Villa Damai Kecil

  • スミニャック内の最高なロケーションでありながら、平和と静けさを提供する
  • ウルトララージマスターベッドルーム

About Villa Damai Kecil

Villa Damaiはスミニャックの素朴な隠れ家で4つのヴィラの集合体で構成されています;バリ島の伝統的な生活スタイルを経験したいけど、スミニャックの有名なレストラン、ショッピング、ナイトライフで贅沢もしたいという欲張りな方に最適です。

Villa Damai Kecilは居心地の良いベッドルーム3つと手入れの行き届いた美しい庭園のあるヴィラです。毎朝の散歩で青々と茂った植物と可愛らしいお花が良い香りを放ち、熱帯のパラダイスにいることを実感することでしょう。ベッドルームはそれぞれエアコン、オープンエアバスルームと洋服だんすがあります。





9.8/10 (この評価は10 口コミ評価の平均です。)

Our stay at Villa Damai Kecil Bali was amazing. Ayu and Wayan were our gorgeous ladies who looked after us so very well. They helped us locate restaurants, convenience stores, ATM’s, money exchanges, organised flowers for my outside bath, birthday cake for my son, cooked us a beautiful breakfast each day and prepared a divine dinner consisting of chicken curry, rice and satay. The cleanliness of the rooms was impeccable, as too was the gardens and pool. The rooms were large with beautiful outdoor bathrooms in two to really feel you were in Bali. The outside couch was perfect to watch television or to enjoy a drink and relax. The location of the villa was perfect, close to the beach, restaurants and cafes, like Basil kitchen, Potato Head, Ku Da Ta, Gelato factory and Natys. Loved every minute of our stay and highly recommend the villa for families/groups that like plenty of space.

Marie Peatling - Australia (オーストラリア) Villa Damai Kecil に友達や家族と26/06/2019 から04/07/2019まで泊まった。

The villa is fantastic. The location makes it easy to walk to restaurants, shops, and spas. We also walked to the beach, which took about 25 minutes. The staff includes two ladies that prepared breakfast. We paid a small amount to also have them cook dinner one night and the meal was great. The villa was cleaned daily and they greeted us with cold drinks when we returned from sightseeing. The pool was a bit on the warm side, but still lovely to have. The living room is open, which took some getting used to as I worried that the noise would bother our neighbors. This area isn’t air conditioned, so it can get hot. The bedrooms all were spacious with comfortable beds and mosquito netting. My one complaint would be about the master bathroom which gets extremely hot as it is outside and the sun beams right down into the area all morning. Overall this villa is excellent and I would jump at the opportunity to visit again.

Rebecca (アメリカ合衆国) Villa Damai Kecil に友達や家族と31/03/2018 から09/04/2018まで泊まった。

This villa out did our expectations. The huge bedrooms with icy cold air con, the massive pool and most of all the great outdoor area. We were a group of friends traveling together and we did not want to leave this place. Handy to loads of good restaurants and shops. The staff are fantastic and nothing was too much bother for them. Loved it!

Mandy (オーストラリア) Villa Damai Kecil に友達と25/10/2017 から01/11/2017まで泊まった。

We stayed here from the morning of 15th July til late afternoon of the 17th july this year and it was simply AMAZING. We were 4 adults, 2 children and 1 infant. The villa is beautiful, in a quiet location near Seminyak center and eateries. We preferred though to relax with our friends in the villa for these days and had the chef cook for us our meals during dinner time as it was easier with our children: They could play all they wanted safely in the garden while we adults (4of us) were having dinner. The two ladies who took care of our stay while we were there were very sweet and accomodating, 10/10 points for them! They are the "soul" of the villa. Not only they cooked for us (dinner and breakfast was fantastic!), did grocery shopping for us when we needed something urgently from the supermarket, they also baby-sitted our infant and played with our firends' children (they were so fond of them, that they even improvised a hairdressing session in the living room and helped us in another occasion to shower our little one), they arranged transportation for us to go places during the day, and cleaned the villa while we were away. They left to their homes at night and would come back in the morning to prepare our breakfast. We would Highly recommend others to stay here for "at least" 4 nights. Time flies. 2 regrets: not staying at least one more night, and not having used their "spa" services...! I We didn't have enough time. So, we will need to come back ;o)

Mawic (シンガポール) Villa Damai Kecil に友達や家族と15/07/2017 から17/07/2017まで泊まった。

Perfect 4 day stay in Seminyak. The villa was beautiful with nice furnishings. The staff was available for our every need. Close enough to walk to the beach, great food and shopping. A special thanks to our driver Kande for giving a great tour.

