Villa Damai Manis

  • Расположенный рядом с сердцем Seminyak для магазинов и ресторанов, удобные, теплые окружение в стиле спокойного балийском

About Villa Damai Manis

Опыт спокойствие даже в оживленных Семиньяк с Villa Manis, который имеет 3 спальни. Villa Manis убран, сразу за бутиков, модных ресторанов и тазобедренных суставов ночь.

Даже если гости болеют города, пляж находится всего в нескольких минутах ходьбы от отеля. Купался в мягких тонах и традиционных строительных материалов, таких как тик и ротанг, Villa Manis призван обеспечить гостям тепло и комфорт во время их пребывания.

Вилла также роскошные, и может похвастаться великолепным бассейном с помощью которых гости могут насладиться вечерним бризом, и не пытайтесь некоторые звездами. Гости отеля Villa Manis также можете быть спокойны, ибо Вилла полностью укомплектована, и включает в себя дневной дворецкий, который будет гарантировать, что все в порядке для удобства гостей.

Это временный перевод, извините за неудобства. Профессиональный перевод будет дан в ближайшее время.



Отзывы клиентов

9.8/10 (Средний рейтинг основан на 13 обзоры)

A sea of tranquillity to return to after the hustle and bustle of bartering on the Bali streets. The whole Villa is deluxe; it really has been set up like a home away from home, with beauty and pieces to discover everywhere you turn. Showering outdoors staring at the sky or lounging in the bath under the stars. Plunging into the pool after returning hot and tired from wandering the streets of Seminyak is to die for. Something you might not consider is how much sun a courtyard gets, both the pool to warm it as well as the sun lounges - this gets the perfect amount, morning and afternoon sun. The beds are delicious and being able to put the aircon on is a treat. Whilst it is a stand alone villa you do head down an extremely long driveway of other villas by cheek and jowl, to be expected I suppose in Seminyak. But they are nice villas and we didn't have any noise issues with neighbours. If you're happy to walk, that's good because trying to get a taxi out of the street the villa is on can take longer than it does to walk. Not that there's a lack of taxis, you'll be beeped every second. It's just that there's only 2 ways out and everyone is using them. We made the mistake one Friday night of trying to get to Legian, 8km took 1.5 hours. Other than that we found the villa to be a great location to head towards Seminyak main shopping streets, Kerobokan and over to Legian and Kuta. Wayan and Putu were lovely hosts, ensuring our rooms were beautifully made up, mosquito coils lit twice a day all around the villa so sitting outdoors is bug free. The included breakfasts are croissants, toast and fruit. You can pay more to have them cook. On the topic of food, the best we found on the Villa road was Warung Kultur a short walk away. $3.50AUD for 4 banana fritters were my fav. Would we go back again - absolutely, if we could afford it. We went for my mum's 70th and there was only the 2 of us for 10 days with my husband only able to come for half that time. With 3 couples it would be more affordable. I certainly returned feeling refreshed and have a photo of the pool and villa courtyard as my computer wallpaper to remind of my time lazing by the pool in Bali. Villa Bali were also extremely responsive to all enquiries and I'd book through them again without hesitation. One last point the internet at the Villa is included and high speed fibre optic, made it a breeze researching where we wanted to go and keeping in touch with home. If you're looking for an amazing getaway in Bali, I'd certainly recommend Villa Damai Manis.

Jacintta (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями и семьями с 28/06/2019 по %to

Villa Damai Manis was a really good stay. It was our first time there and the place really did look like the images that were advertised. The rooms were comfortable. The living area was our favourite section to just relax and spend time together (I came with a family of 5 adults i.e my husband and 3 daughters). The pool was a nice size for a cooling dip. Also loved the fact that the spa services were at the villa. You can book an appointment and they will come over. Wayan and Putu were very good and hands on. Very friendly, welcoming and helpful. We had breakfast at the villa everyday. Location wise is very accessible. Only 15min walk to Seminyak Square but didn't really feel it as we were exploring all the shops along the roads that lead to Seminyak Square. Would definitively recommend others to stay here. Good for families and friends who want to be together and have their very own private pool.

Mona (Малайзия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями и семьями с 16/03/2019 по %to

To Amy and James, Thank you guys for allowing us to stay at your awesome villa. totally stoked on service of Putu and Wayan and will be sure to recommend to friends and family. will definitely be back.

Tom (Сингапур) отдыхал(а) в романтической обстановке виллы Villa Damai Manis с 25/10/2014 по %to

Thank you for sharing your beautiful villa Damai Manis, we had an amazing holiday, enjoying the wonderful sight of seminyak. it really place of " sweet place" we'll be back

Tan (Гонконг (САР)) stayed at Villa Damai Manis with a group of colleagues from 20/10/2014 to 24/12/2014

We loved our holiday at villa Damai Manis. the girls are beautiful, kind and very attentive. It really has five star service. The villa are beautiful, a perfect place for a girls weekend. We have no hesitation to recommend this villa to our family and friends. We will return to this villa Damai Manis.

