11 Spas in Seminyak You Can’t Miss While in Bali

best spas in seminyak

Updated: March 2024

Holiday-ing in Bali is the perfect time to treat yourself with various rejuvenating body treatments, especially spa and massage! Bali provides hundreds if not thousands of spa houses and shops in various tourist areas, however if you happen to visit Seminyak, read on for our favourite spas in Seminyak.

Types of Spa Treatments in Seminayk

Before we further discuss the spas in Seminyak, do you know that there are various types of spa treatments you should know? If you don’t, check out the 8 types of spas, which are distinguished by their methods and benefits for your body;

  • Destination Spa is a spa treatment that is designed for holistic rejuvenation to soothe your body and mind.
  • Day Spa is a spa with various beauty treatments.
  • Medical Spa. A spa carried out according to medical standards for specific health and beauty purposes.
  • Health Spa. True to its name, it is a spa with the sole purpose of improving your body’s health condition and wellness.
  • Resort Spa, typically spa treatments that are provided by hotels or resorts as relaxation facilities.
  • Mineral Springs Spa is a unique spa experience using pure spring water as hydrotherapy.
  • Ayurvedic Spa, spa for physical and mental health recovery.
  • Airport Spa. The kind of spa services you can easily find in airports such as quick and easy massage, oxygen therapy, etc.

Benefits of Spa Treatments

What are the benefits that can be obtained through a day at the spa in Seminyak? Each type of spa mentioned above brings its own advantages. However, in general they all have some of the same benefits such as improving your heart health, relieving muscle and body aches, to lower high blood pressure, detoxification, slowing aging, etc.


If this is your first time visiting one of Seminyak’s day spas, it’s good to know there are several things you should note:

  1. Book your spa session in advance to avoid disappointment. You may be able to get a walk-in appointment and receive treatment straight away, but it is recommended to call ahead, book online, or book via WhatsApp (highly recommended) during peak season.
  1. Always arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment so that you can complete the papers and pay. And, before your treatment, enjoy a complimentary cocktail.
  1. Washing of your feet is always the first step in a spa treatment in Bali. Before beginning your session, your massage therapist will offer you a soothing and thorough foot cleansing.
  1. If you choose to have a full-body massage, the massage therapist will offer you with disposable underwear.

Now that you’ve completed the basic knowledge of various spa treatments suitable for you and spatiquette, let’s check out these spa houses in Seminyak you must visit.

Best Spas in Seminyak Bali

1. Sundari Spa

spas in seminyak
Credit: sundari.day.spa on Instagram

Sundari Day Spa offers a traditional healing method that is packaged in a modern way with a variety of natural ingredients that are known for their beautifying and cleansing characteristics. Pamper yourself with Sundari Signature Massage, a special treatment that combines some of the best massage techniques for a more memorable spa experience in Seminyak.

Where : Jalan Petitenget No. 7, Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours : 10.00am – 22.00pm

2. The Cottage Beauty House

Manicure and pedicure to make your nails look pretty.

Not only does the place offer a satisfying service, The Cottage Beauty House Seminyak also has a beautiful and artistic interior design! A friendly team at The Cottage Beauty House will make your appearance from head to toe look and feel stunning after a day’s treatment here! Whichever spa treatment you choose from a spray tan, shellac manicure & pedicure or massage, everything will be done with utmost attention to the smallest detail.

Where: Jalan Batu Belig No. 8, Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday (10.00am – 18.00pm), Sunday (10.00am – 16.00pm)

3. Spring Spa

World class award winning spa for an unforgettable spa experience.
Credit: spring_spa on Instagram

Spring Spa is an award-winning spa house that was selected as “Asia’s Best Day Spa” at the 2016 World Spa Awards. The brand has two treatment locations that you can choose based on your location in Seminyak, opposite “W Retreat & Spa” in Petitenget or on the top floor of Seminyak Village. Bring some of your friends here for a world-class mani/pedi service while enjoying a glass of Spring Spa’s original detox juice! Get ready to be pampered with state-of-the-art spa services in an idyllic setting.

Where: Rooftop Level, Jl. Basangkasa Teak Wood, Seminyak & Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak.

Operating Hours: 09.00am – 21.00pm

4. Bronz Spa

Pamper yourself with massages and body treatments.

For those who want to look beautiful and fresh instantly, head yourself to Seminyak’s Bronz Spa. With a truly relaxing and intimate atmosphere, the professional therapists at Bronz Spa will provide detailed services to pamper your body and skin. Their product range is always up-to-date with the latest special treatments! Apart from that, special facial treatments, natural waxes, nail treatment sessions, massages and more are also available here!

