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Our Bali Travel Guide gives you an insight things to do, see and experience on Bali Island. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or entertainment and going on a girls trip, a family holiday with kids or a romantic refuge with your loved one, we are happy to give you inspiration and ideas. In our Bali Travel Guide, you will find out where to go, where to stay and what to do for an amazing island stay.

Family Fun in Canggu

Let’s be honest, a vacation with the kids doesn’t always equal a vacation for the parents. In fact, the constant running around and worrying about carefree children is most likely to be more stressful whether you are staying in a…

Swim, sand, sunshine: Bali’s Best Beach Clubs

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Updated on 20/06/2017. Bali’s not short of a beach club or three. Whether it’s gorgeous white sand beaches, funky beats, designer cocktails or just wanting to spend some time relaxing with the kids and family by the pool – here’s…

ubud one day itinerary

Yoga, Cafes and More: A One Day Itinerary for Ubud

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7:30 A.M.: It goes without saying that a day in Ubud must start on a salubrious note. That means giving your body a good workout, while simultaneously stilling your mind through a yoga class. Ubud has no lack of yoga studios, so you’ll have…

Ready, steady, cook

Cooking classes in Bali are increasingly popular. Not only do they allow you to learn how to cook and eat great Balinese dishes but they also involve a local market tour where you will discover all the local produce and…

Go Zen: Meditation Classes and Retreats in Ubud

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Updated on 26/06/2018 There must be something special about Bali that draws numerous travellers here in search of spiritual retreats and activities. Is it the island’s paradisiacal beauty and tranquil serenity? Or the unexplainable and intangible “positive vibes” of this place and…

Bali Daycare Services

No matter how much you love and cherish them, there will be times during your holidays when you wish Mary Poppins would magically appear on the doorstep of your villa and look after your children while you run-off for some…

kundalini yoga

Where to Find Kundalini Yoga Classes in Ubud

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Are you used to practising still poses and stretches held for longer periods of time? Well, attending a Kundalini yoga class may bring a surprise – which was the case for me, as I attend Iyengar yoga classes on a regular…

salsa social

Travel Guide for Dance Addicts: Where to Salsa in Ubud?

Salsa addiction – once you’re down with this, know that it’s nearly impossible to treat. Keep a look out for the following tell-tale signs: thoughts of dancing the night away at salsa socials slip into your mind inadvertently throughout the day, you’ll…