Another 5 unusual attractions in Bali

Did you have fun discovering the 5 attractions in Bali you’ve probably never heard of? Well, if you have, here’s another 5 unusual places of interest for you to explore!

1. Tukad Bangkung Bridge 

The Tukad Bangkung Bridge makes claim to being the highest bridge in Asia! Now that’s impressive for a small island like Bali. As you might thus expect, it offers spectacular views of Bali’s natural beauty for miles around.

The Tukad Bangkung Bridge stands at a towering 71.14 metres and spans 360m.

2. Nung Nung Waterfall 

On the way to visit Tukad Bangkung Bridge, stop by at the Nung Nung Waterfall. The waterfall is located in Nung Nung village. Perched at an altitude of 900m above sea level, Nung Nung village boasts stunning scenery and cool air.

In order to reach the Nung Nung Waterfall, visitors have to climb down a flight of steep stairs, which can be rather exhusting. Nevertheless, the trip is worth it, for the falls are impressive enough with a 50m height and large discharge. The surroundings are cool and fresh, and make for a wonderful environment to relax in.

3. Brahma Vihara Amara Buddhist Monastery 

The Brahma Vihara Amara Buddhist Monastery is one of the few Buddhist temples in primarily Hindu Bali, and is perched on a lovely hill close to Lovina.

The temple is not large, but is a beautiful piece of architecture that fuses Balinese traditions and Buddhist statues and artefacts. The surrounding greenery are lush and green, and visitors are afforded fantastic views. The peaceful, calming environment also make a visit to this monastery a perfect opportunity for silence and reflection.

4. Giant Banyan tree in Gesing Village 

Near Munduk in the village of Gesing stands an incredible work of nature- a living breathing 700+ year old giant Banyan tree. It is a staggering 85m tall and 70m wide. Its root system towers above the ground, and it is actually possible for visitors to walk around the roots!

In fact, it was said that during the 1940s Dutch occupancy, locals hid within the tree to escape the Dutch troops.

Local folktales also claim that plenty of demons and spirits live within the tree. They come here to pay their respects as well as ask for wishes to be granted.

5. Trunyan Village 

Trunyan Village always holds visitors spellbound with morbid fascination, with its unique burial ceremony, or lack thereof. Bodies are not buried or cremated, but left to decompose under bamboo cages. Bones are laid out and displayed after that. Apparently the bodies do not smell so bad because of the perfuming from the huge Taru Menyan tree nearby. It is a macabre sight, but truly a unique and interesting one.

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