We love hair braiding in Bali

Many little girls, and even grown women, would love to have their hair plaited and beaded in a beautifully exotic style. It is one of the trademark services offered along Seminyak’s beaches. It’s a lovely treat to have funky hair on holiday, complete with pretty beads.

Here are just some tips to take note of when going for hair braiding or extensions in Bali:

1. Bring your own fine toothed comb

Just to be on the safe side, take along your own fine toothed comb, to prevent unwanted bacteria or lice from being transferred. It’s certainly more hygienic and allows you to get your hair done with the assurance that it is clean.

2. Sunburn

Braiding pulls the hair tight together, and leaves certain patches of the scalp exposed. Sunburn is common when running around tropical sunny Bali. Do remember to apply some sunblock in between the little braids to avoid sunburn of the scalp! Alternatively, wear a cap when out in the sun.

3. Chlorine

Those with blond hair might want to take note that if you leave chlorine in for too long without being able to wash it all out, you might get… green hair! You could get a shampoo that helps with balancing out chlorine, or simply braid your hair towards the end of your holiday, when you won’t be swimming as much.

4. Beads… ouch!

Consider carefully whether you want beads all over your hair, and it might be uncomfortable to sleep in. Perhaps just leave them for the end sections where they can be removed easily if they give you neck aches at night.


The cost of hair braiding in Bali will vary with length of hair and takes between 2-3 hours to complete. They last for 2-3 weeks and you can continue washing your hair whilst they are braided. Some spas recommended for hair braiding are Inner Glow Spa, Melasti Spa and Briella Spa. Enjoy your beautiful hair!



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