6 White Sand Reasons to Book it to the Bukit

 World renown for its surf and dramatic limestone cliffs, Bali’s Bukit peninsula also boasts some of the most fantastic beaches on the island. Think white powdery sand and crystal clear water. After much scouting and obligated beach lounging, we have picked our favorite sandy utopias that the region has to offer. Below are our highlights and tips regarding where best to lie back in the warm sand, feel the cool water lap at your feet and laze the day away before watching the sun drip its glorious rays into the Indian Ocean.

Padang Padang Beach 

– Soft white sandy beach
– Sparkling clean water
– Small warungs to buy cold beer and food
– Where two scenes from the popular Eat, Pray, Love movie starring Julia Roberts, were filmed
– Popular Uluwatu surf destination
– We advise going during the week to avoid the weekend crowds if possible
– 30 minutes from Kuta Beach, 20 minutes from the airport
– Location: Unggasan Village

2. Pandawa Beach
 (aka Secret Beach)

– Peaceful beach with minimal crowds, especially before lunchtime
-Take a left turn when you hit the beach for less crowds
– Bring your own umbrella or rent two beach chairs for IDR 50.000 ($5 USD)
– Concealed behind limestone cliffs and greenery
– 5 statues carved into the cliffs
– Beautiful location to enjoy the sunset and cliff views
– Here is their Facebook page for more beach information
– Location: Jalan Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan, Badung

3. Pantai Mengiat

– Large, golden sand beach in Nusa Dua
– Great place for families with kids and couples as well
– Small warungs near beach entrance to buy coconuts, fried noodles, cold beer and more
– Good waves for intermediate board and body surfers
– Easily accessible by Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua road
– Location: Nusa Dua 

4. Balangan Beach

– Touted as one of Bali’s best surf spots
– Quiet spot with a laid back surf crowd
– Backdrop of spectacular cliffs
– Descend staircase to arrive on beach
– Chairs and umbrellas available to rent for the day
– The shoreline is flanked by warungs serving up fresh local food and ice cold beers
– Note: some parts of the beach can be a bit rocky and slippery at low tide
– Location: Balangan, near Jimbaran Bay

5. Finn’s Beach Club

– Private beach club with white sand and crystal clear water
– Dramatic limestone cliffs
– Amazing cliff-top views
– Descend to the beach by an outdoor cable car
– Excellent beachside restaurant and bar
– Minimum spending requirement of 250,000 IDR upfront for visitors over 12
– Free for children under 12
– Location: Ungasan

6. Nyang Nyang Beach

– Powdery white sand beach
– Empty!
– Large, quiet and off the beaten track
– Grab water and snacks before heading down, because there is nothing on the beach, only a small warung at the top of the stairs
– Long flight of stairs (564 steps to be exact) to climb down, and up!
– Rather strenuous and physically demanding, but worth the trek
– Access by small sign off of main road reading: “Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach”
– Location: Pecatu Village on the southwest tip of the Bukit (see map below)

Tip: Bali’s tides fluctuate dramatically and can really alter the “swim-ability” of the beaches around the island. If going for a swim and not surf, the higher the tide the better. Check out Magic Seaweed for more detailed tide information.

Any prime Bukit beaches that missed our list? Don’t hesitate to share with us your favorite spots below!

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