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Best cooking schools in Bali

Best Bali Cooking Classes

Learning all the secrets of Indonesian home cooking is really something of value to take home with you from your Bali holiday. On top of that, you will be surprising friends and family with these newly learned skills. Surely, the…


Bali Waterfalls Guide

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Bali is not only home to endless beautiful beaches with breathtaking sunsets, rolling rice paddies, lakes, and mountains but also to stunning Bali waterfalls. Great cool, lush green paradises where the force and beauty of nature will impress and enchant…

Bali Beach Guide

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One island, the only Hindu Island of Indonesia, is completely surrounded by pristine beaches. We need a Bali beach guide! Let’s circle the island and find out more about the coastline and the beaches of Bali. While it’s almost impossible to…

Lovina Travel Guide

Lovina Travel Guide

Lovina is a sleepy coastal village in the north of Bali. Do you know that there are lots of nice things to see and do around the town? The centre is quite charming and you can easily get yourself around on…

10 things not to miss in Bali

10 things not to miss in Bali

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Bali has been named ‘The Island of the Gods’, the ‘Island of a thousand temples’, ‘Paradise Island’ and no wonder! This tiny Hindu island, one of the 17,508 islands in Indonesia, is home to an amazingly rich culture, endless rice…

Celebrating New Year in Bali

Best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali

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New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations in Bali! Even though it is not an official Hindu celebration, people are excited, waiting to embrace the new year to come. Prepare for lots and lots of fireworks, music, and…

Which Balinese spot best suits you?

Are you overwhelmed by the options that Bali has to offer? We quickly match the highlights of some of the most popular tourist spots in Bali with your personality! 1. Seminyak– For the trendy fashionista and cosmopolitan traveller  Are you…

Bali off the beaten path - Karangasem

Bali off the beaten track: Top 4 places to visit

Do you love traditional Bali? Do you consider yourself a niche traveler who wishes to seek out the hidden? If so, this post is for you! Today, we bring to you a special treat: Bali off the beaten track! It’s…