Villa Tukad Pangi

  • 캉구
  • 6 최대 인원
  • 3 객실
  • 8 스탭
  • 잡지에 소개 됐을 만큼 멋진 인테리어 디자인
  • Kudeata라는 유명한 음식점에서 일한 경력이 있는 요리사
  • Alfreso 욕조

About Villa Tukad Pangi

Villa Tukad Pangi가 Brava Casa 라는 인테리어 매거진에 소개 되었을 때 이 곳의 디자인과 스타일이 세련되고, 풍부하며 최고의 풍미를 가지고 있음을 눈치 채 셨을 것입니다. 이 빌라는 특별한 노력없이 세련되고 엘레강트하지만 안락하고 따뜻한 분위기를 동시에 줍니다.

이 빌라는 이 곳에 세개의 침실을 가지고 있고 프라이버시가 보장이 되며 미닫이 문은 당신이 고급스러운 장소에 있다는 것을 보장할 것 입니다.

비록 이 안락한 침실은 당신이 영원히 머물도록 유혹할 수는 없지만, Nyoman이라는 요리사에 의해 준비되는 맛있는 음식은 당신을 주방으로 가게끔 만들 것 입니다. 쿠데타라는 발리의 최고의 레스토랑에서 오랜 경력이 있는 이분은 손님들이 그가 개인적으로 대접할 음식을 만드는 특권을 줄 것 입니다.



고객 리뷰

9.8/10 (평점은 10개 후기를 기반으로 합니다)

We had the most amazing stay at Villa Tukad Pangi. In fact, we where suppose to stay for 7 nights and then move to a villa in an other area but we decided to stay on at Villa Tukad Pangi. The villa is beautiful, clean and such a joy to spend time in. Waking up every morning with the sounds of nature and the running river was just lovely. The pool was cold and refreshing which was perfect for the hot days. The staff where wonderful and could not do enough to make our stay perfect. The food was delicious, like eating in a restaurant. Having a driver included really was a fabulous extra for those trips to the amazing cafes and restaurants of Canggu, and of course the beach.

GwenR (일본) stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends and their families from 27/04/2022 to 04/05/2022

Thanks for a nice stay, good food and peaceful environment. Bali is a very special place and this is our third time here, but the first time in a villa. We will recommend this place to our friends back in Singapore.

Mr and Mrs Ven Ram stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends and their families from 03/01/2013 to 10/01/2013

We had our family Christmas vacation in Bali – group of 5 dynamic people. Thanks to the staff at the villa who have always been there for us! They made our stay very comfortable. Special thanks to Ayu – very kind & competent lady. A++ Adi, Alit, Rama: professional team! Quick and flexible. A++ & our security Nyoman – fantastic person helped loads of times! A++ Happy New & Successful Year

Claudia L stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends from 26/12/2012 to 02/01/2013

We came to Bali for our Honeymoon and couldn't have imagined a more perfect start to our lives together. The beautiful Villa, the incredibly sweet and attentive staff and the thunderous downpours made for a blissfully romantic week. We went out to eat several nights, but the dinners out were never as good as the ones at the Villa. The food here is wonderful! To the staff, thank you very much!

Jennifer Cudich stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends and their families from 03/12/2012 to 10/12/2012

A stunning villa in a perfect setting, excellent and very tasty fresh food, which was enjoyed by all and good friendly staff. A winning combination for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Thank you to the team.

Phil Z stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends from 23/10/2012 to 30/10/2012

Kiko and I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful time we both had, This place is Paradise, we are really struggling to leave here! Although the setting is picture perfect, by far and away the overriding factor that made our stay so perfect were Ayu and all the staff. Thank you! The dinner you cooked us on our last night was superb – truly top restaurant quality. Many thanks, we will definitely be back soon.

Carl K stayed at Villa Tukad Pangi with a group of friends and their families from 03/09/2012 to 10/09/2012

서비스 & 특징

Something missing in this villa? Don't worry, our Concierge can arrange it for you. Just let us know :)
  • 교통:

    • 공항간 교통 (추가 요금) (문의 바람)
    • 자전거 이용 가능 (추가 요금)
    • 자가용 이용 가능
    • 운전 기사
  • 아동:

    • 유아용 침대 (추가 요금) (+10 USD)
    • 베이비시터 (추가 요금)
    • 수영장 펜스 (추가 요금)
  • 엔터테인먼트:

    • CD 플레이어
    • DVD 영화
    • DVD 플레이어
    • 국제 채널
    • 위성 방송
    • 스테레오
    • TV
  • 식사:

    • 요리사 (문의 바람)
    • 아침 식사 포함
    • 저녁 식사 (추가 요금) 식료품 가격
    • 점심 식사 (추가 요금) 식료품 가격
  • 서비스:

    • 정원사
    • 하우스키핑 service
    • 세탁 (추가 요금)
    • 마사지 (추가 요금)
    • 수영장 관리
    • 보안 서비스
  • 시설:

    • 정자
    • 안락의자
    • 안전 금고
    • 수영장
    • 와이파이 인터넷
  • 기타 정보:

    • 최대 인원: 6
    • 직원: 8
    • 빌라 크기: 650 m²
    • 정원: 950 m²
  • 이용 약관:

    • 체크인 02:00 pm 이후
    • 체크아웃: 11:00 am 이전
    • 레이트 체크아웃: (제공 가능 여부에 따라) 06:00 pm 이전, 일일 요금의 50% 청구
최소 숙박 2 객실 3 객실
체크인: 09/09/2022 체크아웃: 19/12/2022 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩675,200 ₩792,100
체크인: 19/12/2022 체크아웃: 10/01/2023 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,046,100 ₩1,046,100
체크인: 10/01/2023 체크아웃: 05/04/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩675,200 ₩792,100
체크인: 05/04/2023 체크아웃: 13/04/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩813,500 ₩915,300
체크인: 13/04/2023 체크아웃: 26/06/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩675,200 ₩792,100
체크인: 26/06/2023 체크아웃: 02/08/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩813,500 ₩915,300
체크인: 02/08/2023 체크아웃: 17/08/2023 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,046,100 ₩1,046,100
체크인: 17/08/2023 체크아웃: 01/09/2023 High season 하루숙박료 ₩813,500 ₩915,300
체크인: 01/09/2023 체크아웃: 19/12/2023 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩675,200 ₩792,100
체크인: 19/12/2023 체크아웃: 10/01/2024 Peak season 하루숙박료 ₩1,046,100 ₩1,046,100
체크인: 10/01/2024 체크아웃: 27/03/2024 Low season 하루숙박료 ₩675,200 ₩792,100

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