Villa Aparna

8 maks. org. 4 kamar tidur 5 pegawai
Jolien, ahli villa kami, mengunjungi dan memeriksa Villa Aparna

Kami mencintai

  • Dikelilingi dengan alam yang indah, villa menghadap ke sebuah pantai dengan pasir volkanik
  • Sarapan harian dan makan siang/ malam pertama tersedia
  • Kolam renang besar yang terlihat tak terbatas dengan sebuah lemari penuh dengan mainan unuk kolam.

Our holidays at Aparna: magical, extraordinary, a real paradise. Upon arrival, all the staff was here to welcome us !!! The villa is splendid: the bed...

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Villa Aparna adalah sebuah villa yang sangat cocok untuk para dewa. Berlokasi di Bali Utara yang tenang, 10 menit dari Seririt dan 20 menit dari Pantai Lovina, jauh dari keramaian para turis, lingkungan alami dan villa ini didirikan dengan latar beberapa pemandangan paling indah di Bali.

Terdapat 4 kamar tidur pada villa ini, tiap kamar tidur memiliki pemandangan laut maupun taman yang indah. Villa ini menghadap ke sebuah pantai dengan pasir volkanik, dan memiliki berbagai atraksi air diantaranya air terjun, kolam, dan juga kolam renang terlihat tanpa batas.

Villa ini juga dilengkapi dengan pelayanan yang sempurna, Sarapan yang dipersiapkan setiap harinya untuk anda dengan juru masak yang ramah. Anda dapat menikmati teh, kopi, susu, roti bakar, mentega, selai lokal, dan pilihan jus buah-buahan. Dia juga dapat menyajikan pancake, kue, dan biskuit untuk anda. Makan siang atau makan malam pada hari pertama dapat anda nikmati gratis. Untuk makan berikutnya, ada dapat memesan dari menu internasional maupun menu Indonesia dengan harga yang terjangkau, ataupun menu unik pilihan anda. Pembayaran dilakukan secara tunai pada saat check out.

Terdapat beberapa atraksi alam dan aktifitas menyenangkan yang dapat anda nikmati di lingkungan sekitar, seperti melihat lumba-lumba, snorkeling, menyelam, kursus memasak, dan spa. Villa manager dengan senang hati akan membuat pengaturannya untuk anda.

Villa Aparna: 9.8/10
Nilai rata-rata berdasarkan 11 Ulasan-ulasan

Our holidays at Aparna: magical, extraordinary, a real paradise. Upon arrival, all the staff was here to welcome us !!! The villa is splendid: the bedrooms are spacious and the beds comfortable. The garden is superb with its seaview. The pool is huge. There is a peaceful and zen atmosphere in this place : everything was carefully thought so you feel at ease. The villa staff is fantastic, attentive, warm, and very friendly while very discreet. The breakfast is generous (excellent Balinese coffee) and the meals prepared by Sudapta are delicious. Thank you for these wonderful holidays and see you soon.

C.Payen (France) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 13/05/2014 sampai 27/05/2014

Excellent is heaven on earth... Thanks

Laura B tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 13/02/2013 sampai 20/02/2013

Although a relatively long journey to get to (about 4 hours), when you arrive at the Villa all of your worries are forgotten as you enter a proper paradise. The Photos are amazing but still don't do it justice. The villa is extremely spacious and bathrooms and bedrooms very well laid out an luxurious. The staff are absolutely fantastic and try cater for your every need. It is very well-run and you don't feel hassled at any time. The management are also very good at assisting with organizing tours, taxis, fishing, etc, and all very very cheap. you don't feel at any time that you aren't receiving an absolute bargain for the quality of experience.

Dane Alexander (Singapore) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 07/09/2014 sampai 10/09/2014

Villa Aparna .... Even as we arrived totally exhausted at the villa in the evening, we were missing the words. A warm welcome with a welcome drink and a flower necklace read us forget the stress of traveling. The staff has every wish from our eyes ... Desi and Sudapta to us as words and deeds aside. Our provided driver drove us everywhere and fed us with any information. No question remained unanswered.

nancy (Denmark) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan sekelompok teman-teman dan keluarga mereka dari 24/08/2015 sampai 07/09/2015

The house is just fantastic, garden, decoration inside, swimming pool.... The staff are very helpful and very kind. The food Was good, Sudapta is excellent chef. The only incovenient, you dont' have anything to a walking distance but for stay Was excellent

Alba (Australia) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 05/10/2016 sampai 08/10/2016

Everything was perfect way better than we can imagined. The staff welcomed us with drinks and flowers and immediately we felt a warm and safe vibe. Our help Sudapta (an amazing cook) and Desy (wonderful spirit) knew exactly how to respect our environment. They gave us our space and was always there (during shift hours) to attend when we needed and we didn't have to ask. We all felt like we were a little family and that's the reason why we will definitely come back to Bali and to the same Aparna Villa to experience the carefree and comfort feeling that was provided! Thank you very much Team Aparna for this wonderful and unforgettable memory

Thien Tn (Canada) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 25/01/2016 sampai 30/01/2016

We returned yesterday night after spending a week at Villa Aparna. It was truly an amazing vacation. The place and the facilities are great, the rooms are large and have great ventilation, and the pool is just extraordinary! The garden is large and always feels fresh. The location is great. The sea view was truly spectacular. The staff were warm and friendly. Two families stayed at the villa and all of us enjoyed ourselves. This will be a villa that we want to return to. We have decided to return to Villa Aparna in July 2013. Strongly recommended!

