Villa Melati

  • Pemandangan luar biasa Sungai Ayung, sawah, dan Bukit Sayan
  • 5 Menit berkendara dari pusat Ubud
  • Rumah pohon unik bertema lumbung padi dan kamar mandi bertema gua
  • Antar-jemput pribadi ke sekitar Ubud dengan minivan berkapasitas 7 orang
  • Kolam renang dengan tampilan hutan gorge
  • Bale Bambu untuk sarapan

Tentang Villa Melati

Vila Melati diambil dari salah satu nama bunga di Indonesia. Bunga melati merupakan simbol dari kemurnian, cinta abadi dan kebangsawanan. Bunga ini sering digunakan masyarakat Bali untuk berbagai upacara keagamaan. Anda juga dapat mengalami semangat filosofi ini dengan bermalam di Vila Melati. Vila Melati berlokasi 5 menit berkeendara dari Ubud dan memiliki berbagai spot bagus di pedesaan tradisional Bukit Sayan.Vila Melati memang benar-benar peraduan bagi para pecinta alam. Hutan hujan tropis yang menjadi latar vila ini menampilkan pemandangan luar biasa Sungai Ayung, Sungai Gorge dan hijaunya hamparan sawah.

Terdapat dua kamar utama di Vila Melati, setiap kamarnya didesain serupa dan ditempatkan di lantai dasar. Seluruh kamar memiliki tempat tidur ukurang king, ruang ganti pakaian dan kamar mandi pribadi dengan fitur taman kecil didalamnya. Kamar-kamar tersebut diperangkati hiasan-hiasan elegan juga pintu kayu antic yang memberikan anda akses untuk mengagumi keindahan alam sambil meringkuh di tempat tidur.

Di Vila Melati juga sebuah rumah pohon romantis beratapkan jerami. Anda hanya dapat memasukinya dengan menaiki tangga kayu. Kamar mandi bertema goa dengan berdinding batu dan berlantai marmer berada di bawahnya. Sebuah pengalaman baru bagi anda yang berjiwa petualang.

Area penginapan keempat dapat anda pergunakan sesuai kebutuhan anda. Di kamar ini anda akan menemukan 2 tempat tidur ukuran twin, ruang terbuka di atas dapur dan ruang makan. Cocok untuk keluarga dengan anak-anak atau grup besar yang membutuhkan tambahan kamar.

Ruang tengah memiliki akses langsung menuju dek batu dan kolam renang. Diperangkati dengan banyak matras dan kursi santai. Ruang terbuka ini disediakan untuk menjadi sudut pandang terbaik untuk melihat pemandangan sekitar. Ruang makan indoor terancang untuk 8 orang dan dilengkapi balkon outdoor untuk anda yang menginginkan menikmati hidangan di ruang outdoor.



Ulasan pelanggan

9.8/10 (Nilai rata-rata berdasarkan 22 Ulasan-ulasan)

Nous avons passé un excellent séjour. La villa est magnifique, le personnel est très attentionné et toujours disponible. Merci beaucoup. Les chambres sont spacieuses, très bien organisées, les salles de bains sont magnifiques et la vue est incroyable

Ramel (Prancis) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 06/01/2023 to 10/01/2023

We had a very pleasant stay. The staff were fantastic. The house it’s self needs some serious renovation work. For 3 days of our stay 1 room had no hot water and the Rice Barn had no hot water for 2 days. Cupboards don’t open properly and the kitchen is extremely outdated. The chefs don’t even have a toaster, which is very time consuming for them. I want to especially say how well we were looked after by the staff. Staff were fantastic.

Mel Brown (Australia) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends from 23/12/2022 to 30/12/2022

Incredible Villa! Incredible view! Incredible staff.... I really recommend if you came to Ubud to stay in this Villa!!! I can t described what i feel when i first saw the house and look to the swimming pool emerging into the jungle... Outstanding villa!!

