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Bali yoga retreat

Best villas for hosting Yoga retreats in Bali

Updated on 06/09/2018 Ahh Bali… ‘the island of the Gods’ or ‘the island of a thousand temples’. What could be a better place to connect with body, mind and soul, practising yoga and meditation while nurturing the body with healthy juices…

Defying gravity with Fly High Yoga

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It’s Wednesday and I am hanging upside down like a Cirque du Soleil aerialist. My feet are wrapped around the hanging yoga belt attached to the ceiling of the yoga studio and my body gently swings back and forth. Welcome…

8 Weekend Getaways for Digital Nomads in Bali

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So you’ve decided to pack up and set off for a digital nomad trip to Bali. You might stay a month or two, which leaves you with a handful of weekends free. There’s much to see and do here, so…

Bali Spirit Festival 2016

The BaliSpirit Festival is back for its ninth installment! From March 29 until April 3, Bali’s most popular and exciting festivals comes alive for 5 days and nights for what is known as one of the top holistic lifestyle festivals in…