6 Romantic Balinese villas perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is barely a month away. If you haven’t yet made plans for the love of your life, what about whisking the both of you away on an adventure that neither of you will forget in years to come.

Plan a getaway to Bali, the romantic island of the gods, and treat yourself and your sweetheart to a luxurious villa stay in Seminyak or a private, romantic trip off-the-beaten-path. In a villa, it is ensured that you get the ultimate level of pampering, and plenty of privacy to celebrate your love. Enjoy whispering sweet nothings in a beautiful and private Balinese garden, or playfully splash in the pool together at midnight.

In Bali, luxury like this also doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Save a pretty penny on fine dining at a romantic restaurant. You can recreate the atmosphere in your own villa. Dine in a romantic setting by the pool, with a personal chef to create a customised menu to suit your taste, with the stars and breeze to complement your fine meal.

A villa stay is certainly the way to go this Valentine’s Day.

Today we present to you 6 romantic villa stays that would  make for a special treat for your sweetheart. 

1. Villa Anjali Purple  

Villa Anjali Purple is one of the most popular selections, and for good reason too. Villa Anjali Purple is cosy and intimate, and deliciously sensuous dressed in a robe of purple. With a beautiful little pool, a lush garden and a lovely lounge from which to enjoy the tropical breeze together, this is paradise for lovers.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Seminyak 

Price: USD 180/night

2. Indah Manis – Bulan Madu 

Villa Indah Manis-Bulan Madu is a cosy little villa that exudes plenty of rustic charm. Romantic candlelit dinners are their speciality so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands. The villa also boasts great views of the ocean, and a well landscaped garden. Simply perfect.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Pecatu

Price: USD 285/night

3. Villa Shamballa 

Villa Shamballa is a gorgeous treetop retreat overlooking a dense tropical jungle. For an exotic and peaceful getaway, Villa Shamballa is an excellent choice. Lovers can also enjoy a pampering flower bath together, or soak in the infinity pool and gaze over the spectacular scenery. An utterly relaxing romantic getaway.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Ubud

Price: USD 300/night

4. Shamballa Residence 


Shamballa Residence overlooks the jungle valley and Wos River, making it a beautifully romantic sanctuary. Imagine a private dinner on a private terrace overlooking the stunning river gorge. Couples can also soak in a Jacuzzi together, or opt for couple spa treatments in this little slice of paradise.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Ubud

Price: USD 300/night

5. Villa Damou 

Villa Damou would suit the tastes of a funky and stylish couple. The name of the Villa means love in Creole, and it is a fun loft styled villa with a bedroom that adjoins to the swimming pool. The bathroom is designed in an open plan, with only frosted glass separating the toilet and shower. How perfect for a bit of naughtiness.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Seminyak 

Price: USD 305/night 

6. Villa Orchid 

Villa Orchird is absolutely luxurious, and part of a spa villa complex. Enjoy private spa treatments, or a top notch private dinner in the garden underneath a bamboo canopy. This villa is built for romance, with elegant furnishings and a romantic canopied bed dressed in creamy white.

Bedrooms: 1

Location: Kerobokan 

Price: USD 425/night

Do note that availability in these villas are extremely limited and are booked up very quickly especially on special occasions. Rates also vary with season. Nevertheless, we are sure that your darling will love to go to these places whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. We are sure that a surprise romantic getaway at any time is more than welcome…

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