Gustavo Garcia Martins (Portugal) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 14/11/2022 to 23/11/2022

Wonderful villa in traditional Balinese style. The ‘inclinator’ from the parking to the villa was always great fun. We were looked after like royalty by the friendly and competent staff, with special mention of Baiyu, Comang and Gus. Meals were delicious especially the famous suckling pig we enjoyed on Christmas Day. Ubud was much busier than we remembered but to make up the quality of the better restaurants was outstanding. For a big night then Mozaic or Locavore were world class. Villa finder and the property owner looked after us perfectly.

Terry (Inggris Raya) enjoyed a romantic stay at Villa Melati from 23/12/2019 to 02/01/2020

The villa is little bit outside of Ubud (next to top hotels like Como, Aman,..) so it is quite but at the same time not very far from the center. The villa is very well maintained in an amazing site. The staff is very nice. We spent an amazing time! Highly recommended.

Damien (Prancis) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 08/08/2019 to 13/08/2019

The villa is located in a very nice place with a fantastic view towards the inner Bali jungle. The area is taken care of very well and the staff is super friendly. There were only two minor criticisms about the place. First the pool is built with natural stones which sometimes leads to scratches on the skin and you can't really get out elegantly since there are no stairs to exit. And second, the AC in one of the rooms smelled a little. Besides that, the experience was marvelous and we would definitely return.

Gert (Swiss) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 13/04/2019 to 17/04/2019

This villa is beyond expectations, looks more beautiful in reality than in photo. Rooms are beautiful and spacious, view to the jungle and the pool is great. The villa staff really take care of us and everything is comfortable. A two lovely girls there cooked for us and delicious. We had dinner twice in the villa and also breakfast both are excelent. They cook what you want : Indonesian, international ... I highly recommend this villa.

Lola (Swiss) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 09/09/2018 to 13/09/2018

Down the steep to Villa Melati, then out fans the pool spectacularly, the decor so tasteful, the staff are so helpful, and what a magnificent magical view! Then out to the countryside, temples and villages, steep ravines, mountains, and terraced rice fields. Motorbike balancing precious bundles. Thank you so much for our Bali adventure memorable meals with Mount-Agung in view. Wonderful memories to treasure for ever , it was so generous and kind of you. With much love and apologies for poor scansion. Jo and Roger

Jo and Roger (Jerman) enjoyed a romantic stay at Villa Melati from 15/08/2018 to 19/02/2020

We thank you so much for your time and care. We have all become very fond of you and will keep you in our good memory! We have enjoyed the last two weeks very much and enjoy our day with the beautiful view and the tranquility. We will definitely come again! Until then, we wish you luck, success and health.

Angie (Jerman) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 15/01/2018 to 27/01/2018

My 6-year old chose Villa Melati because of the swimming pool, but honestly this place is much more than the photos display. It is eden on earth. Set in the hillside of the Ubud hills overlooking a sea of endless of green. Waking in the morning to such a glorious site made me smile with gratitude that I have been so blessed to stay in this slice of heaven. The staff were beautiful, so attentive and caring. They doted so much on my two little girls, that my 2-year old was crying and wanted to stay with the chef forever. We were all moved by their kindness toward us. I doubt we could eat another nasi goreng for a quiet a while and I doubt we would ever eat one again that match's the chef's at Villa Melati. We stayed for new years eve and the staff put on a banquet to die for, and decorated the table with banana leaves designed in long wraps with flowers. We were so happy that we have decided to return next Christmas and live it all again. This is the most comfortable and safe place for a family holiday and an awesome getaway for a couple. We only ventured out a few times as we had everything we needed at the villa to relax. But if you do go out I'd recommend Cafe Buda in Ubud for an organic feast, and trip to the Green School to gaze on the creative genius of what Balinese can do with bamboo, not to mention how Bali is the example to the world for sustainable living.

Andreina (Australia) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends and their families from 26/12/2017 to 09/01/2018

Villa melati is a wonderful place ideally located near the river. Great pool and lush garden. Two large bedrooms. The staff is attentive and the driver available is very helpful

Cyrille (Prancis) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends from 10/08/2016 to 14/08/2016

Villa Melati House of the Gods. If Bali is Island of Gods We were at their home. Many thanks to Dayu, Koman, Gus and all of the staff. Really we already know how to care for God at home. Definitely we will come back (hope soon) Moltes Gràcies Carmen, Fernando , Nacho

Nacho Guindulain (Singapura) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends from 23/11/2014 to 26/11/2014

We were like kings in our two villas with (we heartily recommend to all our friends! ). At Villa Melati, our girls loved their king size beds, the Villa Staff, their bathrooms (two with showers and bathtubs with water slides !), pools, rafting, the dog and last but not least THE cable car of the villa Melati !! We are now all fans of rice fields, waves, chicken sate and of course the friendly Balinese. We would have stayed a few more weeks if only we could!!!

