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9.2/10 (평점은 23개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

Villa Zenitude was perfect for my friend and I. Our Staff including our Drivers, were efficient, friendly and hospitable. It is a short walk to the beach, shopping, supermarket and restaurants. Recommend, Chickpea for lunch or early dinner and Cafe Seminyak (next to Bintang Supermarket) for a Perfect Dinner.

Rosemary (뉴질랜드) 05/09/2019 - 17/09/2019 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

What a great family experience at Villa Zenitude ! Location of Villa is perfect : walking distance from the beach and most of convenient shops nearby. Very good guest service from kind staff Intan and Monita. Thank you very much. I recommend service from villa Chef who prepares absolutely delicious meal. We have discovered typical dishes from Indonesia and Bali to start our journey.

Nala Family (프랑스) 03/07/2019 - 08/07/2019 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

We were at your Villa for a week. The bedrooms, pool area, bathrooms ect were all very clean and well maintained. I work in the hospitality industry and can be hard to please sometimes, we loved your staff, location, attention to detail. Dona was great with our 3 month old baby, she looked after her while we all had breakfast each morning. We will be back!!!

Kelly (오스트레일리아) 23/05/2019 - 30/05/2019 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

Top notch service by Suria and Kande. The location is good too . Located near the street and double six beach. Pool is clean too. Air conditioning could be stronger

Tommy Goh (싱가포르) 13/04/2018 - 15/04/2018 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

We loved our stay in Villa zenitude. The bedrooms were very cozy and the bathroom amazing. Kande was an excellent driver. The massage was amazing.

Paula (포르투갈) 22/03/2018 - 25/03/2018 사이에 Villa Zenitude에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

We had a great time here, good location and very nice staff. Will be back next time. Thank you for the excellent services. I will recommend this villa to family and friends. Thank you!

Jian (중국) 23/01/2018 - 27/01/2018 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

I travelled with my family, and we had such a pleasant stay. The villa was well set up and beautiful, the pictures displayed don't defy. The best part of our stay was the spectacular service by Dewi, the breakfast she put together for us, the service and guidance were heartwarming. The second we left we knew we would come back sooner rather than later, but most importantly miss her. The villa is well situated in the heart of the city and makes it easier for you to go around Seminyak. I would certainly recommend this to my friends. Thank you for such a pleasant service and making our holiday memorable.

Arushi (오스트레일리아) 17/06/2017 - 21/06/2017 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

I will recommend staying in Villa's and Villa Zenitude again. I love the service . Dewi was outstanding, anticipating all our needs and there when needed. The location is very accessible to shops, restaurants. The facility is very charming. What to improve? 1. Pest control. Too many bugs especially in the bedrooms. I got bitten so badly while sleeping. 2. Dust the bed curtains. Got allergic reaction whenever I went to bed and used their bathrobe. 3. Correct the Villa GPS address. Impossible for Grab/Uber to find.

Arlene (싱가포르) 07/05/2017 - 10/05/2017 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

I would highly recommend Villa Zenitude Especially for Dewi who is the best person we have ever had looking after us and we have stayed in several villas

Johns (오스트레일리아) 27/12/2016 - 03/01/2017 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

Clean rooms, very comfortable, very friendly stuff, a little bit far from the beach but everything to shop and dine nearby. We can absolutely recommend Villa Zenitude.

Joe (스위스) 20/11/2016 - 03/12/2016 사이에 Villa Zenitude에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

The villa is well kept and the decoration is very creative. Rooms are spacious and the bathrooms are really beautiful and comfortable. The pool is nice to chill after a day at the beach or shopping. Dewi was excellent, specially with our 10 months old baby, thank you. I'd recommend this villa to families with small children.

Carlos (오스트레일리아) 05/08/2016 - 07/08/2016 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

We loved our stay at Villa Zenitude. The villa is clean and beautifully appointed, with enough space for 4 adults. It was quiet and comfortable and we were well looked after by our housemaid. She was thoughtful and helpful in making plans and accommodating our requests. We loved the location, it was easy to walk to bars, clubs and restaurants and not far to hail a taxi.

Nicole (오스트레일리아) 24/03/2016 - 28/03/2016 사이에 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

The villa was in a great location close to the beach bars of Seminyak with plenty of market shops. The villa was clean and perfect for a group of friends or a family. The beds were comfortable and we really enjoyed the outdoor showers. We weren't expecting the use of a maid but it was a great surprise as she made us breakfast each morning and was able to help us find transport to our next destination etc. Leaving us a cellphone to use while there was also very handy. Only downside was that this was not within walking distance to some of the bars and restaurants we went to in the heat such as Potato Head, La lucciola, Hotel mexicola etc however it was a cheap and short taxi ride away.Would stay again.

biddy (영국) 01/08/2015 - 04/08/2015 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

Great place, great staff, great house. I advice this villa to everyone. It's the perfect place to spend a weekend in Bali. I always rent this villa when i'm going to Bali.

Pierre Peytavin (프랑스) 28/09/2014 - 30/09/2014 사이에 Villa Zenitude에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

Pierre Lamouille (프랑스) 11/07/2014 - 15/07/2014 사이에 동료와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

This villa was amazing. Everything was clean, nothing to say about this. Close to the main street where you can do a shopping session ;)! Close to Cafe Bali or Le Bistrot which are two good restaurant, particularly Cafe Bali for a brunch. For sure I will go back in this villa.

Piero (인도네시아) 16/05/2014 - 18/05/2014 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

Villa Zenitude is a beautiful and tastefully designed villa, very much like what you see in the pictures. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. 1. Floor area of the villa is spotlessly clean 2. The location is very central and we can walk from our villa to the main road where a cab can be hailed easily. 3. Quiet and peaceful at night. 4. Friendly staff who went out of her way to cook us a special breakfast, make us fresh juice and prepare a fruit platter every day. She also cleaned the rooms meticulously each day. 5. Huge and comfortable lounging area with auxiliary cable provided for plugging in our own music. 6. Wifi that works throughout the villa. 7. Very comfortable beds.

rachellynnlow (싱가포르) 05/04/2014 - 07/04/2014 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

A very enjoyable stay right in the middle of seminyak. Hidden from the hustle, it is a real pleasure to be back at the villa after a day or a night out. The staff was really nice and helpful whenever we needed.

Jay (싱가포르) 06/02/2014 - 09/02/2014 사이에 동료와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

Villa ­­­­­­Zenitude was a pleasure and a delight to stay in. The beautiful girls that look after the villa were to sweet and accommodating. The villa was in a great location, easy to walk to Legian or to the beach but was also an escape from the chaos. The essence of the villa was very homley however with the beautiful pool and day beds we felt like we had our own private resort. The bathrooms and bedrooms were stunning as was the lounge area and the pool. I would recommend this villa to families, or groups of friends. I will absolutely been returning to this gorgeous villa.

Alexis . (싱가포르) 06/10/2013 - 13/10/2013 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Zenitude에 숙박했습니다

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  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 4
    • 직원: 2
    • 빌라 크기: 140 m²
    • 정원: 160 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
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체크인: 20/12/2019 체크아웃: 11/01/2020 최성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 271,700 KRW ₩ 271,700
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