Villa Anandita

8 最高宿泊人数 4 ベットルーム 13 スタッフ
Jolien, our villa expert, inspected Villa Anandita

ウィー ラブ

  • Inclusive of two sea kayaks, eleven bikes (including three kids’ bikes), life jackets, and snorkelling gear
  • A volleyball field
  • Very near the Kosaido golf course
  • Five minutes by boat to Gili islands
  • 26m pool with an integrated jacuzzi and refreshing waterfall
  • 1.5 hectares of abundant greens and palm trees
  • Private beach

About Villa Anandita

Located in Sire, in North Lombok, Villa Anandita is 1.5 hectares of pure lush tropical paradise. With four bedrooms, expansive gardens, abundant coconut trees, and a private beach, you’ll feel like you have a whole island to yourself. There are a range of activities that you can enjoy here at the villa: from biking to kayaking to snorkelling. Coupled with 20 attentive and accommodating staff members, Villa Anandita will be an excellent choice for you, your family, and friends. Anandita means “bringer of happiness” in the ancient Sanskrit language and happiness is exactly what guests will find when they stay at this magical sanctuary.

Outdoor and Pool Area

You’ll feel like you’ve won a trip to a luxurious tropical getaway here at Villa Anandita because of its lush surroundings. Complete with 1.5 hectares of coconut trees and expansive gardens, the atmosphere here at this villa is one of complete privacy, luxury, and endless possibilities. You can spend your time kayaking on the sea or snorkelling. If you would much rather get some sun, you can lounge on the various sun loungers under the shade of a beach umbrella while overlooking the pristine blue sea or free-form saltwater pool. You can also spend some time lounging in the beachside balé. After, you can enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi. You can then have a romantic evening under the stars, the soothing sounds of the waves in the background, as you savor a sumptuous dinner in a six seater dining area by the pool or sea.

Living Area

With its sleek minimalist design blended with fine local wood and Indonesian art pieces, the living spaces at Villa Anandita are sure to be relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. The large fan-cooled living room, with its glass doors that open up to the rest of the property, is divided into sections. A comfortable lounge area with plush couches, another area with viewing entertainment, and a section with a billiards table for an enjoyable game night. For meals, guests can take them at the gorgeous open sided dining pavilion that seats 12 people. Its high ceiling and view of the garden and ocean make for calming meal times. This villa is also equipped with a kitchen that has a built in breakfast bar.

Guest Bedrooms

There are four guest bedrooms here at Villa Anandita and each will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. Each bedroom has a king size bed and coupled with great views of either the gardens or the sea, you’re sure to get some of the best rest of your life here at one of the villa’s bedrooms. At an extra cost, every bedroom also has a daybed perfect if you have kids.

The bedrooms are also equipped with an en suite bathroom, where three of the bedrooms have a bathtub, and one has a bathroom that opens up to the sky. There are also sunbeds in front of each bedroom where guests can wake up, step out, and enjoy the cool morning breeze.

Staff and Services

The staff here at the villa are friendly and attentive. They’ll make sure that everything during your vacation runs smoothly. From a general manager who can help arrange the day’s activities to a chef who can cook some of the best Asian meals, Western meals, and pastries, you’ll feel like you’re living in complete luxury here at Villa Anandita.

Around the Villa

Located on Sire Beach in North Lombok in Indonesia, Villa Anandita is 5 minutes away from Hotel Tugu Lombok where guests can have a drink or eat dinner. The villa is also adjacent to the Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club. It is an 18 hole golf course that’s open for everyone. There is also a market village called Tanjung, four kilometers away. Gili Islands, is also only a short boat ride away.


最低宿泊日数 4 部屋
チェックイン 24/02/2017 チェックアウト 01/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400
チェックイン 01/04/2017 チェックアウト 13/04/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 141,100
チェックイン 13/04/2017 チェックアウト 18/04/2017 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 18/04/2017 チェックアウト 28/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400
チェックイン 28/04/2017 チェックアウト 02/05/2017 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 02/05/2017 チェックアウト 16/06/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400
チェックイン 16/06/2017 チェックアウト 24/06/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 141,100
チェックイン 24/06/2017 チェックアウト 21/08/2017 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 21/08/2017 チェックアウト 01/09/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 141,100
チェックイン 01/09/2017 チェックアウト 15/12/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400
チェックイン 15/12/2017 チェックアウト 26/12/2017 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 26/12/2017 チェックアウト 03/01/2018 Peak season JPY ¥ 190,500
チェックイン 03/01/2018 チェックアウト 08/01/2018 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 08/01/2018 チェックアウト 15/02/2018 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400
チェックイン 15/02/2018 チェックアウト 22/02/2018 High season JPY ¥ 160,200
チェックイン 22/02/2018 チェックアウト 24/03/2018 Low season JPY ¥ 121,400


  • ハウスキーピング
  • セキュリティー
  • ガーデナー
  • プール管理
  • 自転車貸し出し
  • プール
  • パラソル
  • プールタオル
  • DVDプレイヤー
  • テレビ
  • 衛星テレビ
  • DVD映画
  • CDプレイヤー
  • ステレオ
  • 完全装備のキッチン
  • 日常品
  • コーヒーメーカー
  • バーカウンター
  • バーベキュー
  • アウトドアバー
  • リクライニングチェアー
  • 東屋
  • Wi-Fi インターネット
  • 路上駐車
  • 金庫
  • ヘアードライヤー
  • バックアップ ジェネレーター
  • 洋服ダンスの場所
  • ビリヤード台
  • 国際電話
  • ローカル電話
  • ベビーベッド
  • バルコニー


  • シェフ
  • ドライバー
  • 空港送迎
  • 車貸し出し
  • マッサージ
  • ベビーシッター
  • ランドリー
  • 毎朝食
  • 追加ベッド

Terms and conditions

2 nights in low season, 5 nights in high season, 7 nights in peak season
after 03:00 pm
until 12:00 pm
Late check-out:
until 06:00 pm charged 50% of the daily rate (subject to availability)
included: 1 car(s) maximum, both ways
Lunch & dinner:
at grocery cost + 20%
at grocery cost + 20%.