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For those still unsure about where they want to stay on Bali Island, our villa focus articles may help. We made special villa selections to suit everybody’s dreams, hopes, needs and wishes, making it a bit easier to cut the knot and decide on where to stay. Ranging from the best villas for families with kids, to the most amazing Ubud stays and the best beachfront villas, you can read all about it in this section.

Last Minute Xmas Villas

Looking to replace mistletoe with palm trees but you still haven’t found your Christmas digs to gather your nearest and dearest? Well, it’s not too late and perhaps, we at can do something about it. There are still some…

A Villa for Two: Bali’s Top Honeymoon Retreats

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Updated on 11/01/2018 by Stephanie Looking for that perfect accommodation to spend days on end with your newly bonded special someone? We know just the spots! Around the island, you will find the most amazing stays. Think of villas near…

Eco Bali Villas

4 Eco Villas for an Eco Vacation

Some villa’s aim to bring you closer to the natural beauty of a place, while others are dedicated to minimizing their ecological footprint and proving tourism can be profitable and sustainable at the same time. Implementing various combinations of water management systems, solar panels,…

Bali Villas Meditation

Relax Your Mind and Spirit in These 4 Bali Villas

Turning the volume down on our mind’s chitter chatter is not something that comes easily to most people. Some sensation, memory or plan formation is always speaking to us, even when we’re not consciously aware of it. Through the practice…

Villa wedding bali

Say ‘I Do’ to these dream Bali villas

It is not difficult to see why lovebirds of all ages flock to the island of Bali to celebrate their unique, unshakable bond. While in the past it was the occasion of a honeymoon that drove couples to Bali, now,…

Villa Kamaniiya

Jungle Jubilation at Ubud’s Villa Kamaniiya

Living amongst the rainforest at Villa Kamaniiya will make every hour a happy hour during your stay in Bali. Perched on the edge of the Sayan Ridge in Ubud, this five bedroom, five bath, custom-built home is now on the market…

Best Bali Villas for Kids

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Updated on 29/06/2018 Though I’m not a parent per se, I do have a 1-year-old Bali dog, which is pretty much the same thing as taking care of your child in my naive, inexperienced opinion. And I’m almost positive I can relate to…