Benefits of travelling in Bali during the rainy season

Bali as a tropical island experiences a seasonal wet and dry period. The wet season is generally between October and March, with the height of the wet season falling between December and February. Many visitors thus tend to avoiding travelling to Bali during these months. Well, is travelling to Bali really to be avoided at all costs during the wet season? Certainly not!


Obviously, visitors who are in Bali primarily for sea sports and underwater adventures should avoid the wet season, which can reduce visibilities and pose dangers to your safety. However, for other visitors, the daily downpours may be a bit of a detractor, but there are some unexpected benefits of holidaying in Bali during the rainy season.

1. Lesser crowds

Remember the infamous Kuta traffic jams, throngs of people and the squeeze on the roads? The rainy season provides unexpected relief. Lesser tourist numbers and lesser outdoor activities translate to smoother travel for those who brave the rain. Don’t expect miles of clear traffic, this is still Bali after all, but the rain certainly brings respite to the worst of these jams. It also means less queues for popular attractions, which may otherwise be rather crowded. It doesn’t rain ALL day after all, and lack of crowds can also mean a fantastic day out at the beach on a sunny day during the rainy season.

2. Cooler weather  

The rain can bring down temperatures a bit, bringing relief from the hot sun, and makes wandering around just that little bit more comfortable. It especially makes for nice cool nights after the rain is over, which can be spent star gazing, or enjoying dinner by the beach with a loved one.


3. A chance for reflection and relaxation

Too often, we scurry around like rats in the rat race, rushing here and there and everywhere, but truly getting nowhere. Being stuck indoors during the rain gives us the opportunity to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. Doesn’t that sound like bliss? Alternatively, for a little more pampering and luxury, book yourself into one of Bali’s excellent spa retreat. Rain? What rain? It’s not going to faze you when you’re in a happy bubble of your own.

4. Opportunity for some interesting photos 

If you think the rain will ruin your chance at taking some great shots of Bali, you’re wrong! What could rain possibly do, except to shower you with a mist of romance?

Jokes aside, Bali is truly beautiful after the rain, with the lush fertile countryside drenched in raindrops from heaven. Nature is luxuriant and brimming with life and colour, the perfect opportunity for a good photo.



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