Bill (シンガポール) Villa Damai Kecil に友達と26/07/2016 から30/07/2016まで泊まった。

Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality! The design was beautiful and the location was beyond convenient! We've had such a lovely time !

Ivanna Jamin (イタリア) Villa Damai Kecil に友達や家族と14/04/2014 から20/04/2014まで泊まった。


  • 施設・設備:

    • Additional guest (追加料金) (30 USD/night, 3 pers. max.)
    • Gazebo
    • ドライヤー
    • 家庭用品
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Local phone
    • 蚊屋
    • Off-street parking
    • プール用タオル
    • パラソル
    • Reclining chairs
    • 金庫
    • スイミングプール
    • Wardrobe space
    • 車椅子でのアクセス
    • Wi-Fi インターネット
  • トランスポート:

    • 空港送迎 最大1台 到着時のみ 
    • Boat rental (追加料金)
    • 車貸し出し (追加料金)
    • ドライバー (追加料金)
  • 子供向けサービス:

    • ベビーベッド
    • ベビーシッター (追加料金)
  • Entertainment:

    • CD music player
    • DVD player
    • Satellite television
    • TV
  • 食事:

    • シェフ (追加料金) (お問い合わせ)
    • Coffee maker
    • 毎朝食 included
    • 夕食 (追加料金) (cost of groceries + 20% + 12 USD)
    • 完全装備のキッチン
    • 昼食 (追加料金) (cost of groceries + 20% + 12 USD)
  • サービス:

    • 庭師
    • ハウスキーパー setiap hari
    • ランドリー (追加料金)
    • パーソナルゲストアシスタント (追加料金)
    • プールのメンテナンス
    • セキュリティ サービス
  • 詳しい情報:

    • 最高宿泊人数: 6
    • スタッフ: 4
    • ヴィラの広さ: 380 m ²
    • 庭: 900 m ²
  • 利用規約:

    • チェックイン 02:30 pm 後
    • チェックアウト: 12:00 pm まで
    • レイト チェック アウト: 06:00 pmまでのご利用で 50% チャージされます(空室状況によります)。


最低宿泊日数 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
チェックイン 01/07/2019 チェックアウト 01/08/2019 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 35,500 JPY ¥ 38,400 JPY ¥ 41,500
チェックイン 01/08/2019 チェックアウト 01/09/2019 ピーク シーズン JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 47,400
チェックイン 01/09/2019 チェックアウト 20/12/2019 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 26,600 JPY ¥ 29,600 JPY ¥ 35,500
チェックイン 20/12/2019 チェックアウト 10/01/2020 ピーク シーズン JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 47,400
チェックイン 10/01/2020 チェックアウト 22/01/2020 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 26,600 JPY ¥ 29,600 JPY ¥ 35,500
チェックイン 22/01/2020 チェックアウト 29/01/2020 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 35,500 JPY ¥ 38,400 JPY ¥ 41,500
チェックイン 29/01/2020 チェックアウト 07/04/2020 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 26,600 JPY ¥ 29,600 JPY ¥ 35,500
チェックイン 07/04/2020 チェックアウト 14/04/2020 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 35,500 JPY ¥ 38,400 JPY ¥ 41,500
チェックイン 14/04/2020 チェックアウト 01/07/2020 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 26,600 JPY ¥ 29,600 JPY ¥ 35,500
チェックイン 01/07/2020 チェックアウト 01/08/2020 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 35,500 JPY ¥ 38,400 JPY ¥ 41,500
チェックイン 01/08/2020 チェックアウト 01/09/2020 ピーク シーズン JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 47,400
チェックイン 01/09/2020 チェックアウト 20/12/2020 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 26,600 JPY ¥ 29,600 JPY ¥ 35,500
チェックイン 20/12/2020 チェックアウト 10/01/2021 ピーク シーズン JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 44,400 JPY ¥ 47,400

割引 (条件付け)

19%引き 05/08/2019 から 25/08/2019 までの宿泊 for a 1-bedroom configuration
13%引き 05/08/2019 から 25/08/2019 までの宿泊 for a 2-bedroom configuration
12%引き 05/08/2019 から 25/08/2019 までの宿泊 for a 3-bedroom configuration

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