Tropical flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Bali is a tropical paradise bursting with colour from every corner, flora and fauna dance under the warm sunshine and gently perfume this beautiful island. This Valentine’s Day, why not do away with the traditional, and surprise your special someone with some lovely flowers from the Island of the gods?

1. Frangipani 

Locally known as Jepun, Frangipani  flowers are found all over Bali. They are used extensively in temple offerings, as well as in hair decorations.

These lovely flowers  give off a distinctive fragrant scent, and come in shades of white, yellow and pink.

Did you also know that Frangipani will only burn in extreme temperatures over 500 degrees celsius? A symbol of love that will endure the test of time, stress and distance perhaps?

2. Jasmine 

The fragrant Jasmine flower is popularly used in Balinese Hindu offerings. Jasmine is used both in public and private temples, and represents divine hope in Hinduism.

It is also known as Bungan Menuh in Bali and besides religious offerings, it is used in tea and essential oils.

The Jasmine flower will make for a special and unique pure white bouquet, or it can be combined with other flowers such as roses for a little more colour.

3. Adenium 

Adenium is known as Jepun Jepang in Bali, and is a beautiful baby pink in colour.

It belongs to the same family as the Frangipani, and can be combined with other tropical flowers to evoke a lovely and romantic effect.

It’s delicate petals and soft hues of pink make the Adenium the perfect choice for your sweetheart.

4. Hibiscus 

The vibrant trumpet shaped Hibiscus is known as Bungan Pucuk in Bali, and come in a wide variety of colours. They are also popularly used in Balinese Hindu religious offerings.

These flowers are so beautiful, the only downside is that they don’t last very long, and their soft petals usually crumple after a day.

Nevertheless, they are still popular and can add the finishing touches to a very special tropical bouquet.

5. Orchids 

Climatic conditions in Bali are great for growing the delicate Orchid flower. They are very popular in Bali, and are grown everywhere.

Orchids come in a great variety of shapes and colours, and could be purple, white or even yellow! They certainly add a beautiful touch to any bouquet.

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