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9.4/10 (この評価は14 口コミ評価の平均です。)

We had a lovely welcome by Citra who had been waiting patiently for us to arrive (traffic from airport was terrible). The villa was truly lovely - comprising 4 separate units, 3 bedrooms and the main living, dining, kitchen area. The design is a mix of rustic chic, with contemporary elements. Care had clearly been taken in the design, keeping it simple, light and easy to keep clean (which it was). Although the kitchen is small, it has everything you could need. We also were provided with some complimentary drinks and snacks which was a lovely surprise. The pool is lovely and provides a wonderful centrepiece to the villa, surrounded by lovely garden. I have downgraded the location slightly as it is a good walk into Seminyak and taxis are needed for days/evenings out. We knew this before we arrived as we know the location well. We wanted to be near friends staying in a friend's villa nearby where we have been enjoying the locality for nearly 20 years. The upside of the location is that you are in a more 'local' and less touristy area, amongst the green paddy fields and surrounded by roads full of artisans' shops. Take a walk if you are interested in buying crafts or furniture. We have stayed in many villas in Bali and this was one of the nicest, with lovely friendly staff to top it off!

Sue (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達と19/10/2018 から22/10/2018まで泊まった。

It was a great villa. We did enjoyed our stay the only downside about it is the cab drivers had difficulties to find the villa. But it was an enjoyable stay!

Faiz Yusri (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達と21/03/2018 から24/03/2018まで泊まった。

I really enjoyed Villa Du Bah, the rooms were very comfortable and clean. The staff were really friendly and helpful. The breakfast was basic but enjoyable. I would stay here again and recommend it to friends. We had a lovely stay.

Nicola (オーストラリア) Villa Du Bah に友達と04/03/2018 から08/03/2018まで泊まった。

We come with a group of families and rented several houses in the area and we really enjoyed the quality of the houses, the great service provided by Villa Bali and the service staff. I would recommend this place by all means!

Pooja (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達や家族と26/08/2017 から29/08/2017まで泊まった。

We felt at home. Very close to everything. We loved it and we will be back for sure. If i have to pick 2 small things: 1 make the road sign to the villa a bit bigger, it was hard for taxis and food delivery to find the villa. 2 buy at least a french press for coffee. Everything amazing and i am not just saying it. Thank you

Giovanni (オーストラリア) Villa Du Bah に友達や家族と18/05/2017 から24/05/2017まで泊まった。

We enjoyed our stay at Villa Du Bah. The villa is clean, spacious and well-equipped. It is nicely decorated as well, and the wi-fi was excellent. Villa Du Bah is a short drive away from Seminyak and Canggu, making it easy to access eating places like Merah Putih and Warung Dandelion. Great service from the villa staff and from the team too!

Yun Hua (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah で、12/12/2016から14/12/2016までのロマンチックなひとときをお楽しみください。

It was a pleasure to stay at Villa Du Bah as it is a pretty well-furnished place with clean towels and bathroom amenities. The bed in my room was also covered by mosquito netting. The staff were also very polite. Being was located in Kerobokan, the villa was pretty accessible to the main shopping places at Seminyak and Kuta via taxi.

Elena (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah で、12/12/2016から14/12/2016までのロマンチックなひとときをお楽しみください。

Great Villa, had an awesome time with my wife and 2 kids (7 and 5yo). The swimming-pool is really big, relaxing atmosphere. A lot of great restaurants 5-10min drive (I recommend Mamasan and Canggu Beach club), we also did a 1h drive to the beautiful beaches of Uluwatu. Pin your location on your phone when you arrive as it may be very hard for taxi drivers to drop you there at night.

Dimitri (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達と23/10/2016 から27/10/2016まで泊まった。

The rooms were good, but the mattresses were a bit hard also. There are no curtains in the bathroom so a lot of light comes in the bedroom in the morning. For the rest we had a perfect stay. Very friendly staff. Everything was clean. The villa is just 30000 rupiah with the taxi towards Seminyak. I can recommend these restaurants: Bambu(Asian), La Sicillia (Italië), La Luciola (seafood), Bistrot(european) these are a bit more expensive but all very good. The beach clubs in Seminyak are all worth the try, but you should definitely go to Finns Beachclub in Canggu. We were with 4 friends 26-36 age And we had a lovely stay in Bali.

Roel (オーストラリア) Villa Du Bah で、28/09/2016から05/10/2016までのロマンチックなひとときをお楽しみください。

Rooms were nice, the service is good. The soap bars provided are cheap and tiny. It is clean, well located. The parking area can get too narrow on occasions.

