CHSE Certification for Villa Owners (English translation)

What is the CHSE Certification about?

To respond to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Indonesia government introduced the CHSE (Clean, Health, Safety, and Environment) certification. The CHSE outlines specific guidelines and protocols that tourism providers should follow to ensure safety and security of your guests and the community.
The government provides a 55-page-long guideline on various aspects, from villa management, cleaning and service to interactions between guests and the local community. You will find the link to the official document below.

Do you need the CHSE Certification for your Bali villa?

As of today, there is no obligation for villa owners to obtain the CHSE certification. We are also unclear about its potential benefits (like the possibility to host travellers during their quarantine). However, that might be the plan of the government eventually.
The Chands Villa - Bali Travel

The Chands Delapan Villa in Seminyak

How do you get the certification?

It takes a couple of weeks to obtain the certification, so in case you are considering getting it for your villa, here are some points to take note of:
  • You can apply for it only if you have the NIB Nomor Tanda Usaha Pariwisata / Tourism Business Registration License.
  • If you have the NIB, you can apply for the CHSE certification here.
  • You will need to meet a list of specific requirements to be certified. Here’s the official CHSE official document (in Bahasa Indonesia)
As the guide is in Bahasa Indonesia, we have translated into English. If you would like to receive English translation of the CHSE Certification Guide, fill in the form below.
As the application form and process is fully in Bahasa Indonesia, we would be happy to do it for you if you are interested in applying.

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