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고객 리뷰

9.8/10 (평점은 16개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

Amazing living areas and pool We loved: -welcome cocktail -prompt service of staff -design and decor of the villa -cinema and massage rooms -convenient location -staff very helpful arranging a private lunch One small suggestion: -there was too much chlorine in the pool (it stung our eyes).

Henry (오스트레일리아) stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 01/10/2018 to 02/10/2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this Villa. It was a perfect set up for our family that consisted of 9 adults and 5 children. The rooms were fantastic. Both pools were used. The children's pool was just perfect for 3 of the younger children. The villa was maintained perfectly. The service of the staff was incredible. The chef cooked fantastic meals and was incredibly flexible. Our flight ended up getting cancelled twice and the staff were amazing in handling our situation. One night we had packed and were about the leave the villa, only to find out our flight had been cancelled, the staff quickly remade all the beds and provided Linen and organised breakfast for another day. The next day we thought out flight would be cancelled again so the staff even came to the airport with us and waited, then when it did get cancelled ensured we got back to the villa for a good nights sleep. I can not speak highly enough of the service we were offered. For those that love the Seminyak area this villa is in the perfect location for you. Such a short walk to anything you need. Would definitely stay again.

Lauren (오스트레일리아) stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 17/09/2016 to 26/09/2016

A beautiful villa and fantastic for groups to gather. The staff were amazing and ensured a fabulous experience. I would highly recommend it!

Su enjoyed a romantic stay at Casa Mateo from 30/12/2014 to 04/01/2015

The rooms were all fantastic and with ensuite. The pool was great, perfect for sitting in or doing laps. The location is absolutely unbeatable - literally 5 min walk to Eat Street, Supermarket, ATM... everything. The staff couldn't have been more helpful. The food was delicious and plentiful. We even had a birthday cake with a personalised message.

Jane (오스트레일리아) stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 05/06/2014 to 09/06/2014

This has been a wonderful experience - much appreciated :)

Jennifer (오스트레일리아) stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 11/03/2014 to 15/03/2014

fantastic place, great service, would definately recommend Casa Mateo to friends and family.

Jessica. W (오스트레일리아) enjoyed a romantic stay at Casa Mateo from 26/02/2014 to 03/03/2014

Beautiful Villa - will recommend to everyoneo and anyone!

Michelle. M (오스트레일리아) enjoyed a romantic stay at Casa Mateo from 26/02/2014 to 03/03/2014

All the staff are excellent, reason why we love so much here is the staff

K L stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 31/03/2013 to 07/04/2013

A wonderful Villa- Wow! We’ve had a fantastic stay here and will recommend to all our friends. Great attention to detail and every care taken to ensure a magnificent experience. First Class.

Joshua T stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 06/01/2013 to 13/01/2013

The staff at Casa Mateo have made our first time in Bali very special. Thank you. The meals cooked for us were superb. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and friendliness.

Linda E stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 14/12/2012 to 21/12/2012

The staff are greatm attentive, friendly and helpful. The cooking is surprisingly great. We enjoy food here a lot.

Qian L enjoyed a romantic stay at Casa Mateo from 30/10/2012 to 06/11/2012

We comeback to Casa Mateo (3rd time) because of all beautiful staff.

Bruce L stayed at Casa Mateo with a group of friends from 23/10/2012 to 30/10/2012

서비스 & 특징

Something missing in this villa? Don't worry, our Concierge can arrange it for you. Just let us know :)
  • 시설:

    • 추가 베드 (추가 요금) (40 USD/박, 최대 2명)
    • 비상용 발전기
    • 바 카운터
    • 바베큐 조리 시설
    • 헤어드라이어
    • 가정용품
    • 다리미와 다리미판
    • 자쿠지
    • 모기장
    • 노상 주차
    • 수영장 수건
    • 프린터
    • 안락의자
    • 안전 금고
    • 수영장
    • 테라스
    • 옷장
    • 와이파이 인터넷
  • 교통:

    • 공항간 교통 (문의 바람)
    • 자전거 이용 가능
    • 자가용 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
    • 운전 기사 (추가 요금)
    • 운전 기사
  • 아동:

    • 유아용 침대 (추가 요금)
    • 유아용 하이 체어 (추가 요금)
    • 베이비시터 (추가 요금)
    • 수영장 펜스 (추가 요금)
  • 식사:

    • 요리사 (직원)
    • 커피메이커
    • 아침 식사 포함
    • 저녁 식사 (추가 요금) (식료품 가격 + 11%)
    • 풀 옵션 주방
    • 점심 식사 (추가 요금) (식료품 가격 + 11%)
  • 엔터테인먼트:

    • DVD 플레이어
    • 홈 시네마
    • 국제 채널
    • 스테레오
    • TV
  • 서비스:

    • 정원사
    • 하우스키핑 service
    • 세탁 (추가 요금)
    • 마사지 (추가 요금)
    • 수영장 관리
    • 보안 서비스
    • 환영 음료
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 12
    • 직원: 9
    • 빌라 크기: 650 m²
    • 정원: 600 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
    • 레이트 체크아웃: (제공 가능 여부에 따라) 06:00 pm 이전, 일일 요금의 50% 청구
최소 숙박 4 객실 5 객실
체크인: 01/07/2022 체크아웃: 15/09/2022 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,507,900 ₩1,507,900
체크인: 15/09/2022 체크아웃: 22/10/2022 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩995,700 ₩1,243,700
체크인: 22/10/2022 체크아웃: 07/11/2022 Mid-peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,583,900 ₩1,583,900
체크인: 07/11/2022 체크아웃: 15/12/2022 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩995,700 ₩1,243,700
체크인: 15/12/2022 체크아웃: 22/12/2022 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,583,900 ₩1,583,900
체크인: 22/12/2022 체크아웃: 02/01/2023 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,734,700 ₩1,734,700
체크인: 02/01/2023 체크아웃: 19/01/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,055,600 ₩1,282,400
체크인: 19/01/2023 체크아웃: 27/01/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,583,900 ₩1,583,900
체크인: 27/01/2023 체크아웃: 01/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,055,600 ₩1,282,400
체크인: 01/04/2023 체크아웃: 15/04/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,734,700 ₩1,734,700
체크인: 15/04/2023 체크아웃: 22/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,055,600 ₩1,282,400
체크인: 22/04/2023 체크아웃: 07/05/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,734,700 ₩1,734,700
체크인: 07/05/2023 체크아웃: 30/06/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,206,300 ₩1,493,000
체크인: 30/06/2023 체크아웃: 15/09/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,734,700 ₩1,734,700
체크인: 15/09/2023 체크아웃: 22/10/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,206,300 ₩1,493,000
체크인: 22/10/2023 체크아웃: 07/11/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩1,734,700 ₩1,734,700
체크인: 07/11/2023 체크아웃: 22/12/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩1,206,300 ₩1,493,000
체크인: 22/12/2023 체크아웃: 07/01/2024 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,658,700 ₩1,960,300

할인 (조건 적용)

5% off for a booking more than 2 months before the stay in low season(s)
5% off for a stay longer than 7 nights
5% off for a booking more than 4 months before the stay in high season(s)

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