How to spend time in a Bali Villa

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With your private swimming pool under the sun, a lounge spot in the shade, cold drinks nearby, and your favourite music playing – your Bali villa gets quite close to being a heavenly place on our beautiful earth! Your private villa in Bali may be located in the centre of one of Bali’s tourist towns or somewhere far away from everywhere, surrounded by nature. No matter what your plans are for this island holiday, This is how to spend time at your Bali villa:

Swim all day every day (if you wish)

Bali’s climate is hot, humid, and tropical. It is not just a luxury to have a private pool in your backyard – it is essential! Luckily, all of our Bali villas have a private swimming pool. Knowing you will have a private swimming pool in the garden of your villa, be sure to make use of it! Enjoy it all day whenever you feel like a refreshing swim in crystal clear waters. Your private pool has no opening or closing times, it is all yours to enjoy 24/7. So swim all day every day if you wish. It is refreshing, healthy for your body, and also fun!

bali villa children kids pool

Laze by the poolside

If not cooling your body temperature in the pool, go laze by the poolside. Nobody will disturb you or confiscate your favourite sunbathing spot. Enjoy the tropical ambience, the tropical breeze, and the peacefulness and privacy. The garden of your Bali villa is like a sanctuary where you can relax, have fun, swim, sunbathe and chill out in the shade. Surrounded by exotic trees and flowering plants, it’ll be one of the best places to hang out with friends and family.

Throw a BBQ feast

Talking about friends and family, why not throw a BBQ feast in the garden? The staff will be happy to assist. Perhaps they can arrange fresh fish and seafood from the market to grill on the BBQ. Prepare your favourite cocktails, put some music on and this afternoon feast can’t go wrong.

Read and relax

After all that fun, don’t forget to slow down and take some time for yourself to recharge. Take a good book or magazine to read, find a cosy nook in the garden or the (air-conditioned) living room and take things slow. A coconut, cocktail, or hot cup of tea within reach of hand, ahh this is what holidaying is all about! 

Get an in-villa massage

While you are at it, taking care of yourself, why not book an in-villa massage? Bali has a wonderful spa culture and getting a massage is not something expensive or exclusive, it is something essential and therefore affordable. The staff will gladly help you book a spa treatment. The skilled Balinese spa therapist can come to the villa so you don’t need to go anywhere.

villa moana bali massage

Villa Moana in Canggu has it’s own massage room

Sleep in

There is no need to get up early on holiday or to be at work on time. You can wake up at your own pace and start the day with a morning swim, fresh coffee, and breakfast. How wonderful. There is nothing to be done but relax and have fun while on holiday in a private villa in Bali.

Enjoy the facilities and special services

Depending on the villa you book, there is a wide range of fabulous facilities that can come with your stay. For example, your villa could have a media room where you can watch movies on a big screen with a surround sound system. Some villas have a private gym or yoga area. There are villas with interconnected family rooms or villas with bunk beds for the kids. The luxury villas may have a tennis court on-site or you get to enjoy the services of a private chef or driver. Not sure what is included? Ask the villa concierge. Your villa concierge knows everything and will gladly assist.

villa mannao bali private yoga

A private yoga class at Villa Mannao in Kerobokan

Have a Balinese cooking class at the villa

If you want to learn the secrets of Balinese cooking and get your hands on family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, go for a Balinese cooking class. How fun and convenient is it to have this cooking class at the villa? No need to travel anywhere and there won’t be anybody else except your friends/family. It’s definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon at your villa in Bali!

Enjoy your villa holiday in Bali!

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