Unusual tips that might come in handy during your holiday in Bali

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You are holidaying on a tropical island far away from home and strange things may happen. Not to worry though, we tracked some common inconveniences down and you’ll be surprised at what you can do to get rid of the problem. Keep these unusual tips in mind during your island stay and everything will be fine!

1. Green hair!! —-> Ketchup

unusual tips

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Oh no, did my hair really turn green? Yes, it can happen and in fact, being a blonde, it happened to me several times. I was already preparing myself to cut half of my blonde beach hair off but not without trying this first: a tomato ketchup hair mask. Yes, it is disgusting and you’ll need to wash you hair several times to get the smell off but to my big surprise, it worked! I went to the super market, bought the cheapest bottle of tomato ketchup I could find and I turned the bathroom into a tomato ketchup mess. I let it soak, washed it and immediately the green colour turned more into a greenish glow. After washing my hair again once or twice, my hair was back to normal. How does it work? Well, certain chemicals in the pool can turn beautiful blondes turn into green monsters. The vinegar in the tomato ketchup stops the chemical reaction and the red colour neutralizes the green. Thank God for tomato ketchup!

2. Natural Mosquito repellent —-> Gin Tonic

Unusual tips for your holiday in Bali

Well, this might be too good to be true but there is no harm in trying, right? Gin Tonic was actually used as a cure for malaria back in the old days when the British army colonized India. It was the quinine in the Indian Tonic that helped to lower fever and keep mosquitoes away. However, the Indian Tonic was so incredibly bitter that the soldiers added gin, lime and sugar to turn this hard-to-take-in medicine into something nice to drink. These days, it is still the quinine that gives the tonic it’s bitter taste, but the amount is far, far less. One thing is for sure, mosquitoes don’t like bitterness so it might help to keep them at distance. Cheers to that! For those travelling with kids, try rubbing the skin of your little loved ones in with lemon-infused water to keep the buggers away. Perfectly natural and easy.

3. Itchy skin —-> salt is the answer

Unusual tips for your holiday in Bali

You are on holiday in a tropical country and there can be many things causing a red, itchy skin. It is not a life threatening thing but it can be very annoying! The answer to this problem is simple: rub the itch skin in with dampened kitchen salt and you will find relief. It is a natural way and it works like a charm! Remember to put a few drops of water on the salt to make it easier to stick to your skin. The downside? When it dries, the salt will fall off so stay away from the bed if you don’t want to have salt in your blanket!

4. Cure for the infamous Bali Belly —-> Young coconuts

Unusual tips

Keep on drinking them.. these giant, green whole young coconuts that are only to be found in tropical places like Bali. These gifts from mother nature are not only delicious and super nutritious, they also help to avoid and to cure the Bali Belly. The juice helps you to re-hydrate and it is full of minerals and more good stuff to boost your immune system. Since the coconut is opened only when you buy it, the water inside is safe to consume.

5. Burning sensations of the chili pepper —-> Milk

Unusual tips

Yes, the Indonesians like it hot! Sambal en little super spicy chili peppers are part of every meal. Even if you like spicy food, at some point you might still find yourself desperate with your mouth, lips and tongue on fire. The solution to this problem is drinking a glass of milk to take off the sharp edges instantly. To increase your chili tolerance, eat a whole lot more of those green and red little fire crackers, at some point you will find yourself addicted.

6. Hiccups —-> turn your head and swallow

Got the hiccups? It happens sometimes! A local friend told me to try this trick: fill up a big glass of water, take a big sip and turn your head to the left before swallowing. Hold the position and swallow 9 times in a row. As if by magic, the hiccups should disappear. It works on me and it might also work for you. Try it out!

7. Sunburned? —-> Aloe Vera

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Credit: Sudheesh S on Flickr

This is not a secret nor an unusual tip anymore but it is important to remember! Fresh aloe vera is the best thing there is in the whole wide world to relive a sunburned skin and help it heal. Luckily, it is easy to find in Bali. If it doesn’t grow in the garden of your villa, you can buy it fresh in the supermarket. Cut of a small piece, slice it open and rub your burned skin or a burning wound in with the aloe vera gel. You will be healed in no time!

Which tricks are you going to try? Comment and let us know!

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