Villa Laut

  • Tabanan
  • 4 maks. org.
  • 2 kamar tidur
  • 3 pegawai

Villa Laut gambar dan keterangan


Ulasan pelanggan

9.8/10 (Nilai rata-rata berdasarkan 3 Ulasan-ulasan)

It is probably the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in my life! Interior design done with real passion, collection of art and antiquities worth to be expose in museum. Excellent service and delicious food. Located overlooking quiet romantic beach - seems paradise after Seminyak and Kuta. Highly recommended!

Angel (Indonesia) tinggal di Villa Laut dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 01/03/2016 sampai 04/03/2016

This Villa has the most beautiful view in Bali. It is located right on the beach and right out the bedroom's window overlooking the ocean and stunning sunsets . As well, this place is a real Bali - rice fields around, peace and quiet, the beauty around , like, living in a small Kingdom. A place for connoisseurs with good taste. Very tasty Breakfast : croissants, scrambled eggs, once cooked exotic salad , I even asked for the recipe. Very good staff, the Villa Laut is so clean, towels and linen of very high quality, it's important to me! The design of all the details so unique that we have looked , admired, like a Museum! I chose the Villa on the beach and the atmosphere was extraordinary, to feel truly colonial atmosphere on the island of Bali, because so many villas in Bali and they are all the same. But this Villa Laut is special, unique. Next we rode on horses and were in the Park of butterflies , I saw how butterflies are born. Villa Manager kindly arranged for us excursions , and the owners of the Villa Laut gave 2 hours Balinese massage free. We were so happy.

Raisa (Rusia) tinggal di Villa Laut dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 20/01/2016 sampai 24/01/2016

It was one of the best vacations in my life! Fantastic view and house! I am a designer and I loved their beautiful interior and the outdoor view. We had an amazing photoshoot for my new jewelry collection there. My kids were very happy and they had a lot of fun swimming, playing and running around on the beach all day long. Every evening we drank amazing wine, cooked seafood and listened to the ocean! It was so calming! The breakfasts were outstanding!!! Healthy and super tasty! The staff helped us with every need. They organized a massage with a very professional therapist, they also made some excursions in the secret places of the island. They found big lobsters and other seafood and brought us fresh fruits every day! The view, design and service were all stunning!!!

Donna (Rusia) menikmati masa inap yang romantis di Villa Laut dari 10/01/2016-14/01/2016

Layanan dan fitur

  • Transportasi:

    • Transfer ke bandara (extra cost) (hubungi kami)
    • Mobil tersedia (extra cost)
    • Supir (extra cost)
    • Motor tersedia (extra cost)
  • Anak-anak:

    • Babysitter (extra cost)
  • Fasilitas:

    • BBQ
    • Brankas
    • Pemadam api
    • Pengering rambut
    • Handuk kolam
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • Setrika dan papan setrika
    • Kolam renang
    • Kursi santai
    • Lemari pakaian
    • Parkiran
    • Payung kolam
    • Teras
  • Makanan:

    • Koki (extra cost) (hubungi kami)
    • Mesin pembuat kopi
    • Sarapan harian (extra cost) (sistem menu)
    • Makan malam (extra cost) (berdasarkan menu)
    • Peralatan dapur lengkap
    • Makan siang (extra cost) (berdasarkan menu)
  • Servis:

    • Tukang kebun
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry (extra cost)
    • Pijat (extra cost)
  • Informasi lebih lanjut:

    • Maks. org.: 4
    • Staf: 3
    • Ukuran vila: 120 m²
    • Ukuran taman: 530 m²
  • Syarat dan ketentuan:

    • Check-in: setelah 02:00 pm
    • Check-out: sampai 12:00 pm
    • Deposit jaminan: 300 USD $


Minimal hari penginapan 1 kamar tidur 2 kamar tidur
dari 14/06/2019 sampai 15/09/2019 High season 2 malam IDR Rp 4,960,000 IDR Rp 5,890,000
dari 15/09/2019 sampai 21/12/2019 Mid-high season 2 malam IDR Rp 5,180,000 IDR Rp 5,460,000
dari 21/12/2019 sampai 13/01/2020 Peak Season 3 malam IDR Rp 7,290,000 IDR Rp 7,840,000
dari 13/01/2020 sampai 12/06/2020 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 4,570,000 IDR Rp 5,430,000
dari 12/06/2020 sampai 13/09/2020 High season 2 malam IDR Rp 5,180,000 IDR Rp 6,170,000
dari 13/09/2020 sampai 21/12/2020 Mid-high season 2 malam IDR Rp 5,460,000 IDR Rp 5,730,000

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