What families can do in Bali for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming up, welcoming the year of the Rooster and Bali is celebrating it! A colourful feast, with red Chinese lampions, dragons, traditional dances and firework, awaits you and your family. In Bali, the Chinese new year has become a wonderful merge of Buddhist and Hindu culture and there is a lot to see if you know where to go. Here’s where to go for an amazing Chinese New Year in Bali:

traditional dance

Photo by Columbia Heights Climber

Visit Chinese Buddhist temples in Bali

Whether you are staying in a private villa in the north or south of Bali, on both sides of the island, there are gorgeous Chinese temples where the Chinese new year is celebrated and they are open for visitors. The temples are not only beautiful but there will be full-on activities as well, thrilling the ears and eyes of young and old. The celebration starts with the traditional prayers ‘Ling Gwan Kiong’ followed by the much loved Barongsai (Lion dance) and the Naga Liong (dragon dance).

Chinese new year Bali

Photo by the magician liondance

You will also get to see intriguing ‘Wushu’ material arts. Kids will love it and so will you! Make sure to eat some of those fortune cookies too! The ambiance is enchanting with all the bright colors of red and gold, the temple candles, Chinese lanterns and music.

Here is a quick guide to Buddhist temples in Bali:

Vihara Dharmayana – Kuta

Vihara Dharmayana Temple in Kuta

Photo by Hendra

This temple dates back from the year 1876, making it the oldest Buddhist temple in Bali. This is the place to go if you are staying in south Bali. The temple will be bursting with aliveness, thrilling young and old!
Address: Vihara Dharmayana, Jl. Padri No. 10, Kuta

Vihara Buddha Dharma (Buddhayana) – Seminyak

Buddhist Temple

Photo by Chironius

Open since 2007, this temple is welcoming guests all year long for meditation practices, ceremonies, spiritual teachings from monks of different Buddhist traditions.
Address: Vihara Buddha Dharma, Sunset Road No. 88, Seminyak

Vihara Buddha Guna, Nusa Dua

This temple is located in a worship complex Puja Mandala, home to a Buddhist temple, Hindu temple, Catholic Church, Protestant Church and an Islamic mosque. Quite a unique place, showing Bali’s religious tolerance.
Address: Vihara Buddha GunaPuja Mandala, Jl.Kurusetra, Nusa Dua

Ling Gwan Kiong, Singaraja

Ling Gwan Kiong temple Bali

Photo by 沛然 黃

Every year on Chinese New Year, the Ling Gwan Kiong temple hosts traditional prayers, followed by the much-loved annual festivities. The giant mural paintings of Gods are truly impressive.
Address: Ling Gwan Kiong, Jalan Erlangga, Singaraja

Brahma Vihara Arama – Buddhist Monastery, Singaraja

Brahma Vihara Arama Temple North Bali

Photo by Aaron Miller

Perched on the slope of a hill, this temple is really a special place, you can feel it as soon as you arrive. Surrounded by nature, overlooking the ocean, it is stunning! Chinese new year is also celebrated at this temple, be sure to check it out if you are staying in a private villa around Lovina.
Address: Brahma Vihara Arama, Tegehe Village, Banjar, Singaraja

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Enjoy a Chinese family feast

Onion duck

Photo by Arnold Fang

Eating Chinese food is always a dining feast and on this day it will be even more so! Practice your chopstick skills and try Chinese delights such as Beijing duck, steam buns and dim sums. Make sure to reserve a table for a family dinner at Chinese restaurants on this Chinese celebration day.
Here are some great authentic Chinese restaurants to try out: Fat Chow in Kuta, Happy Chappy in Seminyak and Ru Yi Chinese Fine Dining in Nusa Dua.

Photo by Adityo Firmansyah

After a fun family day, watching the traditional dances and the impressive life-size lion costumes dragon puppets, hearing the enchanting music and eating a delicious authentic Chinese meal, it is time to head back home to your private villa in Bali. Get a good night rest to wake up to yet another day on paradise island!

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