Villa Sanook
Villa Sanook
Villa Sanook

Villa Sanook

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9.6/10 (평점은 8개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

We had a fantastic time at Villa Sanook, great location, easy walk to Eat Street and Legian Street. We absolutely loved the filtered water which allowed us to drink water from the taps....a big plus!!! Villa was immaculate and we even noticed on checkout that all cushion covers on kitchen bench seats and lounges were washed and changed for the incoming guests (impressive). Wayan cooked an amazing breakfast every day, there were 7 of us in total which meant some mornings she was cooking a few different styles of breakfasts (American, Indonesian, pancakes and the most amazing potatoes chips) I Would highly recommend and we look forward to staying at Villa Sanook again.

Priscilla (오스트레일리아) 08/07/2018 - 09/07/2018 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

Very pleasant stay at Villa Sanook, great location, the bathrooms were amazing. All bedrooms, kitchen, dining etc were great. The pool was awesome, plenty of space. The staff were very friendly and breakfast delicious. I would recommend this villa. Thanks.

Smithy (오스트레일리아) 20/04/2018 - 26/04/2018 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

I stayed at villa sanook for 10 nights, there was a group of 9 of us and we had the best time! The villa looks exactly like the photos! So comfy and relaxing! Wayan and the other house keepers along with Ketut the security guard are such lovely people!!!!! Our breakfast was always amazing and they were just the loveliest people who truly made the holiday so much better! I would highly recommend this villa and we will definitely be back! Location is great not a far walk to the main roads!

Lora (오스트레일리아) 04/04/2018 - 14/04/2018 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

Aaaah beautiful Villa Sanook! We miss you! Quality finishes throughout the villa. A cosy homely villa with a central pool/courtyard. Luxury outdoor bathrooms. Convenience shop at end of the driveway and still a close walk to good shops and restaurants. We will be back! And good omelettes for breakfast! And drinkable water from the fridge tap!

Tys (오스트레일리아) 27/11/2017 - 29/11/2017 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

wonderful staff and fantastic villa with good amenities. the housekeepers wayang and Oka were extremely polite and took good care of us. Will definitely recommend villa sanook to our friends.

Neelam (오스트레일리아) 14/02/2017 - 20/02/2017 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

My husband, children and I recently had the absolute pleasure of staying at Villa Sanook and it was AMAZING. Our time at Villa Sanook was an experience that I will never forget. I felt 100% comfortable having my 3 and 5 year old girls in the villa as there is an amazing water filtration system, safety fence for the pool and everything is immecably clean. The villa is like something out of a magazine and the pool/outdoor area is paradise. The staff are beautiful, helpful and friendly, they make the best breakfast and coffee!! Villa Sanook is located in the fun/shopping area of Seminyak but perfectly located slightly away from the main road so it's wonderfully quiet and serene. Villa Sanook gave this busy mum the kind of blessed out, memorable and divine experience that I will never forget. We will be back. The villa provided a luxurious experience for us with a beautiful outdoor bathroom and unbelievably comfortable bed, as well a super cool pool and dining area to play with and enjoy the kids. Thank you Sal and all the Villa Sanook gang. I highly recommend this villa as a unique and wonderful place to relax in Bali.

Jacinta (오스트레일리아) 01/03/2016 - 05/03/2016 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

This villa is beautiful and well appointed with lots of attention to detail and comfort. We stayed for 5 days with two other couples and had a totally relaxing and wonderful week together. One couple had two small children and there was plenty of space to gather as well as room for everyone to enjoy some privacy when needed. A big plus is the water filtration system that allows you to drink from the tap or chilled refrigerator water dispenser without any concern. The house staff were very nice and cooked western or Balinese breakfast upon request. Sally, the property manager, was so helpful in giving us restaurant suggestions or directions to shopping areas. This stay was flawless. We will definitely return to Villa Sanook on our next Bali adventure.

Suzanne (미국) 01/02/2016 - 06/02/2016 사이에 동료와 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

So good ! A touch of class right where we like to be. You can walk to lots of restaurants. It is very well appointed with very friendly staff. Breakfast is included, and you can request many things. We were 4 couples in Bali for a big birthday. We loved all our rooms and the bathrooms are amazing. The afternoon staff even pour drinks with your duty free gin. There is around the clock security.

Jane (오스트레일리아) 01/10/2015 - 05/10/2015 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Sanook에 숙박했습니다

서비스 & 특징

  • 시설:

    • 추가 베드 (추가 요금) (30 USD/박, 최대 4명)
    • 바 카운터
    • 바베큐 조리 시설
    • CCTV 보안
    • 헤어드라이어
    • 가정용품
    • 현지 전화
    • 수영장 수건
    • 파라솔
    • 안전 금고
    • 수영장
    • 옷장
    • 와이파이 인터넷
  • 교통:

    • 공항간 교통 포함: 최대 차 1대, 도착시
    • 운전 기사 (추가 요금)
  • 아동:

    • 유아용 침대
    • 유아용 하이 체어
    • 수영장 펜스
  • 엔터테인먼트:

    • CD 플레이어
    • DVD 플레이어
    • 국제 채널
    • 스테레오
    • TV
  • 식사:

    • 요리사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 커피메이커
    • 아침 식사 포함
    • 저녁 식사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 풀 옵션 주방
    • 점심 식사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
  • 서비스:

    • 정원사
    • 하우스키핑
    • 개인 투숙객 도우미
    • 보안 서비스
    • 환영 음료
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 8
    • 직원: 5
    • 빌라 크기: 237 m²
    • 정원: 213 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 11:30 am 이전
    • 보증금: 500 USD $ in cash


최소 숙박 3 객실 4 객실
체크인: 11/01/2019 체크아웃: 02/02/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 337,700 KRW ₩ 337,700
체크인: 02/02/2019 체크아웃: 10/02/2019 성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 506,500 KRW ₩ 619,000
체크인: 10/02/2019 체크아웃: 01/04/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 393,900 KRW ₩ 450,200
체크인: 01/04/2019 체크아웃: 19/04/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 450,200 KRW ₩ 506,500
체크인: 19/04/2019 체크아웃: 28/04/2019 성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 450,200 KRW ₩ 506,500
체크인: 28/04/2019 체크아웃: 31/05/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 450,200 KRW ₩ 506,500
체크인: 31/05/2019 체크아웃: 01/06/2019 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 562,700 KRW ₩ 619,000
체크인: 01/06/2019 체크아웃: 01/07/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 562,700 KRW ₩ 619,000
체크인: 01/07/2019 체크아웃: 01/09/2019 성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 619,000 KRW ₩ 675,300
체크인: 01/09/2019 체크아웃: 01/10/2019 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 619,000 KRW ₩ 675,300
체크인: 01/10/2019 체크아웃: 20/12/2019 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 562,700 KRW ₩ 619,000
체크인: 20/12/2019 체크아웃: 10/01/2020 최성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 844,100 KRW ₩ 844,100

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