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8.8/10 (page.villa.accordingtoxcomments)

The Casa Mia staff are genuinely friendly. We were warmly greeted with a welcome drink, even though it was 4 am and our luggage was taken upstairs before we knew it. Novi is a honey and great with the kids. And the manager was always quick to accommodate our needs. The location is awesome, just minutes walk from the beach so we could enjoy the sunset. Plus there are lots of great dining options nearby. The service was really nice and all the rooms are well equipped. A TV in every bedroom and the villa even has a separate cinema room. Great for watching the rugby! The pool table was excellent as was the sound system. We could hook up the laptop and enjoy some sounds which is perfect for entertaining (partying). It’s got a great flow from the exterior, to the lounge and into the kitchen... it works together seamlessly. There’s a beautiful swimming pool for both children and adults to enjoy and the lawn area that separates the pool with the entertainment area is large enough to see the children... but not hear them!

Pulau K (Australia) page.villa.reviewtitlefamilies

It was so nice place to stay. Beach is only 5 min walking distance. The condition of room was clean, facilities were perfect. Staffs were really kind and supportive for us to have the best experience in Bali. I strongly recommend staying here if you want to stay in Jimbaran.

Traveller (Australia) page.villa.reviewtitlefamilies

My friends and I had a superb stay here at Cassamia Bali, thanks to the wonderful service by the staff!! Every day was a Breeze at the villa and the facilities were great as well - huge pool and pool table etc. We also hired the in-house Chef to cook our meals daily and the food prepared was simply awesome. Thanks for the great hospitality!!

Excel (Australia) page.villa.reviewtitlefamilies


  • Servis:

    • Keamanan 24 jam
    • Asisten tamu pribadi
    • Tukang kebun
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry feature.extracost.label
    • Pijat feature.extracost.label
    • Minuman pembuka
    • Perawatan kolam renang
    • Petugas keamanan
  • Fasilitas:

    • Tempat tidur tambahan feature.extracost.label
    • Bar counter
    • BBQ
    • Brankas
    • Kamera pengaman CCTV
    • Listrik
    • Pemadam api
    • Pengering rambut
    • Handuk kolam
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • Kolam renang
    • Lemari pakaian
    • Telepon lokal
    • Parkiran
    • Payung kolam
    • Perlengkapan mandi
    • Teras
  • Transportasi:

    • Transfer ke bandara feature.extracost.label
    • Sepeda gayung tersedia feature.extracost.label
    • Sewa perahu feature.extracost.label
    • Mobil tersedia
    • Supir feature.extracost.label
    • Motor tersedia feature.extracost.label
  • Anak-anak:

    • Ranjang bayi
    • Kursi tinggi untuk bayi
    • Babysitter feature.extracost.label
  • Hiburan:

    • Meja bilyar
    • Bioskop rumah
    • Permainan papan
    • Pemutar musik CD
    • Film DVD
    • Pemutar DVD
    • Saluran internasional
    • TV satelit
    • Stereo
    • TV
  • Makanan:

    • Koki feature.extracost.label
    • Mesin pembuat kopi
    • Sarapan harian feature.extracost.label (10 USD/orang)
    • Makan malam feature.extracost.label (biaya bahan makanan + 15%)
    • Layanan kamar feature.extracost.label
    • Makan siang feature.extracost.label (biaya bahan makanan + 15%)
  • Olahraga:

    • Kayak tersedia feature.extracost.label
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    • Page.villa.maxpers: 10
    • Page.villa.staffmembers: 4
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page.results.from 01/07/2019 01/09/2019 page.villa.rate_type.high page.villa.nights IDR Rp 8.430.000 IDR Rp 11.240.000 IDR Rp 14.040.000
page.results.from 01/09/2019 20/12/2019 page.villa.rate_type.low page.villa.nights IDR Rp 6.320.000 IDR Rp 8.430.000 IDR Rp 10.530.000
page.results.from 20/12/2019 12/01/2020 page.villa.rate_type.peak page.villa.nights IDR Rp 10.530.000 IDR Rp 14.040.000 IDR Rp 17.550.000
page.results.from 12/01/2020 01/05/2020 page.villa.rate_type.low page.villa.nights IDR Rp 6.320.000 IDR Rp 8.430.000 IDR Rp 10.530.000


Villa Dewi Ayu
Villa Dewi Ayu

Jimbaran - 3 page.results.rooms

page.home.fromprice Rp 3.870.000 page.villa.pernight

0.4 km

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Villa Seriska Jimbaran
Villa Seriska Jimbaran

Jimbaran - 5 page.results.rooms

page.home.fromprice Rp 7.770.000 page.villa.pernight

0.5 km

Villa Cara
Villa Cara

Jimbaran - 5 page.results.rooms

page.home.fromprice Rp 7.750.000 page.villa.pernight

0.5 km

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