Villa Zelie

  • Canggu
  • 10 maks. org.
  • 5 kamar tidur
  • 10 pegawai
  • Vila 5 kamar di Canggu Selatan dekat dengan pantai
  • Kolam renang sepanjang 25 meter
  • Desain interior yang tradisional
  • Ruang pijat bertempat di Joglo dengan panorama laut
  • Sarapan sudah termasuk dalam biaya
  • Terdapat ruang sinema dan bar

Tentang Villa Zelie

Vila Zelie berada di dekat laut di utara Seminyak. Anda akan merasakan suasana yang tenang dan nyaman dengan pantai dan sawah mengelilingi hunian Anda.

Vila ini sangat tepat untuk dua keluarga karena terdapat satu kamar utama dengan 4 bungalow yang memiliki satu kamar di tiap bungalow. Konfigurasi ini juga membiarkan Anda menikmati setiap momen pribadi Anda dengan orang-orang tercinta. Apalagi dengan berbagai fasilitas dan sarana yang disediakan seperti akses pribadi ke pantai dai kolam renang berukuran panjang 25 meter. Semua fasilitas dan bungalow ini terdapat di sekitar lahan hijau yaitu taman dengan tanaman eksotis dan kolam bunga lily.

Dengan interior yang menampilkan budaya asli Bali dan dengan pelayanan berkualitas, vila ini tidak akan mengecewakan liburan Anda di Bali.



Ulasan pelanggan

10/10 (Nilai rata-rata berdasarkan 5 Ulasan-ulasan)

Villa Zelie was incredible. It was the perfect place for our strategy meeting where we housed our delegates from around the world. We all enjoyed the hostility of the wonderful staff who were very attentive. The Chef prepared delicious food for all of our tastes everyday which were fresh and health and tasty. The concierge team was outstanding and ensured that every detail of our stay was attended to and everything went perfectly. Thank you again for everything that you did to make our stay one to remember.

Patch team (Australia) tinggal di Villa Zelie dengan sekelompok rekan dari 18/10/2019 sampai 23/10/2019

Arriving at the villa you feel like stepping into a page of Vogue magazine. Great taste and sophistication of decorations. Staff were extremely friendly and professional. Excellent location with easy walk to the beach. Chef had completely spoiled us with the quality and variety of the food. Definitely would love to return given an opportunity.

Smartalec (Australia) menikmati masa inap yang romantis di Villa Zelie dari 24/03/2016-29/03/2016

We have just returned from our stay in the beautiful Villa Zelie, and all I can do is rave about it to my friends and family. If you want an authentic Balinese/Indonesian/South East Asian experience, this is IT. We knew our experience would be special from the moment we were picked up in the villas' monster 4WD. This is luxury for adventurers and not for the precious - perfect for navigating the traffic-filled streets of Seminyak, plus you'll be sure to be noticed. It's a short trip through Batubelig and on to the more charming district of Canggu, but once you're there, why would you even want to leave? This is the question we asked ourselves, because the moment we stepped through Zelie, it was like a second home. Chris the manager has become like family in the short 2 days we were there, plus the service from butlers Puja and Ketut is second to none. And I haven't even started on Chef Made's mouthwatering Indonesian and Asian food. The villa is stunning and the interior on point - if you like authentic wooden Joglos sourced from Java as well as objets d'art from the surrounding archipelago. If you're going to get freaked out by masks, statues and other such decor (plus mosquitos), this is NOT the place for you. We loved how every single corner of the property was well-thought out in terms of design and decor, down to colourful rugs, massage bale, pool house (where we spent most of our time, when we weren't in the pool, that is) and the warm in-ground slate-tiled pool that became our playground every day. Each of the 5 joglos are a study in detail, intricate carving, and texture, but the master joglo is truly a masterpiece, especially its open-air bathroom which truly makes you feel like you're in the tropics. I had a gander around Villa Asli as well, which is situated just next door, and would make the perfect companion to Zelie if you have a large group. It's much more 'local' in flavour, thanks to its lotus ponds and bridges that lead to each joglo. We'll definitely be back!

R.D (Malaysia) tinggal di Villa Zelie dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 12/09/2014 sampai 14/09/2014

I went with my wife! We chose the villa zelie :) A dream setting where the Indonesian style is waiting for you !! Calm, warm and very clean. The staff is at your pampering and very welcoming. Located between the sea and the rice fields. I highly recommend this vacation spot. Ps: I go back next year for sure !!

J (Prancis) tinggal di Villa Zelie dengan sekelompok teman-teman dan keluarga mereka dari 23/08/2014 sampai 29/08/2014

