Villa Issi

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고객 리뷰

10/10 (평점은 7개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

The Villa is stunning and it is in a great location - very hidden but ironically in the heart of Seminyak. We visited over the Christmas and NY break and its something we intend to do again next year. The Villa is large enough to host 8 guests and has all the mod-cons needed for guests to unwind and relax. The Villa Manager and staff were great and were able to offer guidance and advice on things to do. The Chef cooked some great meals.

Barclay-Styles (영국) enjoyed a romantic stay at Villa Issi from 22/12/2019 to 03/01/2020

They house is just beautiful. The cleanliness is perfect. The staff is very helpful and smiling. The meal at the villa prepared by the chief are excellent. Located in a very quiet place and close to the beach and the center of Seminyak. Thanks a lot for this beautiful stay

Mylene (싱가포르) stayed at Villa Issi with a group of friends and their families from 13/08/2018 to 18/08/2018

Villa Issi is first class luxury. The contemporary premises with its abstract art, large infinity pool, advanced technology, sublime gardens, lux bedrooms with outdoor showers and bathrooms fit for a princess...I could go on. The staff at this resort were warm, attentive but never intrusive. Every morning you were greeted with a large smile and a coffee at the ready. The food I cannot recommend highly enough, our group had a Balinese banquet on our first nights stay and it was a highlight of the trip. Fantastic location, 10 minute walk to Seminyak Square, Ku De Ta and markets. Set back from the hussle and bussle, a private oasis in the heart of thriving Seminyak. Villa Issi is comfort, style and impeccable service. Thank you to Wada, Mertha, Kutut and the team for making us feel at home and making my 40th birthday a memorable one. No stone was left unturned and no request to difficult. The little touches like a birthday cake and balloons in the pool set the mood for a wonderful celebration. We cannot wait to return to Villa Issi next year.

Melanie (오스트레일리아) enjoyed a romantic stay at Villa Issi from 24/06/2014 to 02/07/2014

서비스 & 특징

Something missing in this villa? Don't worry, our Concierge can arrange it for you. Just let us know :)
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  • 스포츠:

    • 체육 시설 At the villa
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 8
    • 직원: 6
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 03:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
    • 보증금: 500 USD $
최소 숙박 4 객실
체크인: 26/12/2022 체크아웃: 06/01/2023 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩2,041,200
체크인: 06/01/2023 체크아웃: 20/01/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 20/01/2023 체크아웃: 30/01/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 30/01/2023 체크아웃: 01/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 01/04/2023 체크아웃: 07/04/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 07/04/2023 체크아웃: 11/04/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 11/04/2023 체크아웃: 17/04/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 17/04/2023 체크아웃: 28/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 28/04/2023 체크아웃: 02/05/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 02/05/2023 체크아웃: 09/06/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 09/06/2023 체크아웃: 23/06/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 23/06/2023 체크아웃: 27/08/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 27/08/2023 체크아웃: 22/10/2023 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 22/10/2023 체크아웃: 15/12/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 15/12/2023 체크아웃: 26/12/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 26/12/2023 체크아웃: 06/01/2024 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩2,041,200
체크인: 06/01/2024 체크아웃: 09/02/2024 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 09/02/2024 체크아웃: 19/02/2024 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 19/02/2024 체크아웃: 29/03/2024 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 29/03/2024 체크아웃: 14/04/2024 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 14/04/2024 체크아웃: 28/04/2024 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 28/04/2024 체크아웃: 15/06/2024 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 15/06/2024 체크아웃: 29/06/2024 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 29/06/2024 체크아웃: 01/09/2024 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 01/09/2024 체크아웃: 27/10/2024 Mid-high season 하루숙박료 ₩1,381,200
체크인: 27/10/2024 체크아웃: 14/12/2024 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,159,900
체크인: 14/12/2024 체크아웃: 26/12/2024 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,674,900
체크인: 26/12/2024 체크아웃: 06/01/2025 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩2,041,200

할인 (조건 적용)

15% off for a booking more than 4 months before the stay in low, mid-high season(s)
10% off for a booking more than 4 months before the stay in high season(s)
5% off for a booking more than 4 months before the stay in peak season(s)
15% off for a booking less than 21 days before the stay in low, mid-high season(s)
10% off for a booking less than 21 days before the stay in high season(s)
10% off for a stay longer than 10 nights in low, mid-high season(s)
5% off for a stay longer than 10 nights in high, peak season(s)

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