B N tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 22/09/2012 sampai 29/09/2012

amazing villa - we had such a good time there that we spent most of the time in the villa - nice bedrooms, outdoor bathrooms, great garden (gardener is doing a great job there), access to the beach, nice pool area ..... will go back again !

ted (Afghanistan) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 23/09/2015 sampai 25/09/2015

My past week in Aparna was just amazing. The location is perfect, it is not far from Lovia or to a great diving area. The surroundings are authentic and you feel as though you are really in Bali, far from the festivities of the south part of the island. The villa is equipped with iPod and iPad, and is really serene and blissful. Strongly recommended, either for couples or for friends.

T G tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 13/10/2012 sampai 20/10/2012

I had a fantastic week at Villa Aparna. When I arrived on 4th March, a stylish and elegant villa was waiting for me. The bedrooms inside were Balinese-themed and extremely comfortable. The air-conditioner was working well and was very quiet. This is not usually the case in other villas, so it can be a problem in a tropical climate. The swimming pool is amazing with a calm atmosphere. The garden was beautiful. Regarding the food, I had the opportunity to savour delicious Balinese specialties and European food daily, with some wine in the evening at a reasonable price. It was a dream to have scrambled eggs and good Balinese coffee for breakfast, with the deep blue sea just in front of me! I could feel the great attention given to details and the dedication of the staff (manager, cook, cleaning lady, etc.) to make my trip extremely special and to fulfill my needs. Music, movies, internet, books, and massages (highly recommended) were available. Everything about the property helped me to relax. When I got to escape from Aparna, I enjoyed the real North Bali countryside with its small villages, beautiful rice fields and friendly people. Ever since I have returned, I have recommended Aparna to many friends. I will definitely return, and hopefully very soon.

Christine L tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 03/03/2013 sampai 10/03/2013

The villa is fantastic. Especially the staff is to be mentioned totally positive. They did a perfect job. The only downside is the remote location. It takes 4h to get to the villa from the airport. I am positive this will change with the new airport which will be built. BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. We definitely recommend the villa to all our friends and family and we as well definitely will be back. Thank you Suda and Desi, you made our stay super worthwhile!

Franz (Switzerland) tinggal di Villa Aparna dengan keluarganya dari 26/11/2016 sampai 05/12/2016


Minimal hari penginapan 2 Kamar 3 Kamar 4 Kamar
dari 21/02/2017 sampai 03/07/2017 Low season malam IDR Rp 3,850,000 IDR Rp 4,260,000 IDR Rp 4,660,000
dari 03/07/2017 sampai 02/09/2017 High season malam IDR Rp 5,330,000 IDR Rp 5,870,000 IDR Rp 6,410,000
dari 02/09/2017 sampai 17/12/2017 Low season malam IDR Rp 3,850,000 IDR Rp 4,260,000 IDR Rp 4,660,000
dari 17/12/2017 sampai 09/01/2018 High season malam IDR Rp 5,330,000 IDR Rp 5,870,000 IDR Rp 6,410,000
dari 09/01/2018 sampai 03/07/2018 Low season malam IDR Rp 3,850,000 IDR Rp 4,260,000 IDR Rp 4,660,000

Layanan dan fitur

  • Koki
  • Tatagraha
  • Petugas keamanan
  • Binatu
  • Asisten tamu pribadi
  • Tukang kebun
  • Pemeliharaan kolam renang
  • Sarapan harian
  • Kolam renang
  • Handuk kolam renang
  • Pemutar DVD
  • Saluran internasional
  • TV satelit
  • Film-film DVD
  • Pemutar CD Musik
  • Dapur lengkap
  • Persediaan rumah tangga
  • Mesin pembuat kopi
  • Bar counter
  • Kursi berbaring
  • Bale
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Parkir off-street
  • Brankas
  • Pengering rambut
  • Ruang lemari
  • Setrika dan papan setrika
  • Telepon lokal
  • Ranjang bayi
  • Teras

Tersedia dengan biaya tambahan

  • Supir
  • Penjemputan dari airport
  • Tersedia skuter
  • Tersedia mobil
  • Pijatan
  • Pengasuh
  • Sewa perahu
  • Tersedia sepeda
  • Printer

Syarat dan ketentuan

Minimal hari penginapan:
3 malam di low season, 7 malam di high season, 7 malam di peak season
setelah 02:00 pm
sampai 12:00 pm
Deposit keamanan:
US$300 dibayar tunai
hanya termasuk