Bali- A vegetarian’s paradise

After all the feasting and sumptuous dining in Bali throughout the festive season of Christmas, New Year and perhaps Valentine’s Day, you might be looking to eat a little healthier and cleaner for a bit. Lucky for you that Bali is a vegetarian’s paradise, and you don’t have to look too far to get something tasty, and green as well!

1. Zula 

Zula proudly proclaims that they do not use ‘anything with a face or a mother’. Super cute. They offer food that is fresh, healthy, and organic as far as possible. The menu is extensive and features a range of delectable offerings such as soups, wraps and sandwiches.

They also do deliveries, so you can get fresh tasting vegetarian food at your doorstep. Perfect if you’re staying in a villa nearby, simply order and enjoy a healthy alfresco lunch by the pool deck.

2. Green Ginger 

Green Ginger is tucked away in Canggu, and serves up Asian cuisine, such as Japanese bentos and gyozas, Thai noodles and rice and even Singaporean spicy laksa. They also do breakfasts such as porridge, pancakes or thai omelettes.

Definitely a cosy and quiet dining spot for some wholesome good Asian food.

3. Kafe  

Kafe is a hit with visitors to Ubud who flock there for its delicious wholesome offerings. The cafe is chic and is made of recycled wood. Besides catering to hungry bellies in search of good food, Kafe is also very socially conscious and environmentally aware. They definitely advocate recycling and reusing plastics as well as minimising waste. Now that you know about this place, swing by for a smoothie, some pretty cakes or a mean thai green curry. Note that Kafe is not 100% vegetarian, but has plenty of such offerings on its menu.

4. Bali Buddha 

Bali Buddha has such an extensive menu, that your biggest headache will be in deciding which of these mouthwatering options tempt you the most. From Italian, to Mexican, to Indonesian, we bet you never knew that organic and vegetarian food could have this many options!

There are also delightful offerings from the bakery, with brownies, scones, and raw desserts. Yummy!

5. Soma cafe 

Soma Cafe offers a fantastic atmosphere and is also known as a raw food haven. Here you can have your pizza live, and your chocolate raw, if you like that sort of thing.

Probably really good for a detox diet.

Detox diet aside, they also serve plenty of great desserts, for a spot of indulgence after all the raw goodies you get here.

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