Michele (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями с 13/10/2014 по %to

We really enjoyed the villa and the two people in charge. They were really nice. Sad to leave :-(

Catherine (Франция) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями с 18/07/2014 по %to

Overall we were very satisfied. The staff were great & very attentive. We enjoyed every minute of our stay here. The areas for improvements will be on the following : - water pressure was a little low - the air conditions can be upgraded for better horse power based on the sizes of the rooms Thank you & we look forward to come back again !

Simon (Малайзия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями с 06/06/2014 по %to

We loved the location! The villa was set in a beautiful private setting, but close enough to walk to Seminyak Square for shopping and restaurants. Or catch a short cab ride to restaurants and other shopping areas easily. The staff were absolutely fantastic and we felt thoroughly spoilt. We would love to go back again.

Andrew (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями с 03/12/2013 по %to

Villa Manis was fantastic. The pool is amazing and the garden gets lots of sun. Their is heaps of space to spread out and read a book or browse on the iPad as the wifi is very good by bali standards. The bedrooms are fantastic and it would have no problem sleeping 3 couples or more as the daybeds and couches mean there is no getting in each others way. Each room has a safe and a private toilet/shower with hot water. The bedrooms have AC & Fan also. Rica & Wayan were lovely and made sure we had everything we needed. The location is perfect with a short walk to the middle of Seminyak. Cabbies have a little trouble finding the place so be sure to print off the map before arriving and take down the address. Will be back as soon as possible!

Al Logan (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Damai Manis с друзьями с 16/11/2013 по %to

Услуги и особенности

  • Удобства:

    • Дополнительная кровать (доп. плата) (+30 USD)
    • Резервный генератор
    • Беседка
    • Фен
    • Москитные сетки
    • Стоянка на боковой улице
    • Полотенца для бассейна
    • Зонт у бассейна
    • Раскладывающиеся кресла
    • Сейф
    • Бассейн
    • Терраса
    • Туалетные принадлежности
    • Гардеробная
    • Wi-Fi Интернет
  • Транспорт:

    • Доставка из аэропорта включено: 1 автомоб. макс., только прибытие
    • Автомобиль (доп. плата)
    • Водитель (доп. плата)
  • Дети:

    • Детская кроватка
    • Высокий детский стул (доп. плата)
    • Ограждение для бассейна (доп. плата)
  • Питание:

    • Повар (доп. плата) (свяжитесь с нами)
    • Кофеварка
    • Ежедневный завтрак включено
    • Ужин (доп. плата) (цена продуктов + 20% + 15 USD)
    • Полностью оборудованная кухня
    • Обед (доп. плата) (цена продуктов + 20% + 15 USD)
  • Услуги:

    • Уборка
    • Уборка daily
    • Личный помощник гостей
    • Обслуживание бассейна
    • Охрана
    • Напитки при приезде на виллу
  • Развлечения:

    • Спутниковое телевидение
    • Стерео
    • Телевизор
  • Подробности:

    • Макс. кол-во чел.: 6
    • Персонал: 2
    • Размер виллы: 325 м²
    • Сад: 225 м²
  • Правила и условия:

    • Заселение после 02:00 pm
    • Выселение: до 12:00 pm


Минимальное кол-во ночей 2 спальни 3 спальни
с 01/07/2019 по 01/08/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 21,700 RUB ₽ 25,960
с 01/08/2019 по 01/09/2019 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 24,540 RUB ₽ 29,120
с 01/09/2019 по 20/12/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 18,860 RUB ₽ 23,120
с 20/12/2019 по 10/01/2020 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 24,540 RUB ₽ 29,120
с 10/01/2020 по 22/01/2020 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 18,860 RUB ₽ 23,120
с 22/01/2020 по 29/01/2020 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 21,700 RUB ₽ 25,960
с 29/01/2020 по 07/04/2020 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 18,860 RUB ₽ 23,120
с 07/04/2020 по 14/04/2020 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 21,700 RUB ₽ 25,960
с 14/04/2020 по 01/07/2020 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 18,860 RUB ₽ 23,120
с 01/07/2020 по 01/08/2020 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 21,700 RUB ₽ 25,960
с 01/08/2020 по 01/09/2020 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 24,540 RUB ₽ 29,120
с 01/09/2020 по 20/12/2020 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 18,860 RUB ₽ 23,120
с 20/12/2020 по 10/01/2021 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 24,540 RUB ₽ 29,120

Скидки (см. условия)

Скидка 25% на период с 01/08/2019 по 30/09/2019

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