Why lazy boyfriends are ideal travelling partners?

We all have the perfect boyfriend image deeply etched in our mind – the kind that plans surprises for you, researches and comes up with an itinerary for you so you don’t have to lift a finger, remembers the little things you have mentioned to them, pampers you with gifts, goes an extra mile just to get the food you’re craving… And the list goes on. (Well, nobody said being perfect bf would be an easy task). If you are already considering you should break up with your lazy boyfriend that does nothing of the above, think again. Having a lazy boyfriend when you travel is actually not such a bad thing.

1)You get what you pay forScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 4.07.09 pm

Have you ever been to a luxurious hotel or villa with a wide array of facilities such as; a huuuge infinity swimming pool with a lovely jacuzzi, a gym filled with the latest fitness equipments, massage services available for you to use? Imagine if your hardworking and super duper sweet boyfriend has prepared a long itinerary for both of you to leave footprints all over the destination. You (supposingly the supportive and appreciative girlfriend) won’t be able to turn him down and stay in to enjoy all these luxurious treats! With a lazy boyfriend, you will definitely get to stay in and enjoy these facilities that you paid for and deserve.

2)Save money!


While other boyfriends are excited about surfing, wakeboarding and all these adventurous activities (which are not cheap), your lazy boyfriend would rather stay in and have a restful sleep. The amount of money saved means… more money for shopping!!!!!!

3)Save the efforts too!


If you and your boyfriend are just as lazy when it comes to planning a holiday – all those hours spent browsing through hundreds of booking websites and negotiating with owners – he will pick travel agencies that will do all the hard work and settle everything for you and give you the best suggestions so you can save the efforts of doing your own research.

4)Bye bye to insecurities


He won’t make the effort to dress up and look good just to attract a few more stares. You don’t have to worry about girls’ hearts fluttering because he’s sending flying kisses to them behind your back. He also won’t bother to attend networking or socialising events because he would rather laze around with you, with some Netflix and popcorn.

5)Second mover advantage


If you have seen lots of really bad movies that you have regretted badly or tried really lame activities just because you were tempted by one or two good reviews on the internet, your lazy boyfriend will make sure you don’t have to go through this ordeal. Unless there are at least 35 recommendations from friends, your lazy boyfriend won’t be motivated to move his lazy butt to try the activity/movie – or at least he makes sure there is a high probability you will love the movie/activity. Productive much. 

Yes, lazy boyfriends, you’re welcome.

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