Retirement in Bali

Many are now looking to Bali as a place for retirement in their golden years, and why not?

All your life, you may have been slogging and working your guts out to provide for your family, all the whilst battling inflation and the ever rising cost of living. Bali offers  the chance to live in unparalleled luxury during your retirement. It is easy and relatively cheap to find accommodation in Bali. For the cost of a small house back in your home country, you could build a lovely villa in a charming scenic location of Bali to enjoy all to yourself. Just imagine being able to come home to a private retreat on the island of the gods. Examples of popular spots for retirement in Bali are Ubud, Canggu, Sanur, and Nusa Dua, for their quiet and peaceful locations.

The climate is also pleasant and comfortable. Bali is warm and sunny all year round, and oldies need not worry about seasonal arthritic rheumatism pains that come with the onset of bitter winters. The life style is easy and goes by at a laid back and relaxing pace, and at a low cost of living as compared to many developed countries. If you worry about housekeeping or simply don’t have the energy for it, have someone look after you, as you can hire a maid, chef and chauffeur for less than a hundred US dollars a month.

Do not think that retirement will be boring, or that you will have nothing to do in Bali! Retirement in Bali can be fulfilling and meaningful, with plenty of activities for you to get involved in. Bali boasts natural beauty, which you can enjoy with leisurely walks through rice paddies, or by the beach. Cycling trips, diving excursions and hikes are also available for the retirees who are in good health and shape. Many also take the time to give back to society, and get involved in social benefit programs there, which is a meaningful way to spend your retirement indeed.

The final years are also a time to pamper yourself and enjoy as much of life as you can. Bali takes care of that with an excellent dining scene where you can get delicious meals. For those who have to watch their diet for health reasons, there are also many fresh food and organic cafes that serve up delicious health food such as raw chocolate, juices and salads. These health cafes are especially plentiful in Ubud. Also, pamper yourself with spa treatments and massages, which are affordable and easily accessible in Bali. Aches and pains are inevitable with old age, but massage therapy can significantly reduce any discomfort.

A main concern of retirees in Bali is health care. Fortunately, standards of health care have steadily improved, especially in large areas such as Denpasar. However, many still opt for medical insurance that will airlift them to Singapore, the best health center in SEA, in the case of a medical emergency.

For the most part, Bali is indeed a place where one can retire in paradise and live like a king at a very affordable cost. Surrounded by natural beauty of the landscape, and the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese, it is certainly easy to fall in love with Bali.

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