Villa Eshara 1

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고객 리뷰

9.6/10 (평점은 1개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

This was our first visit to Bali and Villa Eshara I in Seminyak was the first place we stayed. We were a family of 4 adults (parents with 2 grown up sons). Overall we were very impressed with Villa Eshara I and in particular, with the staff members. We arrived late from the airport and the staff kindly waited for us, with cool face towells along with a lovely welcome drink and a snack meal. There was no airport transfer included in the villa rental, so we had pre-arranged a private taxi at the airport. The villa is not especially easy to find, as it is up a small side street, but the taxi driver simply made a phone call for directions. The villa itself is very spacious and is beautifuuly decorated with a lovely mix of Balinese art and modern amenties. The aircon was a welcome relief from the heat and the showers were lovely and hot. The bathrooms in particular are very special with an impressive range of toiletries (the coconut body butter is heavenly). The pool is a good size and is surrounded by huge pots overflowing with gorgeous flowers and leafy plants. There are plenty of pool loungers, chairs and separate towells for outdoor use. We stayed at the villa for 6 nights and ate there on a number of occasions. We had a chef available for our use at any time and he along with all other members of the hospitality team was brilliant. Breakfast was not included as part of the villa rental but we had pre-booked our first breakfast and enjoyed it sufficiently enough to order it for another 3 mornings. We also had a couple of lunches and a couple of dinners, including a 50th birthday celebration dinner which was very special. The meals we had cooked for us at the villa were of a very high standard and were especially good value, as you only pay for the cost of the food, plus a local tax. The staff even went out of their way to go out and source a paricular wine that we liked. All hot drinks and water are included in the cost of the villa. The coffee machine was a nice surprise and the quality of the coffee very high. The staff were very attentive, frequently asking if we would like more drinks, yet managing not to intrude. As well as enjoying the food at the villa, we also had some lovely meals out in Seminyak - the staff are very happy to make phone reservations for you and to organise transport. The meals we particulary enjoyed were at Ku De Ta (lovely setting for lunch), Cafe Bali (outstanding value), Coffe and Grind (fabulous breakfast) and Biku (charming in all regards). Having said the above, for us, the restaurants and some of the shops were probably the only good things we could say about Seminyak. To be truthful, we thought it was a desperately busy and unpleasant place to stay. It has the most dreadful transportation links. The roads are total choas, with crazy moped riders everywhere (I mean everywhere). Getting in and out of Seminyak and the surrounding area can take hours to go just a few miles. The pavements are in the most dreadful state of repair with damaged paving slabs and missing drain covers. The guide books described Seminyak as sophisticated and upmarket - we would not agree at all. It has some smart shops and restaurants, but nothing else worthy of note. The beach was ok if you like surfing, but nothing special. If you have a special reason to stay in Seminyak, then I would highly recommend Villa Eshara. Otherwise, I think I would head off to Jimbaran (if you feel the need to be in the overdeveloped South), or better still, head to the villages in the Central and Eastern areas of Bali.

Rose (영국) 20/08/2014 - 26/08/2014 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Eshara 1에 숙박했습니다

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    • 최대 인원: 6
    • 직원: 7
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    • 체크인 03:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
최소 숙박 3 객실
체크인: 08/01/2020 체크아웃: 24/01/2020 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 723,600
체크인: 24/01/2020 체크아웃: 03/02/2020 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 817,500
체크인: 03/02/2020 체크아웃: 27/03/2020 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 723,600
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체크인: 14/04/2020 체크아웃: 20/04/2020 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 817,500
체크인: 20/04/2020 체크아웃: 30/04/2020 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 723,600
체크인: 30/04/2020 체크아웃: 05/05/2020 준성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 817,500
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10% 할인 최대 여행 30일 전 예약시
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Villa Eshara 1 주변 빌라

Eshara Villas
Eshara Villas

Seminyak - 8 객실

최저 1,723,000 /박

0 km

10% 할인 최대 여행 30일 전 예약시
Villa Eshara 2
Villa Eshara 2

Seminyak - 2 객실

최저 535,700 /박

0 km

10% 할인 최대 여행 30일 전 예약시
Villa Eshara 3
Villa Eshara 3

Seminyak - 3 객실

최저 656,300 /박

0 km

10% 할인 최대 여행 30일 전 예약시