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Best Canggu Beach Villas

Canggu Beach Villas: a home by the sea in Bali

So, it is Canggu you want to explore, and now you’re looking for the perfect Canggu Beach Villas? Once a quiet seaside town and a best-kept-secret surf spot, Canggu has grown into the biggest tourist destination on the island, and…

Why you should stay in a Bali Villa

11 Reasons why you should stay in a Bali Villa

Now that you’ve made it to the world’s only ‘Island of the Gods’, we suggest making yourselves feel right at home in this mystical place. We believe the best way to experience Bali is by staying in a private villa….

how to find the right bali villas

The Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Bali Villas

The right villa, the perfect holiday, the dream destination… it’s all very personal. So how to find the right Bali villas for you? There are things you need to consider before you book a villa. No need to stress, let’s…