The Istana Villa

16 最高宿泊人数 5 ベットルーム 24 スタッフ
Jolien, our villa expert, inspected The Istana Villa

ウィー ラブ

  • Situated in the heart of Uluwatu
  • Villa faces a white sandy beach, and a blue lagoon with exotic fishes and corals
  • Excellent venue for hosting weddings and grand functions
  • Magnificent sunsets from its cliffside vantage point
  • A car and driver that can take guests around for up to 8 hours a day

About Istana Villa

Istana Villa is a picture perfect seven bedroom cliffside haven ideal, and popular, for weddings and large gatherings. Let the team of competent, hospitable, and accommodating staff help you learn what it means to live in paradise. With its numerous living and entertainment spaces, you, your family, and friends will absolutely love spending time here at Istana Villa. You can enjoy all of this while basking in one of the most spectacular sunset views in Bali. Come and experience a life of luxury and absolute comfort here at The Istana!

Outdoor and Pool Area

Some of the reasons why the villa has such a luxurious atmosphere are the expansive lawns, sounds of the ocean waves below, and the view itself, which could deserve all the praise this villa gets. A central aspect of this luxuriousness is also the 32 meter swimming pool where you will feel like you’re reaching out to the ocean. After an afternoon swim, if you still want to be by the ocean, then have a relaxing evening in the cliffside balé. This balé is probably the best location to eat a sumptuous meal, have cocktails, and enjoy good company all while enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful backdrops. Lounging in the balé is a romantic and inspiring way to spend the early evening.

Living Area

The Istana Villa is known as a prime wedding location not only for its views, but because it is a great space where guests of all ages can have a good time. With a number of rooms from an open sided living area where you can sit back on the comfortable couch and soak in the view of the stunning sunset, to a game room with a variety of board games, toys, gaming consoles, and comfortable seats, which is sure to keep the kids entertained. For the movie buffs, there’s also a media room where your attention might be distracted from the 92-inch projector screen by the good view of the garden and ocean beyond. The 12-seater dining area, with options for air conditioning or the sea breeze, also has a compelling view of the ocean.

Master Bedroom

The master suite at Istana Villa is the definition of romantic. Secluded from the rest of the guest bedrooms in its own guesthouse, it will give guests a private, romantic, and refreshing experience. With a deck that provides fantastic views of the ocean, a king size bed, a 42-inch TV, and a private 8 meter swimming pool, guests will be spoilt in this suite. The ensuite bathroom, with its gorgeous sunken tub and cream tiling, is a pleasant space for a bath.

Guest Bedrooms

There are four guest bedrooms in this paradise. They are divided by twos into the ocean and garden suites. Each suite has king size beds, soaring ceilings that make the space feel light, options for fan or air conditioning, and en suite bathrooms. The two bedrooms, known as the garden suites, have private gardens and state-of-the-art entertainment: a flat screen TV and surround sound. The two bedrooms known as the ocean suites have easy access to the front lawn and where the sounds of the sea can be heard. Whichever you choose, these bedrooms will be rejuvenating. For those who have kids, there is a dedicated children’s bunk room with four bunk beds.

Staff and Services

What’s a breathtaking and luxurious location without top notch service? Here at Istana Villa, the service is just as breathtaking as the view. From the villa manager to the chef and housekeepers, they’re all friendly, competent, and accommodating. With a team of staff that is committed to giving you a one-of-a-kind experience of Balinese hospitality, you will have a wonderful stay here at the villa.

Around the Villa

The villa’s location on the cliffside of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula is one for stunning sunset views, cool breezes, and an unforgettable vacation. For those who want to experience the ocean, Suluban beach, right below the villa, is easily reached via the 130-step pathway. The beach is a good location for those who would like to surf.

While the area is quite secluded, perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, there are a few beach clubs around to visit as well. To complete the tranquil experience, guests can also take a trip to Uluwatu Temple, which is only 2 kilometers away. There is a car that can fit seven guests and a driver who will take you around for up to 8 hours a day, wherever you wish to explore.


最低宿泊日数 5 部屋
チェックイン 28/02/2017 チェックアウト 01/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600
チェックイン 01/04/2017 チェックアウト 13/04/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 390,400
チェックイン 13/04/2017 チェックアウト 18/04/2017 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 18/04/2017 チェックアウト 28/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600
チェックイン 28/04/2017 チェックアウト 02/05/2017 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 02/05/2017 チェックアウト 16/06/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600
チェックイン 16/06/2017 チェックアウト 24/06/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 390,400
チェックイン 24/06/2017 チェックアウト 21/08/2017 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 21/08/2017 チェックアウト 01/09/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 390,400
チェックイン 01/09/2017 チェックアウト 15/12/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600
チェックイン 15/12/2017 チェックアウト 26/12/2017 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 26/12/2017 チェックアウト 03/01/2018 Peak season JPY ¥ 522,600
チェックイン 03/01/2018 チェックアウト 08/01/2018 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 08/01/2018 チェックアウト 15/02/2018 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600
チェックイン 15/02/2018 チェックアウト 22/02/2018 High season JPY ¥ 452,000
チェックイン 22/02/2018 チェックアウト 24/03/2018 Low season JPY ¥ 327,600


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  • ドライバー
  • 車貸し出し
  • セキュリティー
  • ガーデナー
  • プール管理
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  • プールタオル
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  • 東屋
  • 路上駐車
  • 金庫
  • ヘアードライヤー
  • バックアップ ジェネレーター
  • ビデオゲーム台
  • ベビーベッド
  • バルコニー


  • シェフ
  • 空港送迎
  • マッサージ
  • ベビーシッター
  • ランドリー
  • Wi-Fi インターネット
  • 国際電話
  • ローカル電話

Terms and conditions

3 nights in low season, 5 nights in high season, 7 nights in peak season
after 03:00 pm
until 12:00 pm
Late check-out:
until 06:00 pm charged 50% of the daily rate (subject to availability)
Long stay discount:
conditions apply, please contact us
Last minute discount:
conditions apply, please contact us