and cafes remain open.

Here are some beachfront villas in Gili Islands you can stay in during Nyepi:

Gili Beach Resort Villa Satu

Gili Beach Resort Villa Satu

Gili Beach Villa Satu is a two-storey, seafront vacation residence that features rustic Balinese architecture. Interiors – with predominantly earthy hues and tones – are appointed with carefully chosen furnishings exhibiting a diversity of design genres – antique and ornate, classic European, weathered and woven wood as well as contemporary chic. Relax and unwind on the sun beds and soak up the beautiful view of the ocean out front.

The Crusoe House Gili

The Crusoe House

Located on the tiny tropical island Gili Meno in Lombok, sits this charming, traditional wooden beach house, right by the sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature. The island Gili Meno makes a great escape from the daily hustle and bustle, allowing your to relax and rejuvenate completely! There are no motorbikes or cars whatsoever on the island, only bicycles and horse cards. All you have to do is swim and snorkel in the deep blue sea, sunbathe, read books, eat, snooze in the hammock and watch the breathtaking island sunsets. It will be traumatic to leave!

Villa Gili Bali Beach

Villa Gili Bali Beach

Villa Gili Bali Beach is a stunning villa with all modern luxuries you can think of with an excellent location on the west coast of the island Gili Trawangan. It’s heavenly white interior design will enchant you and when watching the breathtaking sunset at the beach right in front of the villa, you will feel like being in paradise. On top of that, this villa has been built in harmony with nature, using local materials such as bamboo, wood and natural stones.

Nyepi Bali FAQs: Your Most Burning Questions Answered

Nyepi day in Bali can bring up many questions for first-time visitors. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your Nyepi experience.

Are there any exemptions for tourists?

No, Nyepi restrictions apply to all people in Bali, including tourists. Do not expect any facilities or services to be operating. Stay in your hotel and respect the silence. Some hotels may serve simple meals in your room. But in general, you should prepare by stocking up on snacks, books, and anything else you may need for a day of seclusion.

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How long does Nyepi last?

The Nyepi period begins at 6 am on Nyepi day and lasts for 24 hours until 6 am the following day. The day after Nyepi, known as Ngusaba Desa, sees traditional purification ceremonies taking place in villages across Bali. Some restrictions may still apply on Ngusaba Desa, so check with your hotel or tour guide. The island returns to normal activity on the third day after Nyepi.

By understanding Nyepi and respecting the restrictions, you can have a meaningful experience witnessing how the Balinese Hindus practise one of their most important religious traditions. Nyepi is a unique time to disconnect from the busyness of daily life and reconnect with yourself. Just be sure to plan ahead, remain flexible, and above all, honour the purpose of this special day of silence.

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