Where: Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 8, Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours: 11.30am – 22.30pm

5. Prana Spa

Prana spa is the place to go for those of you wants to be treated like a royal.
Credit: pranaspabali on Instagram

Prana Spa carries the concept of Ayurvedic Spa in the style of India and the Middle East. Not only that, the interior of the room here is also set in such a way that it adds an ethnic and exotic impression. Visitors will be made as if they are a King or a Queen in this place! One of the flagship treatments here is Shirodhara and Ayurvedic Therapy.

Where: Jalan Kunti I No.118, Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours: 9.00am – 22.00pm

6. Away Spa by W Bali

Best spa services in Bali, Away Spa by W Bali offers variety of treatments to refresh yourself.
Credit: wbaliseminyak on Instagram

If you are looking for one of the best spa services in Bali that is open 24 hours, this place is the recommendation. In accordance with their tagline, “Whatever/Whenever”, you can order various spa services such as massages even though it’s early in the morning. While relaxing in a cabana overlooking Seminyak beach, private meditation and stretching, or relaxing in the Oxygen/Detoxification Room, this place has a complete package for those of you who are tired after a long day of activities in Bali.

Where: Jalan Petitenget (opposite Café Organic), Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours: 24 hours daily

7. Body Temple Spa

Relax and pamper yourself with a world class spa treatments at Body Temple Spa.

Located at Canggu Club, Body Temple Spa offers world class spa treatments. Pamper yourself with Tropical Glow Body Treatment for 2 hours using natural Balinese products, or choose the Body Temple Ritual with a mixture of coffee and honey while enjoying a traditional Balinese massage. If you come with your special one, you shouldn’t miss the Couples Retreat service. A luxurious black tea and flower bath, an Oriental Themaé massage, or a coconut scrub while taking a dip in the romantic rose petal bath.

Location: Lower Level Canggu Club, Canggu, Bali.

Operating Hours: 10.00am – 20.00pm

8. Bodyworks Spa

Experience a Moroccan theme spa in Bali that will make your spa experience even more unforgettable.

This spa house is known as one of the best massage places in Seminyak. With a Moroccan theme, the friendly therapists will pamper you with their best variety of treatments. To produce brighter and healthier skin, choose the Biokos Seaweed Facial service to remove all impurities and moisturize facial skin. In addition, there are also Thai massage services, Shiatsu, or Aroma Therapy that you can choose to stretch stiff muscles after a fun day walking around in Seminyak.

Where: Jalan Kayu Jati No. 2, Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali.

Operating Hours: 09.00am – 22.00pm

9. Jari Menari

Jari Menari is the place to go for you that seeks traditional massage to relieve the tense in your muscles.

Jari Menari is an award-winning massage centre noted for its one-of-a-kind massage method known as “the dancing fingers.” Boasting traditional Thai, Indonesian, Swedish, and Esalen massage treatments with its own distinctive technique. It differs slightly from traditional Balinese massage in that it emphasizes on the flow and rhythm of the fingers while massaging.

Where: No. 47, Jalan Raya Basangkasa

Operating Hours: 09.00am – 19.00pm

10. Re Day Spa

Relieve your stress by having massage treatments at Re Day Spa.

Offering Balinese style massage treatment with specific technique where the therapist uses their palm to apply pressure and knead your achy muscles. Despite their petite body, the massage therapists are quite powerful! For those who have experienced it, the 60-minute massage at Re Day Spa is well worth coming back again and again.

Other massage services available at Re Day Spa include aromatherapy massage, deep tissue rubdown, and foot reflexology. Massage treatments are also provided in a semi-private space on the second floor.

Where: Jalan Petitenget No. 88D

Operating Hours: 09.00am – 22.00pm

11. Spa at Peppers Seminyak

Unwind yourself with a traditional balinese massage at Spa at Peppers Seminyak.

Whether you want to unwind with a traditional Balinese massage or delve deeper into relaxation and cleaning concepts, the spa treatments at Spa at Peppers Seminyak will meet every of your needs! Consider scheduling a Holistic Nutritional Consultation with their professional nutritionist. Examine your current lifestyle and health history to create your ideal meal plan for enhanced overall well-being.

Where: Jl. Pura Telaga Waja Petitenget, Seminyak

Operating Hours: 09.00am – 21.00pm

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