What is the GECO movement?

Green Initiative by Bali Villa Finder

Villa owners looking for more information, please contact: info@villa-bali.com. For media enquires: khanh@villa-finder.com

Indonesia's environment is in danger, especially in the famous touristic island of Bali. Indonesia is facing huge economic, environmental and social challenges whereby the economy and population are developing faster than public services. In addition, Indonesia is already facing symptoms of the global climate change (e.g. sea level rise provoking coast and beach erosion, salt water intrusions, warmer sea temperatures causing coral mortality).

Bali's economy is almost entirely dependent on the tourism industry, which itself relies mostly on Bali's natural assets (e.g. beaches, landscapes, rice fields, coral reefs). Thus, moving forward on environment issues is vital for the long term of Balis tourism industry. Bali Villa Finder has therefore decided to dig into the existing issues. We came up with a white paper on the current situation, as well as the lists of recommended solutions and providers for our villa owners. We named this project: GECO.

Distribution of Bali Villa Finder's reusable bags in Villa Sajak, Kuning an Jeruk. Join the GECO mouvement


Our initiative is guided by the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle). The first goal is to work toward making the omnipresent trash a thing of the past.

  1. No more plastic

    • Villas will be provided with free reusable bags: the bags are paid for by Bali Villa Finder and produced via a local initiative called Keep Bali Clean. The villas staff will use these bags to go for shopping.
    • Villas are also encouraged to ban all plastics items. For example, plastic cutlery or straws, can be replaced by recycled glassware, glass or bamboo.
  2. Garbage management

    • Compost: Organic waste can be used to feed animals or be composted and used as fertilizer.
    • Selective sorting: Waste segregation allows recycling of plastic, glass, paper and organic.
    • Work with the right people: Find the right service to pick up your garbage, recycle what can be and bring what cant to a secure landfill (e.g. Eco Bali Recycling, Bali Recycling Company)
  3. Eco-friendly behaviors and supplies