Villa Pantai Candidasa
Villa Pantai Candidasa
Villa Pantai Candidasa

Villa Pantai Candidasa

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고객 리뷰

9.6/10 (평점은 9개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

Rooms are very clean and nicely decorated, exactly as shown in the pictures on the website. The pool is not one of the biggest but great to chill out and surprisingly deep. For smaller children there is an area where even they can stand and are safe. Our 2.5 year old son had a great time and never wanted to leave the pool. The rest of the garden is also very nice. The seats at the edge close to the ocean are a great idea to relax during dawn. We had breakfast in the villa every day and asked them to prepare dinner twice. The food is good quality, tasty and quite cheap. When we weren't in the mood to eat in the house it was very easy to go outside and find plenty of choices in easy walking distance. We will definitely come back for another time and would anytime recommend this villa to our friends. NB: The staff in the villa is just great. There were always two people around to help in the house, help us if we needed anything etc. They made our stay truly exceptional. They went beyond the expected and helped with any question we had. Many thanks to them for all their help.

Oliver (오스트레일리아) 16/07/2017 - 23/07/2016 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Pantai Candidasa에 숙박했습니다

This place is n01. Everything is as stated on the advertisement. This villa is staffed but they dont invade your personal space in fact they make the whole experience. The text also doesn't describe that there is a local fisherman at the bottom of the garden(the beach) who will take you fishing or to secluded beaches anytime you want. The villa has access to taxi drivers who will take you anywhere on the island and wait for you for a nominal cost. The views from the bedroom and the sound of waves waking you up in the morning makes this place the best villa I have ever stayed at and I have been to most countries across the globe. Would love to come again

Paul (오스트레일리아) 20/08/2016 - 24/08/2016 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Pantai Candidasa에 숙박했습니다

A great stay and would recommend this location to anyone who is interested in getting out of the city a bit. The accommodations and services were awesome. It's right in the center of Candidasa so plenty of shopping and interesting places to visit. Only downside was the drive from the airport took 3 hours; apparently there is a ceremony each 6 months and we hit all the traffic tied to that, and the noise from the Friday night jam session across the street was annoying. However, would not be enough to keep us from visiting Villa Pantai again.

D (미국) 11/02/2016 - 17/02/2016 사이에 Villa Pantai Candidasa에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

The villa, Wayan and staff all made this a magical experience, till next time. !!

Rocky (인도네시아) 01/08/2015 - 05/08/2015 사이에 Villa Pantai Candidasa에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

Thank you to Wayan and staff, we have a wonderful holiday stay in your house. We had nice and fun holiday, it is enough for 6 days hope we have more longer stay.

Rini (인도네시아) 19/02/2015 - 22/02/2015 사이에 Villa Pantai Candidasa에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

Everyone has made this a truly memprable holiday, thank you!

Olivia (싱가포르) 01/12/2014 - 06/12/2014 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Pantai Candidasa에 숙박했습니다

Thank you! We have had the most amazing holiday and we appreciate your warmth, kindness, and loved the villa.

Dan & Nina (싱가포르) 01/12/2014 - 06/12/2014 사이에 Villa Pantai Candidasa에서 로맨틱한 숙박을 즐겼습니다

Thank you so much for a wonderful day at Villa Pantai. Wayan and the staffs were so helpful and nice, we dont want to go!

Thomas (싱가포르) 20/11/2014 - 24/11/2014 사이에 친구와 함께 Villa Pantai Candidasa에 숙박했습니다

Very nice place. Only good surprises regarding initial ad. As beautifull in reality than on net. Staff discret and efficient. Cooking at very affordable price is excellent. I feel like home in a wonderfull environment and a so nice view. Expensive but definitly a place to go

Thierry (프랑스) 10/06/2017 - 12/06/2017 사이에 친구 및 친구 가족과 함께 Villa Pantai Candidasa에 숙박했습니다

서비스 & 특징

  • 시설:

    • 추가 베드
    • 바 카운터
    • 바베큐 조리 시설
    • 소화기
    • 정자
    • 헤어드라이어
    • 가정용품
    • 다리미와 다리미판
    • 자쿠지
    • 현지 전화
    • 노상 주차
    • 수영장 수건
    • 파라솔
    • 프린터
    • 안락의자
    • 안전 금고
    • 수영장
    • 테라스
    • 옷장
    • 와이파이 인터넷
  • 교통:

    • 공항간 교통 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 자전거 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
    • 운전 기사 (추가 요금)
  • 아동:

    • 유아용 침대
    • 베이비시터 (추가 요금)
  • 엔터테인먼트:

    • CD 플레이어
    • DVD 영화
    • DVD 플레이어
    • 국제 채널
    • 스테레오
    • TV
  • 식사:

    • 요리사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 커피메이커
    • 아침 식사 포함
    • 저녁 식사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 풀 옵션 주방
    • 점심 식사 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
  • 서비스:

    • 정원사
    • 하우스키핑
    • 세탁 (추가 요금)
    • 마사지 (추가 요금)
    • 개인 투숙객 도우미 (추가 요금)
    • 보안 서비스
    • 환영 음료
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 6
    • 직원: 5
    • 빌라 크기: 300 m²
    • 정원: 600 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 12:00 pm 이전
    • 레이트 체크아웃: (제공 가능 여부에 따라) 06:00 pm 이전, 일일 요금의 50% 청구
    • Early booking discount:


최소 숙박 2 객실
체크인: 17/01/2018 체크아웃: 01/05/2018 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 298,000
체크인: 01/05/2018 체크아웃: 01/07/2018 성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 341,300
체크인: 01/07/2018 체크아웃: 01/09/2018 최성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 406,400
체크인: 01/09/2018 체크아웃: 01/11/2018 성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 341,300
체크인: 01/11/2018 체크아웃: 15/12/2018 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 298,000
체크인: 15/12/2018 체크아웃: 16/01/2019 최성수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 406,400
체크인: 16/01/2019 체크아웃: 01/05/2019 비수기 하루숙박료 KRW ₩ 298,000

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