We've just come back from the most amazing 8 nights with our closest friends at Villa Zelie in Seminyak. We are already looking forward to our return trip. We traveled with our 4 little kids to Villa Zelie to meet our friends at their 2 children in Seminyak. The villa was breathtaking - especially in the evening with the hundreds of spotlights were lighting up each of the individual rooms, the pool, and the other areas of the villa. Everything was extremely well decorated with Indonesian art well selected in each of the rooms displayed as if we were staying in the highest end gallery. The beds were exceptionally comfortable and each room was like a fairy tale - decorated uniquely and with exquisite taste. The property itself was beautiful - quiet and serene and really we heard very little there from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak - which was just a 10 minute cab ride away if you wanted the entertainment but felt far from the villa in terms of the actual property. The pool was gorgeous and so serene - and every night we would go on a frog hunt with the kids - often finding 10-15 frogs right outside the rooms singing their peaceful lullabies at the lily ponds. The staff was remarkable in everyway - they are what makes this property 100%. Gugun the manager was truly the best property manager we've ever met - he rivals 6 star hotel concierges in recommending activities from elephant riding in Ubud, the most peaceful yoga instructors, responsible and gentle babysitters for our children, surfing at nearby beaches to the top local restaurants. He knew people everywhere! In addition we cannot say enough about our Butler Arta - we all just adored him and miss his always ready smile and helpful hand. I'd also like to say thank you to the kitchen staff of Made and his team who managed our 2 year old complicated allergies with ease and created Indonesian and continental masterpieces for 3 meals a day. Of specific mention were their satays, salads and fish dishes which we all enjoyed so much. Thank you to Villa Zelie - the tears we all cried on our departure really does mean we will be back very soon for another stay.

K menikmati masa inap yang romantis di Villa Zelie dari 05/04/2014-13/04/2014

Layanan dan fitur

  • Fasilitas:

    • Tempat tidur tambahan (extra cost) (+120 USD)
    • Generator cadangan
    • Bar counter
    • BBQ
    • Brankas
    • Kamera pengaman CCTV
    • Gazebo
    • Handuk kolam
    • Perlengkapan rumah tangga
    • Telepon internasional (extra cost)
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • Kolam renang
    • Lemari pakaian
    • Telepon lokal (extra cost)
    • Parkiran
    • Printer
    • Teras
  • Transportasi:

    • Transfer ke bandara termasuk: 1 mobil maksimum, kedatangan dan keberangkatan
    • Mobil tersedia (extra cost)
    • Supir (extra cost)
    • Motor tersedia (extra cost)
  • Servis:

    • Asisten tamu pribadi
    • Tukang kebun
    • Housekeeping setiap hari
    • Laundry (extra cost)
    • Pijat (extra cost)
    • Minuman pembuka
    • Perawatan kolam renang
    • Petugas keamanan
  • Anak-anak:

    • Ranjang bayi (extra cost) (+20 USD)
    • Babysitter (extra cost)
  • Hiburan:

    • Pemutar Blu-ray
    • Canggu club (extra cost)
    • Pemutar musik CD
    • Film DVD
    • Pemutar DVD
    • Saluran internasional
    • TV satelit
    • Stereo
    • TV
  • Makanan:

    • Koki (hubungi kami)
    • Sarapan harian (extra cost) (biaya bahan makanan + 20%+15.5%)
    • Makan malam (extra cost) (biaya bahan makanan + 20%+15.5%)
    • Peralatan dapur lengkap
    • Makan siang (extra cost) (biaya bahan makanan + 20%+15.5%)
  • Informasi lebih lanjut:

    • Maks. org.: 10
    • Staf: 10
    • Ukuran vila: 800 m²
    • Ukuran taman: 2200 m²
  • Syarat dan ketentuan:

    • Check-in: setelah 02:00 pm
    • Check-out: sampai 12:00 pm
    • Check-out terlambat: sampai 06:00 pm biaya 50% dari tarif harian (tergantung ketersediaan)
    • Deposit jaminan: 2000 USD $
Minimal hari penginapan 5 kamar tidur
dari 21/06/2019 sampai 25/08/2019 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000
dari 25/08/2019 sampai 20/10/2019 Mid-high season 3 malam IDR Rp 26.120.000
dari 20/10/2019 sampai 15/12/2019 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 20.750.000
dari 15/12/2019 sampai 26/12/2019 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000
dari 26/12/2019 sampai 05/01/2020 Peak Season 7 malam IDR Rp 36.810.000
dari 05/01/2020 sampai 24/01/2020 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 20.750.000
dari 24/01/2020 sampai 03/02/2020 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000
dari 03/02/2020 sampai 27/03/2020 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 20.750.000
dari 27/03/2020 sampai 08/04/2020 Mid-high season 3 malam IDR Rp 26.120.000
dari 08/04/2020 sampai 14/04/2020 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000
dari 14/04/2020 sampai 20/04/2020 Mid-high season 3 malam IDR Rp 26.120.000
dari 20/04/2020 sampai 12/06/2020 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 20.750.000
dari 12/06/2020 sampai 26/06/2020 Mid-high season 3 malam IDR Rp 26.120.000
dari 26/06/2020 sampai 23/08/2020 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000
dari 23/08/2020 sampai 18/10/2020 Mid-high season 3 malam IDR Rp 26.120.000
dari 18/10/2020 sampai 15/12/2020 Low season 2 malam IDR Rp 20.750.000
dari 15/12/2020 sampai 26/12/2020 High season 5 malam IDR Rp 31.790.000

Penawaran khusus

15% potongan untuk pemesanan lebih dari 5 bulan sebelum kedatangan in low, mid-high, high season(s)
10% potongan untuk pemesanan kurang dari 15 hari sebelum kedatangan
15% potongan untuk tinggal lebih lama dari 10 malam in low, mid-high season(s)
10% potongan untuk tinggal lebih lama dari 10 malam in high season(s)
5% potongan untuk tinggal lebih lama dari 10 malam in peak season(s)

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