Villa CassaMia

  • 짐바란
  • 10 최대 인원
  • 5 객실
  • 4 스탭

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고객 리뷰

9/10 (평점은 4개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

This villa is stunning. So spacious and luxurious. The pool is a real highlight and was perfect to do some morning laps in. It has shaded spots all day so it was nice to not have to worry about the kids getting sunburn. The kids playroom was loved by our toddler too. Its in a great area, loads of restaurants, and the beach, unlike a lot of others in Bali, is really clean. Only down side was, being in an area surrounded by locals, it was constantly full of toxic smoke from them burning rubbish. A few times we had to keep the kids inside as it was making them cough.

Lux (오스트레일리아) stayed at Villa CassaMia with a group of friends and their families from 29/10/2022 to 02/11/2022

The Casa Mia staff are genuinely friendly. We were warmly greeted with a welcome drink, even though it was 4 am and our luggage was taken upstairs before we knew it. Novi is a honey and great with the kids. And the manager was always quick to accommodate our needs. The location is awesome, just minutes walk from the beach so we could enjoy the sunset. Plus there are lots of great dining options nearby. The service was really nice and all the rooms are well equipped. A TV in every bedroom and the villa even has a separate cinema room. Great for watching the rugby! The pool table was excellent as was the sound system. We could hook up the laptop and enjoy some sounds which is perfect for entertaining (partying). It’s got a great flow from the exterior, to the lounge and into the kitchen... it works together seamlessly. There’s a beautiful swimming pool for both children and adults to enjoy and the lawn area that separates the pool with the entertainment area is large enough to see the children... but not hear them!

Pulau K (오스트레일리아) stayed at Villa CassaMia with a group of friends and their families from 17/10/2018 to 20/10/2018

It was so nice place to stay. Beach is only 5 min walking distance. The condition of room was clean, facilities were perfect. Staffs were really kind and supportive for us to have the best experience in Bali. I strongly recommend staying here if you want to stay in Jimbaran.

Traveller (오스트레일리아) stayed at Villa CassaMia with a group of friends and their families from 25/09/2018 to 01/10/2018

My friends and I had a superb stay here at Cassamia Bali, thanks to the wonderful service by the staff!! Every day was a Breeze at the villa and the facilities were great as well - huge pool and pool table etc. We also hired the in-house Chef to cook our meals daily and the food prepared was simply awesome. Thanks for the great hospitality!!

Excel (오스트레일리아) stayed at Villa CassaMia with a group of friends and their families from 21/09/2018 to 24/09/2018

서비스 & 특징

Something missing in this villa? Don't worry, our Concierge can arrange it for you. Just let us know :)
  • 서비스:

    • 24시간 보안
    • 정원사
    • 하우스키핑
    • 세탁 (추가 요금)
    • 마사지 (추가 요금)
    • 개인 투숙객 도우미
    • 수영장 관리
    • 보안 서비스
    • 환영 음료
  • 시설:

    • 추가 베드 (추가 요금) (40 USD/박, 최대 1명)
    • 바 카운터
    • 바베큐 조리 시설
    • CCTV 보안
    • 전기
    • 소화기
    • 헤어드라이어
    • 노상 주차
    • 수영장 수건
    • 파라솔
    • 안전 금고
    • 수영장
    • 테라스
    • 세면도구
    • 옷장
    • 와이파이 인터넷
  • 교통:

    • 공항간 교통 (추가 요금)
    • 자전거 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
    • 보트 임대 (추가 요금)
    • 자가용 이용 가능
    • 운전 기사 (추가 요금)
    • 스쿠터 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
  • 아동:

    • 유아용 침대
    • 유아용 하이 체어
    • 베이비시터 (추가 요금)
  • 엔터테인먼트:

    • 당구대
    • 보드 게임
    • CD 플레이어
    • DVD 영화
    • DVD 플레이어
    • 홈 시네마
    • 국제 채널
    • 위성 방송
    • 스테레오
    • TV
  • 식사:

    • 요리사 (추가 요금)
    • 커피메이커
    • 아침 식사 (추가 요금) (10 USD/인)
    • 저녁 식사 (추가 요금) (식료품 가격 + 15%)
    • 점심 식사 (추가 요금) (식료품 가격 + 15%)
    • 룸 서비스 (추가 요금)
  • 스포츠:

    • 카약 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 10
    • 직원: 4
    • 빌라 크기: 750 m²
    • 정원: 150 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
최소 숙박 3 객실 4 객실 5 객실
체크인: 17/07/2022 체크아웃: 01/09/2022 High season 하루숙박료 ₩610,900 ₩810,300 ₩1,059,600
체크인: 01/09/2022 체크아웃: 20/12/2022 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩561,000 ₩748,000 ₩935,000
체크인: 20/12/2022 체크아웃: 06/01/2023 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,558,200 ₩1,558,200 ₩1,558,200
체크인: 06/01/2023 체크아웃: 20/01/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩561,000 ₩748,000 ₩935,000
체크인: 20/01/2023 체크아웃: 30/01/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩935,000 ₩1,184,300 ₩1,246,600
체크인: 30/01/2023 체크아웃: 03/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩561,000 ₩748,000 ₩935,000
체크인: 03/04/2023 체크아웃: 13/04/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩935,000 ₩1,184,300 ₩1,246,600
체크인: 13/04/2023 체크아웃: 04/05/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩748,000 ₩935,000 ₩1,059,600
체크인: 04/05/2023 체크아웃: 09/06/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩561,000 ₩748,000 ₩935,000
체크인: 09/06/2023 체크아웃: 23/06/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩748,000 ₩935,000 ₩1,059,600
체크인: 23/06/2023 체크아웃: 27/08/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩935,000 ₩1,184,300 ₩1,246,600
체크인: 27/08/2023 체크아웃: 22/10/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩748,000 ₩935,000 ₩1,059,600
체크인: 22/10/2023 체크아웃: 20/12/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩561,000 ₩748,000 ₩935,000
체크인: 20/12/2023 체크아웃: 09/01/2024 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,558,200 ₩1,558,200 ₩1,558,200

할인 (조건 적용)

10% off for a booking less than 15 days before the stay
15% off for a stay longer than 10 nights in low season(s)
10% off for a stay longer than 10 nights in mid-high season(s)

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