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Fresh, healthy, large portion, and above all, super duper tasty, those are just a few reasons why we fall in love with The Alchemy. The cafe is amongst the top of recommendation list, and we’ve managed to chat with Mrs Ririn Low, the General Manager of The Alchemy and Ms. Verena Kosasih, Senior Marcomm Manager to find out what exactly The Alchemy is about.

Cosy ambience

The Alchemy welcomes you with a friendly, quiet atmosphere. The whole place emits a happy and heart-warming vibe that anyone would want to spend some time there.

cosy ambiance at the alchemy

Happy, healthy AND delicious food

Of course, interior design is not the only great thing about The Alchemy. When you are there, you are in for a treat. The menu lists a good selection of organic, raw food and cold-press juices. In the mood for something fresh? Go for a salad. You can choose 4 different toppings and dressings at the counter, and what keeps customers coming back to this café is not only the taste of the salad but only the fact that it comes in big portion – like what a true salad bowl should be. Want something sweet? Check out their chocolates and dessert selections. Those with a sweet tooth will not want to miss the all-time favourite banoffee pie – a truly indulgent yet guilt-free treat.

The Alchemy Salad

100% organic ingredients

The ingredients come from The Alchemy’s own organic farm. For products they can’t produce themselves, such as high-quality coffee beans, they outsource to local producers and have been very selective in the process. Those who work with The Alchemy share the same belief and outlook towards food: authentic, clean, healthy and tasty.

Juices are freshly made daily. Juice pulp is used to make delicious cookies. Honey and palm sugar are used as sweetener. Papaya straws are used instead of plastic ones. The Alchemy really goes the extra mile to ensure everything is good for health and the environment.

Breakfast bowl at The Alchemy - interview by

The meaning behind “The Alchemy”

“Alchemy means transformation for the better, towards a healthier lifestyle”, explained Mrs Low. This transformation is not exclusive to vegans but also applies to each and every one of us. By keeping the ingredients raw, the café aims to retain all the nutrients. However, challenges arise as keeping the food raw may come at the cost of the taste of the dish. This is why the staff at The Alchemy spend a lot of time in researching, trying and testing different combinations to come up with their own recipes that balance nutrients and taste. They also have a specialist in the team to make sure that the ingredients are compatible with one another so that they can be combined.

Mrs. Ririn Low - interview with the alchemy by

“You don’t have to be a vegan to eat vegan food. The place is open to anyone who is on the journey of becoming a better, healthier version of themselves.” – Mrs. Ririn Low

Wholesome food for everyone

The biggest challenge The Alchemy faces lies in the perception of the people. Vegan food has been perceived as expensive, distasteful, and simply “not for non-vegans”. However, that is definitely not the case. The ideal The Alchemy pursues is a healthy, balanced diet with nutritious and tasty food that can be enjoyed by anyone. “You don’t have to be a vegan to eat vegan food,” said Mrs. Low, “We don’t want to “convert” people into vegans. The place is open to anyone who is on the journey of becoming a better, healthier version of themselves. I am not a vegan myself, and many of my staff are not. All we want to do is to introduce a healthy, balanced lifestyle.”

With that belief, The Alchemy strives to be the pioneer in wholesome lifestyle and wellbeing. They have just opened a branch in Seminyak, just next to The Potato Head Beach Club! And great news for everyone, The Alchemy does delivery to villas in Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu.

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For more information:
Address: Jalan Penestanan Klod, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0)361 971 981

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