Villa Summer
Villa Summer
Villa Summer

Villa Summer

Изображения и описание виллы Villa Summer


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Отзывы клиентов

9.8/10 (Средний рейтинг основан на 8 обзоры)

We visited Seminyak and Villa Summer in October. Coming from the United States we were very nervous before arrival because of earthquakes. We contacted villa Bali more than once to ask questions and they were very prompt and always honest about what was going on in Indonesia. When we finally arrived to the villa it was one of the most beautiful things we had ever seen. We were met by the villa manager Ketut and two wonderful staff that cooked breakfast for us daily and always cleaned. The sunrise from the second balcony is awesome in the morning and the rooms are absolutely phenomenal. We have said we will make the long flight back to Bali again and will stay in this beautiful villa again. If you ever want to sell it we will be a suitor.

Wilson Family vacation with 2 kids (Соединенные Штаты) отдыхал(а) в романтической обстановке виллы Villa Summer с 01/10/2018 по %to

Quality of food for bbq could be improved. Breakfast prepared by inhouse chef was good. Overall we like our stay because of the location.

Maznah jalil (Малайзия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями и семьями с 16/06/2018 по %to

WOW!! We have just spent a week at Villa Summer and we felt like we had been away for a month. Our needs were a little complex as our younger son has special needs and we needed a villa that was accessible. Although Villa Summer was two levels he was able to access the ground floor with his older brother and my husband and I had the first level, which suited everyone! Everything was superb, it was very modern and spacious and the ladies who took care of the house were very accommodating. We had beautiful breakfast cooked daily and we would choose the menu the day before. They also organised for us to have in-house massages which we all thoroughly enjoyed! We loved the restaurants nearby, Ling lings which is next door and Cafe Europa across the road had amazing food at very good prices! It’s a hidden treasure, very quiet, great location and beautifully presented, I would highly recommend. Thank you Aurelie for your assistance in finding the right place for our family.

Dimi (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями и семьями с 18/01/2018 по %to

Villa Summer is a nice villa! We were welcomed by the villa staff and they are all very friendly and helpful during our stay. In addition, the villa itself is very clean and tidy. We would be happy to return to this villa in the future!

Radhika (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями и семьями с 20/10/2017 по %to

Villa Summer is perfect for staying with a group of friends. It is bigger than it looks like on the pics and the design is modern and neat. Great location, walking distance to most places. I totally recommend it!

Eddy (Бельгия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями с 23/08/2017 по %to

The villa is stunning, clean, very well maintained, and spacious. I really loved the private swimming pool of the master bedroom! The staff was lovely and we had an amazing time!

Aurelie (Франция) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями с 11/07/2017 по %to

Loved the villa and was surprised to find it is much more spacious than it looks on the photos. The central location was great as well so we could have a super market and many awesome restaurants nearby! A++

Lynn (Канада) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями с 16/05/2017 по %to

As an architect team, we visited Bali to do an excursion. Luckily we got an opportunity to stay in this villa, which was especially designed by one of our colleague architects. So not only that we learned architecture from Bali as a whole, we also got to experience and use a modern touch of Bali through this work. The combination of modern art and local materials definitely gave us the sense of being in Bali in this present time. Special thanks to Pak Hans who welcomed and prepared us the venue. Your schedule flexibility and info about the district made our stay nice and decent, comfortable and fun :) A little note about the villa... it'll be helpful to have more seatings at the living room and a towel hanger at the swimming pool area. Highly recommended!

Ary (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Summer с друзьями с 10/01/2017 по %to

Услуги и особенности

  • Транспорт:

    • Доставка из аэропорта включено: 1 автомоб. макс., только прибытие
  • Дети:

    • Детская кроватка (доп. плата)
    • Высокий детский стул (доп. плата)
    • Няня для детей (доп. плата)
    • Ограждение для бассейна (доп. плата)
  • Питание:

    • Кофеварка
    • Ежедневный завтрак (доп. плата) (цена продуктов + 15%)
    • Ужин (доп. плата) (свяжитесь с нами)
    • Полностью оборудованная кухня
    • Обед (доп. плата) (свяжитесь с нами)
  • Удобства:

    • Электричество
    • Фен
    • Бытовые предметы
    • Утюг и гладильная доска
    • Стоянка на боковой улице
    • Полотенца для бассейна
    • Бассейн
    • Терраса
    • Туалетные принадлежности
    • Гардеробная
    • Wi-Fi Интернет
  • Услуги:

    • Садовник
    • Уборка
    • Прачечная (доп. плата)
    • Массаж (доп. плата)
    • Напитки при приезде на виллу
  • Развлечения:

    • Международные каналы
    • Телевизор
  • Подробности:

    • Макс. кол-во чел.: 6
    • Персонал: 2
    • Размер виллы: 400 м²
    • Сад: 370 м²
  • Правила и условия:

    • Заселение после 02:00 pm
    • Выселение: до 12:00 pm
    • Депозит: авторизация кредитной карты во время заселения


Минимальное кол-во ночей 2 спальни 3 спальни
с 16/01/2019 по 02/02/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 19,950 RUB ₽ 22,520
с 02/02/2019 по 11/02/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 28,950 RUB ₽ 28,950
с 11/02/2019 по 12/04/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 19,950 RUB ₽ 22,520
с 12/04/2019 по 22/04/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 28,950 RUB ₽ 28,950
с 22/04/2019 по 01/06/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 19,950 RUB ₽ 22,520
с 01/06/2019 по 01/07/2019 Средне-высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 22,520 RUB ₽ 25,090
с 01/07/2019 по 01/09/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 28,950 RUB ₽ 28,950
с 01/09/2019 по 01/10/2019 Средне-высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 22,520 RUB ₽ 25,090
с 01/10/2019 по 20/12/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 19,950 RUB ₽ 22,520
с 20/12/2019 по 11/01/2020 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 31,520 RUB ₽ 31,520
с 11/01/2020 по 24/01/2020 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 19,950 RUB ₽ 22,520

Скидки (см. условия)

Скидка 20% при заказе менее чем за 30 дн. до заезда
Скидка 10% при заказе от 10 ночей
Скидка 5% при заказе более чем за 6 мес. до заезда

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