Astrid (Prancis) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of colleagues from 12/11/2014 to 12/11/2014

I’m back to home at last night. Thank you so much for everything! Villa Melati was the best accommodation in my life! We had wonderful time!

Kanako (Jepang) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends from 28/06/2014 to 01/07/2014


Lauren (Tiongkok) enjoyed a romantic stay at Villa Melati from 19/01/2014 to 21/01/2014

The only problem with Villa Melati is that you eventually have to leave, which is so difficult.

Angelina (Sri Lanka) stayed at Villa Melati with a group of friends from 01/07/2012 to 09/07/2012

Layanan dan fitur

Something missing in this villa? Don't worry, our Concierge can arrange it for you. Just let us know :)
  • Fasilitas:

    • Tamu tambahan (extra cost)
    • Generator cadangan
    • Bar counter
    • Brankas
    • Gazebo
    • Pengering rambut
    • Handuk kolam
    • Perlengkapan rumah tangga
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • Setrika dan papan setrika
    • Kelambu
    • Kolam renang
    • Kursi santai
    • Lemari pakaian
    • Parkiran
    • Payung kolam
    • Printer
    • Teras
  • Transportasi:

    • Transfer ke bandara (extra cost) (hubungi kami)
    • Sepeda gayung tersedia (extra cost)
    • Mobil tersedia (extra cost)
    • Supir (extra cost)
    • Motor tersedia (extra cost)
  • Anak-anak:

    • Ranjang bayi
    • Kursi tinggi untuk bayi
    • Babysitter
    • Pagar kolam
  • Hiburan:

    • Pemutar musik CD
    • Film DVD
    • Pemutar DVD
    • Saluran internasional
    • TV satelit
    • Stereo
    • TV
  • Makanan:

    • Sarapan harian termasuk
    • Makan malam (extra cost) biaya bahan makanan
    • Peralatan dapur lengkap
    • Makan siang (extra cost) biaya bahan makanan
  • Servis:

    • Tukang kebun
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry (extra cost)
    • Pijat (extra cost)
    • Perawatan kolam renang
    • Petugas keamanan
  • Informasi lebih lanjut:

    • Maks. org.: 6
    • Staf: 5
    • Ukuran villa: 400 m²
    • Ukuran taman: 11600 m²
  • Syarat dan ketentuan:

    • Check-in: setelah 02:00 pm
    • Check-out: sampai 11:00 am
Minimal hari penginapan 1 kamar tidur 2 kamar tidur 3 kamar tidur
dari 14/03/2023 sampai 06/04/2023 Low season 2 malam Rp 4.780.000 Rp 6.800.000 Rp 8.160.000
dari 06/04/2023 sampai 13/04/2023 High season 5 malam Rp 5.780.000 Rp 7.890.000 Rp 9.540.000
dari 13/04/2023 sampai 01/07/2023 Low season 2 malam Rp 4.780.000 Rp 6.800.000 Rp 8.160.000
dari 01/07/2023 sampai 01/08/2023 High season 2 malam Rp 5.780.000 Rp 7.890.000 Rp 9.540.000
dari 01/08/2023 sampai 01/09/2023 Peak season 5 malam Rp 5.870.000 Rp 8.540.000 Rp 10.280.000
dari 01/09/2023 sampai 01/10/2023 High season 2 malam Rp 5.780.000 Rp 7.890.000 Rp 9.540.000
dari 01/10/2023 sampai 18/12/2023 Low season 2 malam Rp 4.780.000 Rp 6.800.000 Rp 8.160.000
dari 18/12/2023 sampai 16/01/2024 Peak season 7 malam Rp 5.780.000 Rp 7.890.000 Rp 9.540.000

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