Francois (フランス) Villa Du Bah に友達と15/08/2016 から17/08/2016まで泊まった。

The villa is very new , the pool is huge and the staff is very friendly and helpful . Wish you come back to this villa very soon , love this villa so much !

Jason Chin (マレーシア) Villa Du Bah で、12/02/2016から15/02/2016までのロマンチックなひとときをお楽しみください。

Modern villa, tastefully decorated, in a quiet environment. Very nice garden with beautiful landscaping and a decent sized pool. We will be back!

Greg (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達や家族と05/02/2016 から07/02/2016まで泊まった。

Great rooms and pool. Nice living room, very open and well furnished. Villa manager was very helpful. Villa is just a little far from beach and city center (difficult of access without car)

Tanguy (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達と02/02/2016 から04/02/2016まで泊まった。

It was such a great stay! Location is good if you are riding or if you have a driver. Staff are really efficient, helpful and friendly. Kudos to Citra for making it a memorable and pleasant stay for us!

Jae (シンガポール) Villa Du Bah に友達と22/01/2016 から25/01/2016まで泊まった。


  • トランスポート:

    • 空港送迎 最大1台 到着時のみ 
    • 車貸し出し (追加料金)
    • ドライバー (追加料金)
    • Scooter available (追加料金)
  • 子供向けサービス:

    • ベビーベッド (追加料金) (+6 USD)
    • Baby high chair (追加料金)
    • ベビーシッター (追加料金)
    • Pool fence (追加料金) (+19 USD)
  • 施設・設備:

    • BBQ equipment (追加料金)
    • ドライヤー
    • 家庭用品
    • Local phone (追加料金)
    • 蚊屋
    • Off-street parking
    • プール用タオル
    • パラソル
    • 金庫
    • スイミングプール
    • Terrace
    • Wardrobe space
    • Wi-Fi インターネット
  • 食事:

    • シェフ (追加料金) (フリーランス)
    • Coffee maker
    • 毎朝食 (追加料金) (4 USD/person)
    • 夕食 (追加料金) (cost of groceries + 43 USD)
    • 完全装備のキッチン
    • 昼食 (追加料金) (cost of groceries + 43 USD)
  • Entertainment:

    • DVD movies
    • DVD player
    • International channels
    • TV
  • サービス:

    • 庭師
    • ハウスキーパー
    • ランドリー (追加料金)
    • Massage (追加料金)
    • セキュリティ サービス
    • ウェルカムドリンク
  • 詳しい情報:

    • 最高宿泊人数: 6
    • スタッフ: 2
    • ヴィラの広さ: 130 m ²
    • 庭: 370 m ²
  • 利用規約:

    • チェックイン 02:00 pm 後
    • チェックアウト: 11:00 am まで
    • レイト チェック アウト: 06:00 pmまでのご利用で 50% チャージされます(空室状況によります)。
    • Security deposit: 200 USD $ in cash


最低宿泊日数 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
チェックイン 16/01/2019 チェックアウト 02/02/2019 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 19,100 JPY ¥ 21,300 JPY ¥ 25,800
チェックイン 02/02/2019 チェックアウト 11/02/2019 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500
チェックイン 11/02/2019 チェックアウト 12/04/2019 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 19,100 JPY ¥ 21,300 JPY ¥ 25,800
チェックイン 12/04/2019 チェックアウト 22/04/2019 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500
チェックイン 22/04/2019 チェックアウト 01/06/2019 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 19,100 JPY ¥ 21,300 JPY ¥ 25,800
チェックイン 01/06/2019 チェックアウト 01/07/2019 ミドルハイシーズン JPY ¥ 23,600 JPY ¥ 24,700 JPY ¥ 28,000
チェックイン 01/07/2019 チェックアウト 01/09/2019 ハイシーズン JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500 JPY ¥ 32,500
チェックイン 01/09/2019 チェックアウト 01/10/2019 ミドルハイシーズン JPY ¥ 23,600 JPY ¥ 24,700 JPY ¥ 28,000
チェックイン 01/10/2019 チェックアウト 20/12/2019 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 19,100 JPY ¥ 21,300 JPY ¥ 25,800
チェックイン 20/12/2019 チェックアウト 11/01/2020 ピーク シーズン JPY ¥ 37,000 JPY ¥ 37,000 JPY ¥ 37,000
チェックイン 11/01/2020 チェックアウト 24/01/2020 ローシーズン JPY ¥ 19,100 JPY ¥ 21,300 JPY ¥ 25,800

割引 (条件付け)

20%引き 到着日30日前に予約
10%引き 10 泊以上のご滞在
5%引き 到着日6日前に予約

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