5 attractions in Bali you’ve probably never heard of

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Who could ever get sick of the beautiful beaches, surf spots or ancient temples of Bali? Nevertheless, for those who just want to inject their next trip to Bali with something extra special, we’ve scoured and searched, and rounded up a list of unusual things for you to do in Bali this time.

1. Create your signature scent 

Bali is the island of the gods, and you can certainly go home feeling, and smelling like a goddess. L’atelier Parfums et Creations located at the Ayana Resort and Spa (Ex. Ritz Carlton) is truly a unique experience, where you get to create a signature scent of your own. There two options to choose from, a 90 minute workshop or a 3 hour workshop. Participants all go home with a 30ml bottle of perfume that they have just created for themselves, using the finest Indonesian essences and materials. For the little ones who want to try their hand at this, they can opt for a 1 hour workshop that allows them to create a fun and age appropriate scent, such as that of vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum, jasmine or frangipani.

2. Snakes in the wild 

Perhaps you’ve visited all the wildlife parks in Bali, and are wondering to yourself, well, now what?

We’ll tell you what, how about visiting the animals again- in the wild?

The Bali Reptile Rescue offers very specialised small tours to spot wild reptiles. To add to the thrill, these tours usually take place at night, where there is a greater chance of spotting the creatures. The Bali Reptile Rescue hires local guides who are very familiar with the local environment. For something truly different this time, walk on the wild side.

3. Turtle Conservation and Education Centre 

Support conservation of the Bali Sea Turtle by visiting the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. Visitors will definitely find their visit educational and meaningful at the same time. View the hatchery, baby turtles as well as older turtles in rehabilitation. On certain turtle release days, visitors can also adopt a turtle and release it into the sea for a modest fee.  It seems that getting to the centre is a bit tricky, since it is difficult to find. There have also been other centres claiming to be the turtle conservation centre. Look out for turtle statues outside the building to know you’ve got the right one.

4. Sangeh Monkey Forest 

You heard us right, this is not the famed Ubud Monkey Forest, but rather the less known Sangeh Monkey Forest. Sangeh Monkey Forest is a lot quieter than the Ubud Monkey Forest and visitors can get to experience a truly rural side of Bali. Visitors can follow a guide who will take you into the forest, a plus point if you worry about having to fend off monkeys.


5. Bamboo Chocolate Factory (permanently closed)

Behold the Balinese version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! The Bamboo Chocolate Factory is the largest commercial structure made out of bamboo! Truly impressive! This real life dream come true produces organic chocolate and snacks, and visitors can have a tour of the factory, as well as a chocolate tasting session.

It is located just 20 minutes off Ubud, making for a perfect stop when visiting Ubud.

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