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19 most amazing Bali Beach Villas

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Updated on 30/08/2018 Looking for an amazing stay by the beach in Bali? The island is surrounded by endless beautiful sand beaches with stunning absolute beachfront villas. Private seaside holiday rentals where you can leisure in luxury to the calming…

Bali Beach Guide

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One island, the only Hindu Island of Indonesia, is completely surrounded by pristine beaches. We need a Bali beach guide! Let’s circle the island and find out more about the coastline and the beaches of Bali. While it’s almost impossible to…

Candidasa Travel Guide

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Candidasa is a peaceful coastal town in the East of Bali. The natural beauty of this sleepy traditional fisherman’ village is breathtaking! In Candidasa, you can still see the raw unspoilt nature of Bali, far away from the noise and…

Tour de Bali – How to travel around Bali by bike

Before Lance Armstrong was exposed for doping offences during his professional career, he famously won the Tour De France cycling a record 7 times between 1999 and 2005. The Tour De France is widely believed to be one of the…