Villa Semadhi

8 чел. макс. 4 спальни 11 работника
Jolien, our villa expert, inspected Villa Semadhi

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  • Широкий спектр удобств и услуг, включая беседки, джакузи, пляжный павильон и петанк суда
  • Отличное расположение для подводного плавания и дайвинга
  • Идеально подходит для семей и групп друзей

Excellent rapport qualité/prix. Le site est splendide, avec vue sur la mer depuis le jardin et la piscine. Le personnel est très sympa. Ils proposent...

Claire Lechevalier
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Побережье вилла, расположенная в северном побережье Бали, виллы Semadhi вкладывается далеко от суматохи давки на острове. Здесь вы найдете захватывающий вид на близлежащие горы и прибрежные воды.

В общей сложности четыре спальни, этот дом мечты могут легко номеров до десяти гостей.Сад комплектуется 4x14 метров бассейн, частный беседка и даже пляжный павильон. Специальность виллы является ее раем место, которое имеет не только живописными пейзажами, но рядом с чистыми голубыми водами для большого подводного опыта.

Вилла также имеет свою собственную лодку и капитан, который может принимать одно из для рыбалки и парусного спорта поездок. Даже дайвинг-экспедиции могут быть организованы.Вилла также оборудована услуг, средств и пейзажи со всех уголков. Вы уверены, что вернутся еще заманчивые отпуск.

Это временный перевод, извините за неудобства. Профессиональный перевод будет дан в ближайшее время.

Villa Semadhi: 10/10
Усреднённый рейтинг основан на 9 обзоры

Excellent rapport qualité/prix. Le site est splendide, avec vue sur la mer depuis le jardin et la piscine. Le personnel est très sympa. Ils proposent des repas à la carte (les prévenir un peu à l'avance du choix des plats pour un service plus rapide). Massages à la demande dans la villa, impeccables... La sortie en bateau pour le snorkling est fantastique. Il suffit de faire 20 mn de voiture suivies d'une petite demi-heure de bateau pour se retrouver dans un véritable aquarium géant... En résumé : villa fortement recommandée !

Claire Lechevalier stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 24/10/2012 to 31/10/2012

We met up with friends in Pemuteran to stay five nights at Villa Semadhi each having our own King size bedroom and ridiculous outdoor bathrooms. The grounds are kept up beautifully and the house well built. We traveled with our 15 month old and the staff loved him. Putra, the manager, was very easy going and went out of his way to help on a number of occasions. I'm digging hard to remember a solid criticism but am coming up short. I definitely recommend taking the boat out to the reef for a sunset swim (and cocktail). Very well done.

Sean P stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 10/01/2013 to 17/01/2013

Our family had a great stay in Villa Semadhi. We were a group of 8 adults, 2 kids and a baby. Putra the manager arranged for our diving and snorkeling trips and provided useful recommendations for restaurants around the area. The villa was really beautiful. We loved the swimming pool, the garden and the outdoor dining area over the waterlily pond the most. The staff was very smiling and helpful. I would actually recommend the stay during the low (rainy) season as it only rained for a couple of hours in the afternoon when we were there, and that made everything around so lush and green, while you can still enjoy the sunlight most of the day. The advantage was that there were very few people who went diving and snorkeling in Menjangan. One morning we had the island almost to ourselves. Tips for rooms: The pavilion has the best view over the garden and the ocean, but the windows have no glass so if you want the view you can't use the air-con. I personally love the room with the tree in the bathroom - just so Balinese and so beautiful. Can't wait to go back.

Maria K stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 21/02/2013 to 28/02/2013

We stayed 8 days and it 'was great. The staff were exceptional and Putra and the villa a paradise we could not even imagine. The locals always smiling, the wonders we have seen here and Jawa have completed the best holiday ever made.

Loris T stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 02/08/2011 to 09/08/2011

Just the most beautiful place I 've ever been to! Loved the staff, location, food and the villa itself !! Can't wait to return!

Jess A stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 03/06/2011 to 10/06/2011

I just had to write to you and say how heavenly your villa is! We were overwhelmed when we first arrived by the beauty and attention to detail of every aspect of the property. We love the staff and have already been snorkeling thanks to the wonderful boat and captain. The pool is divine and everything has been a treat. We look forward to the time ahead but couldn't go another day without sharing with you how much we appreciate your creating this wonderful place that we can experience. My parents join me in thanking you as well.

L K stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 21/03/2011 to 28/03/2011

I have to say that your villa is our highlight of the trip. We had such a long journey from tulamben to pemuteran and everything just paid off once we've got to the Villa. We even couldnt decide which room we wanted to stay as every rooms had their own charm. We decided just to do 2 dives a day at menjangan island just because we wanted to enjoy the villa. You were right about the inhouse menu. We just couldnt be bother to go out for dinner. Everytime we tried to get ourselves out of the villa in the evening, everytime we failed! And i was just relaxing after the dives. Putra did amazing job by organizing the dinner and birthday cake. We would love to stay there again in the future. Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had in Semadhi Villa. Couldnt ask for more. All the best

P K stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 21/01/2013 to 28/01/2013

From an Australian living in Jakarta: I just wanted to write to you personally to tell you how dumbstruck I am at the beauty and tranquility of your villa. I had to keep telling myself where we had been the last 3 days are all part of the travel experience because if I didn't I would be full of regret for having stayed at them. Villa semadhi is a true gem. We got here today at 12 o'clock with our friends. Other than gushing, I was rendered speechless and monosyllabic for at least 1/2 hr. My friends in the meantime had scooped up my daughter and set off for food- I refused to move. Really. I was a little catatonic. If you don't mind, I'd like to share with you the reason for my reaction. I have lived in Jakarta for 2 years and with a few friends we share a common feeling that wherever we go, it lacks the 'wow' factor. You can pay ridiculous amounts for holidays and accommodation and it could be that we are all veteran travelers, independently though commonly, we often complain that we have not found our little oasis and nothing really sweeps us off our feet. It could also be that we hate sitting in Jakarta traffic so if and when we do, our expectations are high. I think today though, for the first time in my time in Indonesia and in fact in a long time, I have had an almost religious experience with your property. I felt the 'wow' and I think I speak for my friends staying here with us now, we feel really lucky to have found this place. The villa itself, the simple but beautiful and well kept grounds, the attention to detail, the location, the privacy....all add up to make a magical place. Thank you for restoring my outlook on holidays. Thank you for letting me feel the wow and I will certainly endeavor to get back soon with my Jakarta friends so they can sharethe experience with me.

Kathy P stayed at Villa Semadhi with a group of friends from 24/04/2012 to 01/05/2012

Gilles Morizon stayed at Villa Semadhi with his/her family from 30/04/2013 to 07/05/2013


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