Family- friendly night outs in Bali

For families taking the wee ones along on a trip to Bali, fret not if you don’t think your little tots would be able to sneak past the bouncers at the club. Night outs as a family can be plenty of fun and there is much to do besides plonking them down in front of the TV screen! We suggest a few activities that you can all do as a family.

1. Midnight Supper 

Back home, your children might not be allowed to eat sinful suppers late at night, but whilst they’re on holiday, why not give them a treat. Many restaurants and eateries open till late, at least for tapas or desserts, so let the kids indulge in some gelato and chocolate cake. At Ultimo Italian restaurant, which opens till 1am, you might even get a piping hot pizza. The kids will be thrilled with this delicious idea of a night out.

2. Mocktails

If you’ve got slightly older kids,  taking them out for an alcohol free mocktail is a sure way to please them. They’ll feel all grown up whilst they have a drink with you. Sea Circus is a great place to take the whole family as they serve dinner until 10.30pm, and the bar stays open till 1am. The great ambience and delicious food makes this restaurant great for a family meal followed by dessert and a drink or two.

3. Late night spa treatments

Spas in Bali stay open till late at night, so why not take a family trip to the spa for a night of indulgence and relaxation? Briella Spa stays open till 11pm, and the whole family can choose from treatments such as body scrubs and massages, manicures and pedicures, facials or hair creme baths. Surely there’s something for everyone to feel pampered.

4. Night Walks

Take them out to enjoy the night breeze along the beach,  or on a walk out to the rice fields. Teach them about the beautiful nature of Bali, maybe get them to make a wish upon a star. They’ll love the adrenaline rush of exploring nature at night with you. Just remember to stay safe, and take note of high tide movements.


If you have your own private villa, there are even more options, as late night BBQs or pool fun is definitely possible any time you like. There’s so much to do with your children even after hours, family night outs are certainly a whole lot of fun!

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